Lock Poker Battle of the Nexus Leaderboard

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Yesterday we brought you word of Lock Poker’s latest rake race: The Battle of the Nexus, including Nexus tables where you can earn even more indivdiual prizes, up to over $45,000 per player. We also hinted at a leaderboard promotion taking place as part of Lock Poker’s Battle of the Nexus.

Offering a separate set of prizes, the Lock Poker Battle of the Nexus leaderboard promotion is made up of two separate leaderboards: one for cash game players and one for sit and go tournament players (sorry, scheduled MTT players; seems there’s none for you).

Each leaderboard comes with its own set of prizes for the top 200 placers, with the prizes for the top 5 being the following:
1.    For 1st place: a WSOP Europe $5,000 buy-in
2.    For 2nd place: 4x SuperStack tickets (or cash alternative) along with two hours of coaching from a poker pro
3.    For 3rd place: 2x SuperStack tickets (or cash alternative)
4.    $100K GTD entry and a Lock Poker hooded sweatshirt
5.    $100K GTD entry and a Lock Poker t-shirt

Players can feasibly earn prizes on both leaderboards by playing in both types of online poker games at Lock Poker.

And remember, all the while that you’re climbing the Battle of the Nexus leaderboard, you’ll also, for the same play, be climbing levels in the Battle of the Nexus promotion. That’s two sets of prizes you can win a share of with the same online poker dollar. You don’t find pot odds like that every day.

Lock Poker Battle of the Nexus Rake Race

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This month Lock Poker kicked off its Battle of the Nexus rake race, with the potential to win $45,244 in individual cash prizes, plus leaderboard prizes, and it runs until all the prizes have been given out.

The Lock Poker Battle of the Nexus rake race takes place at all real money cash game and tournament tables at the site, including the promotional Nexus tables. At both the regular tables and Nexus tables, players are tracked on how much they pay in cash game rake and tournament fees. As a player’s total contribution to rake and fees climbs, so too does the player climb through promotional prize levels, with a cash prize waiting on each level. The higher you climb, the bigger the prize, and more, these prizes are cumulative. But there are also only a limited number of prizes at each level, and when a level is out of prizes, players must climb to the next level before they receive a prize (and hope that those haven’t all been given out too).

As you can see, it pays to play soon and often at Lock Poker if you want to collect as many Battle of the Nexus prizes as you can. And keep in mind that at the Nexus tables there is an extra booty of prizes available that may not all have been given out, even if that same level is cleared of prizes for regular cash game and tournament play.

And as mentioned in the intro to this post, there is also a Battle of the Nexus leaderboard promotion where you can earn extra prizes. Return here tomorrow to learn all about this part of the promotion.

Jakob Michalak Wins ISPT 2013

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You may recall the ISPT satellite promotions at Lock Poker that we reported on now and again. Well that main event has now come and gone, taking place live in London, England at Wembley Stadium, and at the end of it all, the championship title went to Polish player Jakub Michalak.

This after a smaller than expected player pool (761 players to be exact) led to a massive overlay (€589,000 to be exact), meaning that every participant’s pot odds improved in direct proportion to that overlay. What’s more, the final 6 players didn’t play out the tournament to its natural finish, but rather came to a deal based on chip stack size at the time of deal-making. This guaranteed the short stack player at the time, Xavier El Fassey, would still walk away with at least €204,000.

Jakub Michalak is a participant in The Hendon Mob poker database, with the following accolades to his credit:

•    11th place in the £200 NL Holdem 2011 Grosvenor UK Poker TOur Grand Final, London
•    30th place in the €700 NL Hold’em Main Event at the UK & Ireland Poker Tour – Galway
•    3rd place in the €2,000 NL Hold’em Main Event at the IPT San Remo
•    5th place in the €200 NL Holdem Turbo event at the EPT/Estrellas Poker Tour – Barcelona
•    5th place in the €1,000 NL Hold’em 30m Levels event at the EPT Prague
•    20th place in the €1,000 NL Hold’em event at the EPT Berlin
•    14th place in the €1,000 NL Turbo, Six-Handed event at the EPT Berlin

Lock Poker Offers Last Chances to Get ISPT Seats Online

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The International Stadiums Poker Tour is reputed to be the largest organized poker event in the world, gathering thousands of poker players from across 38 different countries. Since February of this year, the ISPT Main Event has been running online at participating online poker sites, Lock Poker being one of them, and this merry month of May 2013 sees three more such events on the list.

What’s more, these three May ISPT qualifiers will be the last online poker qualifiers, as the event goes live, heading to Wembley Stadium in London from May 31 to June 5. Here the main event that has been playing since Feb 2013 will finally finish out, gathering thousands of poker players from over 38 countries and promising to award the winner 1 million Euros.

USA Accepted Poker Sites

The ISPT Main Events at Lock Poker this month take place on Sundays May 5, 12, and 19, each starting at 21:00 GMT.

Qualifiers into this mammoth event take place at Lock Poker every Sunday according to the following schedule (all event start times listed in GMT):
•    17:00 – $5 + $0.25 Super Satellite
•    17:30 – $8 + $0.40 Super Satellite
•    18:00 – $5 + $0.25 Super Satellite
•    18:30 – $8 + $0.40 Super Satellite
•    20:00 – $40 + $4
•    21:00 – $10 Rebuy

Among the celebrity poker players expected to be there playing live at Wembley Stadium are Michael Mizrachi, Liz Lieu, David Benyamine, Sam Trickett, Francisco Y Cota, and The Hendon Mob.

Enter Lock Poker Satellites For International Stadiums Poker Tour

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Lock Poker is now holding satellites awarding seats into the International Stadiums Poker Tour.

Day 1A of the 2013 ISPT took place already, on Sunday February 10th, but there are 5 more Day 1’s remaining, all on Sundays, all starting at 21:00 GMT.

•    Day 1B – March 10th
•    Day 1C – April 14th
•    Day 1D – May 5th
•    Day 1E – May 12th
•    Day 1F – May 19th

Super satellites into one of these ISPT day one events take place every Sunday at Lock Poker according to the following schedule and buy-ins:

•    17:00 GMT – $5 + $0.25
•    17:30 GMT – $8 + $0.40
•    18:00 GMT – $5 + $0.25
•    18:30 GMT – $8 + $0.40

These Super Satellites award seats into one of two regular satellites: a $40 + $4 satellite at 20:00 GMT and a $10 rebuy satellite at 21:00 GMT. Several European poker sites host similar satellites awarding ISPT seats to players in certain countries, while Lock Poker is the exclusive U.S. facing poker site to award seats to American players in this big international event.

These Day 1 events all take place online, with the rest of the International Stadiums Poker Tour finishing live at Wembley Stadium in London, England from May 31st thru June 5th. The ISPT will be broadcast live to over 38 different countries.

Nearing the end of Day 1A the chip leader was Johnny N’Guyen, but it’s still so early it truly is anybody’s game.

Lock Poker Hosts Grind For Glory Contest

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Players at Lock Poker can now try to win up to $90,488 deposited into their account through the newest installment of the popular Lock Poker promotion: Grind for Glory.

What’s more, being that this latest incarnation of the Grind for Glory contest is subtitled: The Lock Pro WSOP Edition, there’s also a grand prize for the player finishing first on the Grind for Glory leaderboard of a Las Vegas WSOP prize package that includes a Grand Canyon helicopter tour, an invite to dinner with the Lock Elite Pros, one-on-coaching from a pro and more.

There are 58 levels in the Grind for Glory contest, each one requiring players achieve a certain level in rake and fees paid from playing at Lock Poker’s real money tables and tournaments, with individual prizes per level ranging from $2 to $5,000. Prizes are cumulative, so you get to keep each prize won as you proceed to win additional prizes. But there are only a limited number of prize at each level available and once they run out, anyone achieving that level does not get a prize for doing so, although they may continue climbing the levels and earning any prizes associated with those levels that haven’t all been awarded already. Prizes are awarded hourly, so within the hour after hitting any prize level, your account will be credited the prize amount.

Play at all tables and stakes is eligible for the Grind for Glory contest, but if you play at a Grind Table, you’re also eligible for additional Grind prizes.

Pros Head to Lock Poker to Compete

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Lock Poker is a place where the pros come to play with a two-tiered Lock Pro program that tracks the performance of over 2 dozen poker pofessionals. Lock Pro Elite includes players like (TheGrinder) Michael Mizrachi, with over $14 million in cashes and 3 WSOP bracelets including two WSOP $50k Players Championship titles and a 5th place finish in the WSOP Main Event. It also includes the 2012 WSOPE Event #6: €1,500 Pot Limit Omaha champion (YuranPt) Francisco De Costa Santos; the youngest player ever to win a WSOPE bracelet (Annette15) Annette Obrestad; and former member of the Brunson 10 at the now-defunct Doyle’s Room (which has since been reinvented as America’s Cardroom, incidentally) Chris Moorman, and more. And then there’s Lock Pro which includes up and comers like (Aumnicient) Wesley Clark, (Hurricanejeff) Jeffrey Romano, (EVConsultant) Emanuel Ferreira and more.

All Lock Poker’s players can track track the progress and performance of the Lock Pro and Lock Pro Elite members on an MGR Leaderboard that looks at ring games, tournaments and flops played on Lock Poker’s tables.

In addition, Lock Poker provides detailed information about each player in its Pro and Pro Elite teams. This includes a bio of the player with bullet-point highlights of the player’s professional poker career, if available the date they started playing poker professional and their current career winnings since then, as well as links to the player’s own website, if available, or other websites providing more information and access to the player.

Get to know your poker pros and Lock Poker Pro.

Lock Poker’s The Big Chase Prizes And Levels: Win Up To $75K

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Each individual player can win up to $75k all for themselves in Lock Poker’s The Big Chase – Double Agent promo introduced in our last post. It runs through December ’12 and January ’13 and promises to give away a total of $1,500,000 spread over 52,000 individual cash prizes.

Just earn MGR playing at Lock Poker’s real money tables. WHen you hit milestone markers, you win a prize. Only a certain number of prizes for each level are available, so hurry though. With that in mind, here is the schedule of prize levels and prizes still available at the time of this writing.

20: earn $600 in rake and fees, win $150
21: earn $700 in rake and fees, win $175
22: earn $800 in rake and fees, win $200
23: earn $900 in rake and fees, win $225
24: earn $1k in rake and fees, win $250
25: earn $1.1k in rake and fees, win $300
26: earn $1.2k in rake and fees, win $325
27: earn $1.3k in rake and fees, win $350

As you can see, prize level requirements go up by $100 each level and prize amounts go up by $25, until level 53. Then…

54: earn $4,000 in rake and fees, win $2,100
55: earn $5,000 in rake and fees, win $2,200
56: earn $6,000 in rake and fees, win $3,500
57: earn $7,000 in rake and fees, win $4,500
58: earn $8,000 in rake and fees, win $5,000

What’s more, keep in mind that the full name of this promo is “The Big Chase – Double Agent” with the second half of this promo’s name reffering to additional Double Agent prizes. And if you play on the site’s Double Agent tables during this promo, you’ll be eligible to win Double Agent prizes, essentially doubling the regular prize amount you’d otherwise get for reaching that level.

Lock Poker Hosts $1.5 Million “The Big Chase” Rake Race

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Lock Poker is now hosting a new rake race promotion called “The Big Chase – Double Agent” that promises to award 52,000 individual cash prizes amounting to more than $1.5 million of the course of December 2012 and January 2013. With 58 individual prize levels each player can advance through, any single player can win up to $75,000 in this event.

In The Big Chase – Double Agent, Lock Poker tracks your MGR earned playing at the site’s real money tables over the course of the promotional period. Every time you hit a certain milestone number of MGR, the site will deposit the associated prize as cash straight into your Lock Poker account.

Lock Poker awards cash prizes every hour in The Big Chase promotion, so there’s no long wait to receive your prizes once earned.

There are only a certain number of prizes available at each level and once they’re won, any players reaching that level won’t win a prize, though they will continue climbing toward the available prizes at the next levels higher. If that’s not enough to impel you to get playing, it also seems the folks at Lock Poker let their existing players get a leg up on the promotion, only announcing The Big Chase on their public website after the prize pools for the first dozen or so of the 58 prize levels had been exhausted But that still leaves more than half the levels remaining.

Next up: we’ll post the full chart of The Big Chase prize levels, requirements and prize amounts.

Lock Poker August Battle of the Ronin Underway

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With the start of annother month is the start of another month-long Battle of the Ronin at Lock Poker. The event features of 2,900 individual cash prizes, meaning that you compete for these prizes not against other players but against the clock.

All the VIP points that you earn throughout the month of August by playing at Lock Poker’s real money tournaments and cash tables will be tracked by the site, and each and every time you hit a new target number of points you earn a new prizes. The prizes increase in value as the points targets increase, and you get to keep all the cash prizes you earn as you continue to earn even more.

There are many prizes available to be won at each level, although not an unlimited number of prizes, so there is some competition against your fellow player to reach a new level before all its prizes have run out. If that happens however, you can still continue to climb to higher levels and earn any of those prizes that haven’t yet run out.

There are, for example, 400 prizes of $1.50 available for contributing to $10 in rake or fees (the lowest prize on the ladder) and only 4 prizes of the highest level, $7,500 for adding $8,000 more in rake in fees to your previous total for a combined total of $66,600. Contribute that much in rake and fees over the month of August before any prizes have run out and you’ll win $45,142 individually. And that’s not even including what you may win in all those poker games.