Poker Strategy

Welcome to Holdem Poker Chat Poker Strategy. Here, you will find some of the best poker strategy tips on the web, for games such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, and more. We offer basic beginner strategy to get you started and on your way. We also have more detailed strategy tips for advanced poker players, allowing you to add more tools to your arsenal. Whatever your level, you are sure to find some tips here that will help your game immensely!

Poker Strategy

Building a Bankroll

Building a bankroll is essential if you want to become a winning poker player. It goes without saying that you need to win more than you lose if you want to build your bankroll but there are other important steps to take, and winning alone is not enough. Bankroll Management The first and most important […]

Poker Bankroll Tips | Online Poker Bankroll

Poker Buy-in and Bankroll Tips Before a new player decides what limits they’re going to play when they sit down at the poker table, they must first set aside money for their poker bankroll. This money should be used strictly for poker, and not for other everyday expenses. If one is constantly dipping into ones […]

Avoiding Tilt while Playing Poker

Avoiding Tilt ‘Tilt’ is another poker term that refers to a player who is now playing at a much lower level than he was previously, or is capable of. A player who is now on tilt usually just suffered an unusually bad beat, and is no longer treating his chips with the same cool calm-head […]

Poker Odds Calculators

In order to understand odds calculators you must understand the game of Texas Hold’em Poker. By its very nature poker is a game of chance / luck and skill. This means that you can employ the best poker strategy in the world but an inferior poker player can still win the hand if luck is […]

Six handed limit hold’em tips

Loose aggressive players can be difficult to combat in any form of poker and these types of players present some very difficult obstacles for novice and even intermediate players to combat. If you are using PokerTracker then you will find these players with very high VPIP’s and PFR percentages relative to the game and the […]

Betting Basics for Fixed Limit Texas Holdem

Fixed limit games are the more basic of the two betting structures, and they always follow the same strict betting procedure. The player can only bet in specific increments, no matter what the situation is. For example, in a $2/$4 Texas Hold’em game, one can only bet and raise in the specified increments. During the […]

The Early Stages of Single Table Poker Tournaments

Single table poker tournament or SNG’s as they have become more commonly known are fast becoming the most popular form of poker online. Much of the popularity of these poker tournaments stems from numerous factors. Firstly the entire event starts and finishes in a very short space of time, usually the entire tournament is over […]

Preparing for the Poker Tournament

In today’s Texas Holdem poker world, tournaments can be found in just about every country. You can play large tournaments or small buy-in tournaments just the same. The prize money has even increased as poker rooms chip in to raise the size of the prize pool to lure in new players. But how much do […]

Stealing the blinds in No-Limit Hold’em Poker

Most players these days are aware of stealing the blinds in no-limit Texas Holdem play. But yet I do feel that there is an awful lot of misunderstanding with regards this part of the game. I think that some of the reason for this is based on general misunderstanding with regards to the form of […]

Satellite Poker Tournaments

Satellite Poker Tournaments Satellite poker tournaments have become increasingly more significant as the number of players have increased over the years. The reason for this is because many of the high priced poker tournaments now have online and live satellites in which to gain entry. Only a few years ago there were merely a couple […]

Small Ball vs Long Ball Poker

Have you ever noticed the difference between small ball and long ball poker players? Did you ever wonder how a player took a draw for their entire stack on the first hand of the poker tournament? If so, then you have witnessed a player that plays the long ball high risk style of poker. This […]

Short Stack Poker Tournament Tips

During most poker tournaments you are going to find yourself short on chips from time to time. That is not to say that you will not gain some traction and get back into the mix but it does happen. If you play tournament poker you are going to be short stacked no matter how well […]

Short stacking in no-limit hold’em

Playing a short stack is something that has become more and more in vogue in no-limit Texas Hold’em in recent years. The expert short stack player usually buys in for 20% of the table maximum and then looks to shove all in either pre-flop or on the flop with a good hand. It is a […]

Taking the aggressive route in no-limit Texas Hold’em

These days in no-limit Texas Hold’ em then if you have to choose between a passive route and an aggressive one then the aggressive route is usually best. Let us look at an example here to show what I mean. It has been limped by an early position player and it has then been folded […]

Playing Short Handed Poker

Playing Short handed A popular variation of the typical 9 or 10 handed ring games, is the short handed 5 or 6 player games which can be found on nearly every site that offers online poker. Many players prefer the faster speed and increased amount of decision making that this type of game requires. It […]

The Art of Squeezing in Poker

There are many different types of play in poker and they have all sorts of exotic names. We have the steal-raise, pick up, donk betting, the float play, whipsaw and the list goes on. But there is one particular play that I would like to talk about in this article and it is the squeeze […]

Multi-Tabling Texas Holdem

Do you multi-table when you are online? It doesn’t matter whether you are playing a Texas Holdem poker tournament or cash game multi-tabling is as popular as ever. With so many technological advances I with the new monitors and video cards playing multiple tables is a way to potentially increase your profit margin if you […]

Limit Holdem versus No Limit Holdem

It has been and probably will be one of the most discussed topics in the poker world for some time to come. Usually when we think about beginning poker players we tend to think about limit holdem. That doesn’t mean that limit requires any less skill, actually reading your opponents and having good feel for […]

Playing Pocket Pairs in Texas Holdem Poker

Playing Pocket Pairs After playing for years, the masters of Texas Hold’em, have perfected their skills at bluffing, strategy, slow-playing and reading other players. But the one thing it doesn’t take an expert to know is that the pocket cards in Hold’em hold all the power. This is the time of the game where the […]

Texas Holdem preflop hand rankings

Texas Hold’em Pre-Flop Ranking of Hands Premium Hands The very best of the best starting hands. It’s viable to raise or re-raise these hands in any position. • AA • KK • AKs (the s refers to both cards of the hand being the same suit, which suit doesn’t matter for this discussion) • QQ […]