Bovada Poker Hosts Punta Cana Poker Classic Satellites

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Bovada Poker invites players to win seats now in the upcoming 2013 Punta Cana Poker Classic, taking place at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in the Dominican Republic between November 12 and 16, and featuring a $500,000 guaranteed prize pool. Between July 22 and October 20, Bovada Poker is holding daily qualifiers costing under $1 to enter, with top prizes of $5,500 prize packages into the 2013 Punta Cana Poker Classic.

Each of Bovada Poker’s $5,500 Punta Cana Poker Classic prize packages includes the $1,650 buy-in into the main event as well as accommodations for 6 nights at the 5-star Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, the site of the tournament, $1,700 to apply toward travel costs, ground transportation both ways between airport and hotel in Punta Cana, food and beverages all included, and of course a Bovada swag bag.

Cheap seats into the satellite series start at $0.44, leading to a quarterfinal with a $2.75 direct buy-in, which in turn leads to a semifinal with a $17.60 direct buy-in, which leads, finally, to the Punta Cana Satellite itself, which you can buy into directly for a $270 direct buy-in.

Bovada Poker will post the winners of every Punta Cana Poker Classic prize package during this satellite series on its website for all to see.

The full schedule of daily qualifiers and weekly satellites can also be found on the Bovada Poker website. This includes turbo qualifiers and sit and go qualifier tournaments as well.

Bodog Poker Revamped Into Bovada Poker

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The operators of Bodog Poker have given the site a complete revamping and the extreme Bodog makeover reveal has occured. The new site is called Bovada and it promises to help you “Raise Your Game”.

Existing Bodog Poker players can log in to Bovada Poker using their same account info. New Bovada Poker players can earn themselves a welcome bonus of up to $1,000 for signing up now. New members also get free entry into a $100K New Player Qualifier.

Part of Bovada Poker’s regular promotional schedule is the weekly King of the Felt contest. All you have to do is place in at least three Sit and Go tournaments in a given week (that’s come in first or second) and you qualify for a chance a $1,000 heads-up grand prize. Here’s how it works: everyone whol places in three Bovada Poker SNGs gets a ticket in a drawing, the winner of which goes up one-on-one against the reigning King of the Felt from the week prior for a $1K winner-takes-all prize. That player then becomes the King of the Felt for the following week’s raffle winner to beat and so on. Each time the reigning King of the Felt wins the crown for another week, he or she gets another $1K prize. Any player who remains King for 10 weeks in a row will receive a free seat in the 2012 WSOP main event. Place in more than 3 SNGs and you also become eligible to compete in $2,500 worth of weekly freeroll guarantees.

Bovada Poker Holiday Countdown

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bovada pokerBovada Poker, the new brand name of Bodog Poker in the USA has an exciting Holiday promotion for all you United States players.  Bovada poker will host weeday freerolls December 19-23, and again December 26-30.  the top 25 players in each of these freerolls will win entry to the $100k Guaranteed the following Sunday.  So, if you win a ticket December 19-23 you MUST play the December 25, 2011 $100K Guaranteed tournament.  The next week’s winners must play the January 01, 2012 $100k guaranteed.  You can only win one ticket per week, and they must be used that week.  Players not able to play the corresponding tournament are encouraged to not play.  There will be no cash value and the tickets are not transferable.

For those who do have time on Christmas Day and New Years Day, these freerolls are a great chance at playing a big tournament with no real bankroll impact.

The Holiday Countdown continues.  Bovada Poker is giving their loyal players cash bonuses for playing on a couple of the historically slow weeks of the year.

Earn Poker Points during the week of Dec. 19 – 25 and Dec. 26 – Jan. 1, and qualify for one of two different bonuses each week.

Level 1: Earn 50 Poker points within a week and get $15 cash

Level 2: Earn 100 Poker points within a week and get $30 cash

You get the highest bonus you reach for each week so no double dipping.  But it is cash not a 20x rollover bonus like some sites.

The last Bovada Holiday Poker Countdown event is a drawing for free entry to every $100K Guaranteed tournament of 2012.  That is fifty-three $162 entry fees paid by Bovada.

To get entries to the drawing just earn 5 poker points on December 24 and again on December 25.  Earn more points both days and gain more entries.  the more you play, the better your odds of winning.

Happy Holidays to all and Good Luck

US Players Now Have Bovada Instead of Bodog

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bovada pokerThe talks about Bodog leaving the US market come January were flying all over the internet, but the real story isn’t so much that Bodog will be leaving the US market; but that the NAME Bodog will be leaving the US market.  Bovada is the new option for United States based gamblers, and what’s interesting about the new site, is that it’s actually almost the EXACT same as Bodog, just with a new name.  This new site is up and running for US players, and even if an online gambler from the United States attempts to go to Bodog, they will be re-routed to Bovada, and have a message explaining why this happened.

The site is under, and the .lv stands for Latvia.  No one is exactly sure as to why they didn’t choose to go with the popular .co or .ag that US players have found themselves used to seeing after Black Friday occurred.  Possibly the best part about Bovada is something that we’ve already mentioned, that they will still have the exact same promotions and games available for their players.  What this means is that players can still do all of their sports betting, play online poker, and play at the casino tables the same way that they did on Bodog.  The feel of the site is the exact same, but overall players will feel incredible comfortable and confident playing at this new site.

So for any United States based players who are looking to continue their action or simply looking for a new online gambling site that offers it all, head over to Bovada (or just go to Bodog and they’ll re-direct you automatically) to get in on the action.  Overall, Bovada is simply a new name, but is the same excellent gambling options for players out there.

The real question that many people are asking is why Bodog decided to make this move.  The easiest answer to that is the answer that many other online gambling sites used for making changes, and it’s simply because they want to avoid run-in’s with the US government, or find themselves involved in any issues such as Black Friday.

Bodog Releases New Tournaments and Cash Game Features

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Bodog has decided to give their players a few special treats in the holiday season, and they will start with a few different tournament options for multi-table tournament players, and also some cash game variations that should bring a smile to quite a few people’s faces.  Bodog Poker has always been one of the online poker sites that are very open to change, and creating an excellent all around atmosphere for players, and this will do just that.

For starters, they have decided to offer a few different tournament types such as Shootout events, where players will have to win their table in order to move on, Knockout tournaments in which players will receive a bounty for knocking out each player throughout the event, and Heads up tournament which will feature only heads up play.

Now let’s take a look at the ring game options that have changed.  The creation of “anonymous tables” should definitely draw some interest, as it allows players to not be tracked by their opponents, and they will also have no idea who they are up against.  It makes it so that the poker is purely based on your own skill.  Bodog has also made it so that you can play more tables at one time.  While players are only allowed to play four cash games or sit-n-go’s at a time, they have made it so that players can play more multi-table tournaments now.  In total, they will allow players to have up to 20 games tables going at once between the three types of games.  Last but not least is the addition of “rabbit hunting”, which is where players can see the next card that would have been dealt after they fold their hand.  This is something that is added to help players see if they made the right decision to fold.

One last addition that’s interesting, is the option for players to play Blackjack on the poker side of things.  It will be an in-client game so that players can keep themselves entertained between hands or on breaks from tournaments.  You will be able to fund the Blackjack game right from your online poker account as well.

Bodog Poker Introduces Mega Micro Stakes

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Bodog Poker has just introduced a new promotion called Mega Micro Stakes that promises players a shot in $10,000 worth of freeroll tournaments. The Bodog Poker Mega Micro Stakes promotion runs from October 17 to November 13, 2011. Each week participating players vie for seats in a $2,500 freeroll.

Here’s how the Bodog Poker Mega Micro Stakes promotion works: play in any micro stakes games at Bodog Poker and you’ll earn poker points as you always do at the site. Then you can earn one of two different bonuses each week based on how many poker points you’ve earned. Either you’ll get a $10 bonus for earning 30 poker points or a $20 bonus for earning 50 poker points.

For those same 30 poker points that guarantee you at least a $10 bonus, you also gain entry into that week’s $2,500 Mega Micro Stakes freeroll tournament, which takes place the following Tuesday at 8:40 pm ET.

Micro stakes games are all single table tournaments and multi-table tournaments with buy-ins of less than $5 (not including any fee.) Micro stakes fixed limit ring games have stakes of below $0.25 / $0.50 and no limit ring game micro stakes are under $0.10 / $0.25.

You earn Bodog Poker points (PTS) three different ways. The first two are by playing in raked hands in cash games, by paying tournament entry fees. You also simultaneously earn PTS for simply spending time playing at Bodog Poker, with 1 PTS earned for every 60 minutes spent playing online.

Bodog Poker Blocks Data Mining Sites

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Bodog Poker made a commitment to bring in changes to put the fun back into poker and make life easier for the all-important recreational player. Currently there is a wealth (quite literally) of data available on individual players and websites that only benefit professional players to the detriment of recreational player and, equally therefore, to the detriment of the poker industry itself.

Recently Bodog took another huge step in protecting the players that actually keep online poker buoyant by removing tables that are full from the lobby and thus stopping data sites accessing accurate information on player numbers.

Bodog Poker Network has already forced the industry to rethink its approach to rakeback causing the major rooms to follow suit. Now Bodog’s Recreational Poker Model has removed table information they will be less attractive to professional players and by the end of the year even individual player stats, both live and historical, will no longer be available to data sites.

Jonas Odman, Vice President of Bodog Poker Network, commented: “It is vital for the online poker industry that the depositing players are put first rather than the high raking professionals who rarely, if ever, add new money to the pot. This is the first in a long line of steps that will make Bodog’s Recreational Poker Model the best place for the casual player to enjoy the game again. Later in the year we will have some additional features that we will roll out along with the new software which we are confident will make the playability of the site one of the best in the industry.”

Amanda Leatherman Joins Team Bodog

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Bodog has signed another member of the poker sisterhood in Amanda Leatherman who will be joining Evelyn Ngand Tatjana Pasalic as Team Bodog trebles up.

The single, ex-cheerleader is well known to the poker community and will soon be hitting the felts in the famous Bodog brand colours…once her knee has healed up. Being a Bodog girl Amanda likes a drink and at her recent birthday party she had a fight with a hammock…and lost, resulting in an impressive gash on her right knee.

Originally from North Carolina, Amanda can now be found lounging on the beaches of LA, but always in very impressive shoes and little else!

Amanda stated: “The Bodog life and my own are scarily similar. I can’t wait to do the Bodog photo shoot. I’ll be posting those shots on my facebook as soon as I have them but in the meantime I’ll see you all at the tables, both live and online.”

Bodog Poker Sending 30 Players to Punta Cana Classic

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Bodog Poker will be sending 30 of its players to the Punta Cana Poker Classic, taking place in the Dominican Republic and featuring a $500,000 guaranteed prize pool. From September 1 through October 16, Bodog Poker is holding a series of satellite qualifiers for tournament players and random drawings for cash game and sit and go tournament players to find the members of Team Bodog to send to this anticipated annual event.

The qualifier series is built of three different levels, each of which you can enter directly by paying the respective prize pool or win your way into via the previous event. It starts with a $0.50 + $0.05 Cheap Seat, leads into a $35 + $3.50 Punta Cana Semifinal which in turns leads to the $230 + $20 Punta Cana Satellite where the prize packages will be awarded.

Each of the 30 Punta Cana Poker Classic prize packages up for grabs is worth $4,000 and includes the $1,650 buy-in into the main event, a 5-night stay at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, a travel allowance of $1,000, a $1,500 voucher to spend on hotel amenities and access to exclusive side events, cash games and hotel entertainment and nighttime activities.

The other way you can win one of these 30 free seats in the $500K guaranteed Punta Cana Poker Classic is through the Qualify by Draw route. Here, you receive one draw entry and $10 for for every 75 poker points you earn. You can earn an unlimited number of draw tickets this way, but only a maximum cash reward of $150.

Safe Online Poker Sites for US Players August 2011

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Months after Black Friday many poker players in the US are still trying to figure out where and how to play online. While many of the high stakes players have moved outside the US, not everyone can just pick up and leave. Therefore we’ve compiled a list of online poker sites still operating in the US.

At the top of the list is Bodog Poker, which is a well-established name in the US. Bodog recently announced that they will be changing the name of their US facing operations but have no fear the only change will be in the name. They offer players a 110% bonus up to $1100 and run a weekly 100k tournament. Players are stating that they are receiving withdrawal checks in under a week.

Another well-established sports booking site has set its sight’s on the US poker market and that is BetOnline. They’ve been around for over 10 years and have a great reputation. Their poker software is proprietary and they are aggressively marketing to players by offering a 25% up to Unlimited bonus.

Luvin Poker on the Everleaf network is also offering a massive bonus of 200% up to $1000 and the play is super soft. While they don’t boast the number of players that the bigger sites do, they are a great site for the lower stake games. They are also 100% mac compatible.

The Merge Poker network sites are do to reopen to new US players this month. There are two online poker sites on the Merge network that we highly recommend and those are Lock Poker, which has been signing many of today’s top young poker pros, and Carbon Poker, which is the flagship site of the Merge network. Both offer generous bonuses but players claim that cashouts from Lock Poker are slightly quicker then those from Carbon Poker.

Make sure to visit Holdem Poker Chat regularly for updates on the above poker sites as well as all poker news. We’ll continue to update and monitor all US Poker Sites daily so all you have to do is play and win.