Pokerstars Re-Entering US via New Jersey

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pokerstars to re-enter new jersey marketResorts Casino Hotel and The Rational Group, operator of PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker site, have come to an agreement to provide online poker to the residents of New Jersey, the companies announced today. The agreement links the first casino to open in Atlantic City with the biggest online poker company in the world. “This is another blue chip partner for Resorts to complete a wonderful series of brands – Mohegan Sun, Margaritaville and now PokerStars,” said Morris Bailey, Resorts’ Company Chairman.

“Resorts is a fantastic partner for us and we are looking forward to launch PokerStars in the U.S. in association with the other quality brands Resorts has brought to Atlantic City,” said Mark Scheinberg, CEO of The Rational Group. “We are very happy to invest in New Jersey and we are excited about building a successful relationship with Resorts.” The agreement is pending approval by the New Jersey regulatory authorities.

Many online poker players have been hitting the poker forums and expressing their desire to now move to New Jersey. No word yet on whether Full Tilt Poker which is also owned and operated by The Rational Group will also be opening up to NJ poker players.

Earn 3 Million America’s Cardroom Rank Points & Win $50K Dream Car

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At America’s Cardroom right now, players can try to win a dream car worth $50k in the site’s Rank Point Overdrive promotion.

In America’s Cardroom’s Rank Point Overdrive promo, players race to see which one can earn 3,000,000 rank points before anyone else. The first America’s Cardroom player to do so by Dec. 1, ’12, wins a $50,000 dream car.

Who’s dream car, you might ask? Because certainly everyone would make a different selection. That’s why in this promotion its the winner’s choice of dream car up to $50,000 in value. You pick it, America’s Cardroom buys it.

Best of all, you get to hold on to all the rank points you accumulate in the Rank Point Overdrive promo, and among other benefits advance yourself up the status ladder in the America’s Cardroom Elite Benefits poker loyalty program.

Here’s how you earn rank points at America’s Cardroom:

• In cash games everyone dealt cards in the hand (regardless of the actions taken with those cards) divides evenly 5.5 rank points for every $1 collected by the house in rake.
• In tournaments, all entrants earn 5.5 rank points individually for every $1 they pay in tournament fees (which is the number after the ‘+’ sign in tournament buy-ins, such as the $3 in ‘$30 + 3’.)

And America’s Cardroom wants to remind players that The Beast promotion, an unparalleled opportunity to earn rank points at an uprecedented rate, is still running strong throughout the Rank Point Overdrive promo.

The prize will only be awarded if a player reaches the 3,000,000 RP mark by the promotion’s end.

Tiltware – Full Tilt Poker Response to Phil Ivey

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Late Tuesday night Phil Ivey took to his Facebook account and his personal website to announce that he was leaving Full Tilt Poker and suing them. He also said he would not play in this year’s WSOP in solidarity of the player’s who have money stuck on Full Tilt Poker and cannot not play in this year’s WSOP. Late Wednesday night Tiltware – Full Tilt Poker issued the following response which to us seems to have been written by someone who was very angry….

“Contrary to his sanctimonious public statements, Phil Ivey’s meritless lawsuit is about helping just one player – himself. In an effort to further enrich himself at the expense of others, Mr. Ivey appears to have timed his lawsuit to thwart pending deals with several parties that would put money back in players’ pockets. In fact, Mr. Ivey has been invited — and has declined — to take actions that could assist the company in these efforts, including paying back a large sum of money he owes the site. Tiltware doubts Mr. Ivey’s frivolous and self-serving lawsuit will ever get to court. But if it does, the company looks forward to presenting facts demonstrating that Mr. Ivey is putting his own narrow financial interests ahead of the players he professes to help.”

There is much more to this who saga and we will continue to work every angle in the hopes of finding out exactly what is going on. Much that has been reported is opinions and speculation on Ivey’s finances and contract with Full Tilt Poker.

DoylesRoom and 9 Other Domains Seized

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Earlier today it was announced that a federal grand jury returned indictments charging two gambling businesses and three defendants with conducting an illegal gambling business and money laundering. The two indictments were returned on April 26, 2011 and unsealed today. As part of the investigation, 11 bank accounts located in Charlotte, North Carolina; Guam; Panama; Malta; Portugal; and the Netherlands; and domain names associated with 10 internet gambling sites were also seized today.

The following internet domain names were seized pursuant to court order:

Anyone who tries to access those web sites will be directed instead to a banner that provides notice that the domain name has been seized by order of the court. The banners are expected to be posted later today.

ThrillX Systems, Ltd., d/b/a BetEd; Darren Wright; and David Parchomchuk, both of British Columbia, Canada are charged in one indictment. K23 Group Financial Services, d/b/a BMX Entertainment; and Ann Marie Puig, age 35, of San Jose, Costa Rica are charged in a second indictment.

The indictments and seizures were announced by United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein; Special Agent in Charge William Winter of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations; Special Agent in Charge Rebecca Sparkman of the Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigation, Washington, D.C. Field Office; Anne Arundel County Police Chief James Teare, Sr.; and Colonel Terrence Sheridan, Superintendent of the Maryland State Police.

“It is illegal for internet gambling enterprises to do business in Maryland, regardless of where the website operator is located,” said U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein. “We cannot allow foreign website operators to flout the law simply because their headquarters are based outside the country.”

“These indictments are the direct result of impressive undercover investigative work by our agents, along with the close collaboration of our law enforcement partners here in Maryland,” said William Winter, Special Agent in Charge of ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in Baltimore. “The proceeds from illegal Internet gambling are often used to fuel organized crime and support criminal activity. ICE HSI will work diligently to uncover illicit transactions involving these types of financial crimes. Together, with our law enforcement partners, we will disrupt and dismantle organizations that commit these crimes, regardless of their location, whether here in the United States or abroad.”

“Internet gambling, along with other types of illegal e-commerce, is an area of great interest to IRS Criminal Investigation,” said IRS Special Agent in Charge Rebecca A. Sparkman. “Laundering money from illegal activity such as illegal internet gambling is a crime. Regardless of how the money changes hands – via cash, check, wire transfers or credit cards – and regardless of where the money is stored – in a United States financial institution or an offshore bank – we will trace the funds. IRS Criminal Investigation will vigorously investigate and recommend prosecution against the owners and operators of these illegal enterprises to the fullest extent possible.”

According to the two count indictments and the affidavit filed in support of the seizure warrants, ThrillX, a registered company in British Columbia, Canada, with offices in Vancouver, Canada and San Jose, Costa Rica, is a software solutions provider producing online sports book and casino software. BMX Entertainment, based in Limassol, Cyprus, operates six websites that offer online sports betting services.

The indictments allege that the defendants own and manage illegal gambling businesses involving online sports betting. The affidavit alleges that online gambling sites are run by companies located outside of the U.S., while the majority of customers are in the U.S. Internet gambling operators rely upon the U.S. banking system, and more specifically, money-processing business generally called “payment processors,” to facilitate the movement of funds to and from their customers, the gamblers. Typically, an internet gambling operator directs the payment processor to collect funds from individual gamblers which are used to wager with the gambling organization. Those gambling proceeds are transferred to an offshore foreign bank. The internet gambling operator then sends a check or wire transfer from an offshore bank to the payment processor, directing the payment processor to distribute the money to gamblers for their winnings.

The affidavit filed in support of the seizure warrants alleges that Homeland Security Investigations in Baltimore, Maryland opened an undercover payment processor business, called Linwood Payment Solutions. Linwood allowed undercover agents to gain person-to-person contact with top managers of gambling organizations to discuss the Internet gambling business, to negotiate contracts and terms of the processing, and to handle the intricate movement and processing of collection and payment data from the gambling organizations to the banks.

The affidavit alleges that on November 12, 2009, a Maryland-based online gambler and cooperating informant confirmed that he/she frequented gambling sites, opened accounts and gambled in Maryland. The gambler agreed to set up online gambling accounts and was provided $500 to place bets on gambling websites. The gambler created an account on a BetEd website and placed several bets. On March 30, 2010, BetEd used Linwood to wire transfer $100 in winnings to the gambler’s bank account.

Linwood allegedly processed gambling transactions since 2009 for BetEd, K23 and other gambling organizations using banks located in Guam and Charlotte, North Carolina. According to the affidavit, between December 2009 and January 2011, Linwood processed over 300,000 transactions worth more than $33 million, including transactions for individuals in Maryland. Between February 2010 and March 2011 alone, BetEd directed Linwood to wire transfer over $2.5 million of collected gambling proceeds to bank accounts in Panama; and between February 2011 and April 2011, K23 directed Linwood to wire transfer over $91,000 of gambling proceeds to bank accounts in Portugal and Malta.

The indictments and affidavit seek the forfeiture of the bank accounts used to process the gambling transactions, as well as domain names of websites used by the defendants to further the online gambling transactions.

The defendants face a maximum sentence of five years in prison for operating an illegal gambling business and a maximum of 20 years in prison for money laundering. No court appearance has been scheduled.

UPDATE: We have it on good authority that DoylesRoom will continue to cater to US players and may even get their domain name back. We’ll keep you posted.
Bookmaker is already back up and running under a new domains and sent this email out to all players;

As you may already know, Bookmaker has temporarily lost the rights to the domain. We are confident that in time, it will be returned to us, until then, we have launched a new, temporary site:

Despite having lost the domain, none of the business operations have otherwise been affected. Player account balances and information are safe and secure. Effective immediately, players can log on to and it’s business as usual.

You likely won’t notice any other changes at all and will experience all the same features and benefits as our original site; just on a new address.

We sincerely apologize if you were affected by our interruption. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please call our customer service department at 1-866-9Bookmaker.

Merge Poker adds Weekly 100k Guaranteed

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Lock PokerThe Merge Poker Network has announced that $100,000 will now be the guaranteed prize pool for the Sunday Deepstack every week, including this one. Take your seat this Sunday with a $109 entrance coupon, by buying in for $100 + $9, or by qualifying through the 100 Seats to $100K Freeroll. There are several online poker sites that we highly recommend on the Merge network with Lock Poker being the most popular one.

The Merge Poker Network has become the place to play since Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars pulled out of the US. Look for their daily and weekly guaranteed tournaments to continue to grow as the network grows. More USA Accepted Poker Sites.

$100,000 Sunday Guaranteed

When: Sunday, May 15th @ 15:00 Merge Poker Time (16:00 EST)
How: $100 + $9, $109 Deepstack Coupon, 10,900 VIP Points
Prizes: $100,000 Guaranteed
Where: Tournaments >> Scheduled >> Special

In addition to the usual buy-ins, players can now qualify for this major tourney via the 100 Seats to $100K Freeroll. Earn 250 VIP points in the week before the 100 Seats freeroll, then finish in the top 100 to win a $109 Coupon for Sunday’s showdown.

100 Seats to $100K Freeroll

When: Saturday, May 14th @ 15:00 Merge Poker Time (16:00 EST)
How: Earn 250 VIP pts before the freeroll starts
Prizes: 100 free seats for $100k Guaranteed
Where: Tournaments >> Scheduled >> Special

Full Tilt Poker Questions Answered

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Full Tilt PokerThis is a compilation of information from Full Tilt Poker on the recent withdrawal from the United States market.

As a US resident, can I play at Full Tilt Poker?

Full Tilt Poker is unable to accept ‘Real Money’ play from customers residing in the United States.

If I move outside the United States, can I play at Full Tilt Poker?

Yes. But your existing account and balance will not yet be available on logging in.

You will be required to provide sufficient proof of relocation, including your photo identification and proof of residency at your new address. You can then use non-US funds to play from outside the US. And, after return of your US funds, you will be able to use those funds as well from outside the US.

I am a US resident but am travelling overseas. Can I play at Full Tilt Poker while outside the US?

No. US residents are not permitted to play for real money at Full Tilt Poker.

Can I play at Full Tilt Poker through a VPN or similar workaround?

No. Players caught doing so are subject to having their account closed and funds forfeited.

Can I still play for play money?

Yes. You can still play at play money tables at Full Tilt However, you cannot enter any Freerolls.

Any new US players who wish to play for play money can open an account at Full Tilt


My Account Balance

When will I be able to withdraw my account balance?

Full Tilt Poker is diligently working on facilitating the withdrawal of funds for US Poker Players. This is our top priority and we’ll have a further update in the week commencing Monday, May 2nd.

Can I transfer my funds to another player outside of the US and have them withdraw it for me?

No, player transfers by US players are no longer permitted.

What will happen to my withdrawals that have already been requested?

We are diligently working to determine the status of any unprocessed withdrawals. Once confirmed we will return the funds to your Full Tilt account balance and contact you.


Tickets, Bonuses and Promotions

What will happen to my Ring Game Tickets, Tournament Tickets and T$?

All Ring Game Ticket balances will be converted to real money before your withdrawal. This includes any Ring Game Tickets that have expired since Friday, April 15th.

Any tickets purchased after Friday, April 15th, will be refunded in the currency they were purchased in.

All remaining unused tournament tickets and T$ will be converted to cash and added to your real-money balance.

What about my unclaimed bonuses?

Any purchased bonuses will have the unclaimed portion of the bonus refunded in the currency in which they were purchased.

How will my Black Card and Iron Man statuses be affected?

Your Black Card status (including your 500-day rolling average) and your Iron Man ‘continuing months’ will be maintained as of Friday, April 15th, should you be able to return to Full Tilt Poker in the future.

No player will be penalised for either of these promotions as a result of recent events.

What will happen to my Full Tilt Points, Iron Man Medals and Academy Points?

These are currently under review and details will be posted here when confirmed.

When will I receive my Take 2 promotion money?

You will be paid out on a pro-rated basis based on the number of days you played for the Take 2 promotion. The bonus money will be credited to your account shortly and will be available by the time you are able to withdraw.


Store Items

What happens to any items I ordered from your store?

If the item has already shipped, then you should expect it to arrive shortly.

If the item has not shipped, then it has been placed on hold. Should we be unable to fulfil your order the FTPs will be refunded to your account.

Please contact if you are unsure on the status of your order.

Can I use my Full Tilt Points to make a purchase in the store?

Not at present.


Visitors to the US

I am a non-US resident but am visiting the US. Can I play at Full Tilt Poker while there?

No. Real-money play in the US is not permitted.

US Poker Sites for Mac

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Over the years there have been many technological advances that make it possible for all players, no matter their operating system, to enjoy the action and thrill that only online poker can provide. Many Mac users in the USA may feel like they were left out in the cold after losing four US online poker sites that had exceptional Mac friendly software.  There are plenty of more online poker sites that cater to Mac users, which make it easy for them to sit at a table and rake in the cash, with or without a download.

Mac poker sites are available in download or instant play form, and in most cases, players will find the instant play option works best. The graphics are crisp and clear, the table action is smooth and the no download option gives players faster access to the room wherever there is an internet connection available. There are many reputable US accepted Mac compatible poker sites, players just need to find the one that works best for them. Merge is known for having features like the Rabbit Cam, Run it Twice and personal customizable features for players to make the skin their own. Merge Gaming Network poker sites include Carbon Poker, Lock Poker and RPM Poker.

The Everleaf Network which powers such rooms as Luvin Poker is another fantastic way for Mac users to get on the virtual felt action. Their poker room offers awesome promotions, comparable table variety to the poker giants online, and their tournament action runs all day and night. Their traffic numbers are growing daily, and with many players joining their room the games will keep players coming back for more.

Bodog Poker also offers a Mac friendly poker room, and is one of the leading names in online gaming. Mac users can enjoy all the poker action they crave at the tables using their instant play platform. Their game variety keeps Mac users satisfied and the game play and features offered make it easy to play for hours. Bodog offers great VIP rewards, awesome guarantees and large freerolls often.

Click Here for a complete list of Mac Poker Sites

There aren’t as many choices for Mac users as there are for players using a more standard operating system, but more poker rooms are starting to cater to Mac users more than ever before. It’s only a matter of time and all reputable poker rooms will offer the Mac option for their players, which one can only expect will help their traffic. If you are using a Mac operating system and you are ready to get started today, visit one of the Mac friendly poker room listed here and get what you want out of online poker.

USA Poker Sites for April 2011

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With recent developments for United States players we have decided to summarize the current choices for US poker online.  This is not meant to be a listing of every site that allows players from the Land of the Free, rather it is a compilation of the sites that Holdem Poker Chat has confidence in and that we feel comfortable recommending to you, the players.




Sportsbook PokerSportsBook Poker

Sportsbook Poker is a financially stable company.  They run the rapidly expanding Merge Gaming software.  As the name implies, you will run into poker players who are really just sports gamblers without a good grasp on poker fundamentals.  Soft play and easy marks are what you can expect with Sportsbook Poker.  The initial signup bonus is a liberal 100% up to $1,000.  No special code is needed to receive this bonus.


Luvin Poker

Luvin Poker is the only room on the growing Everleaf Network that Holdem Poker Chat recommends.   Ladies, if you are tired of the male dominated world of poker, Luvin Poker’s player base is 40% female.    They also offer a huge 200% bonus up to $1,000.  you must enter the code HPCMAX for this bonus.


Lock Poker

Lock Poker is on the Merge Network.  They have recently signed some poker pros to represent them at live events.  Lock Poker has some of the most rewarding monthly promotions.  Cash game players will especially like their rake races and challenges.  Lock Poker offers an initial deposit 200% bonus up to $1,200.  No bonus code is needed to get this deal.


Bodog Poker

Bodog Poker is one of the oldest and most respected names in online wagering.  Their core sportsbook business insures a steady flow of less than savvy players to the poker tables.  In the new order, Bodog offers some of the highest prize pool tournaments available to US players.  The initial deposit bonus of 110% up to $1,100 is nothing to sneeze at.  No bonus code is needed to get this great bonus.


Carbon PokerCarbon Poker

Carbon Poker is the flagship of the Merge Network.  They have perhaps the widest selection of tournaments available on a daily basis.  there is usually always a tournament starting in a few minutes.  There are a few high buyin events, but with the new influx of players expect more mid and high level buyin events to appear.  their $109 buyin $50k guaranteed tournament runs every Sunday.  Initial deposit bonus at carbon poker is 200% up to $500.  you must use the code HPC500 to receive this bonus.