Party Poker Giving Away Sony PlayStation4s Daily in November

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Party Poker is giving away a Sony PlayStation4 a day, minimum, in its PlayStation4 Freestival giveaway running throughout 2013 November.

Enter daily qualifiers into an $11 buy-in tournament with a PS4 added to the prize pool three times each day, all throughout the week. You’ll find the complete schedule of qualifiers on the promotion’s page on the Party Poker site, but there are three slots each day with two $1 buy-in qualifiers and 1 freeroll qualifier each day.

There are two different $11 PS4 added events then to choose from. One on M, Tu, W, F, and Sun at 14:30 ET with an $8K GTD prize pool. And one on Th and Sa at 21:00 ET for a $4K GTD prize pool.

Then there are three of Party Poker’s Sunday Majors where a PS4 is added to each one’s prize pool: the $200K GTD Sunday at 13:30 ET for a $215 buy-in, the $10K Super Bounty at 13:00 ET for a $54 buy-in, and the $5K 5-Max Speed Rebuy Sunday Majors at 15:45 ET for a $2 buy-in.

There are even daily PS4 giveaway freerolls during this event: one every M, W, F, and Su at 13:00 ET and one every Tu, Th, and Sa at 19:00 ET.

Party Poker players should also look out for surprise opportunities to win other gadgets by Sony throughout the November PlayStation4 Freestival. Win a 16GB WiFi Tablet Z, an Xperia i1 smartphone, a Smart Watch, and any number of other prizes.

Party Poker Launches Multiple World Poker Tour Satellites

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Party Poker has satellite series’ going on now into multiple World Poker Tour main events. In addition the WPT Montreal satellite series which is still raging strong, on October 14 and 15, respectively, Party Poker launched its WPT National UK and WPT Prague satellite series’, and on October 28, Party Poker launches its WPT Borgata satellite series.

The WPT National UK satellite series runs through December 15 and awards seats worth $310 in the WPT National Milton Keynes Main Event taking place December 19 to 22, 2013. The series starts with daily freerolls and ends with $33 satellites, also daily, awarding 1 seat guaranteed at each running, and one for each $310 in the prize pool.

The WPT Prague satellite series runs through December 8 and awards full $6,100 prize packages into the WPT Prague main event that includes accommodations and expense funds. The WPT Prague itself takes place December 15 to 21, 2013.The series starts with daily freerolls and ends with weekly $325 satellites awarding 1 prize package guaranteed at each, and 1 for every $325 in the prize pool.

The WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open satellite series runs through January 12, 2014 and awards full $6,000 prize packages into the WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open main event that includes accommodations and travel and spending cash. The WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open itself takes place January 25 to 31, 2014. The series starts with daily freerolls and ends with weekly $325 satellites, that award prize packages to 1 in every 20 participants.

Party Poker Holds Mission to WPT Montreal Promo

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Party Poker is now holding a promotion called the WPT Montreal Mission giving players tasks to complete in order to get their chance to win one of 3 WPT Montreal main event entries or the grand prize, a $5,000 WPT Montreal prize package.

As you’ll shortly see, this is a clearly Canada themed promotion, with the country’s history and culture permeating the online poker missions laid out for players. In order to be eligible to win one of these prizes, you must first complete 5 Missions:
1.    Play at least 1,867 hands of online poker at Party Poker, any game type (in honor the year Canda was founded)
2.    Win a hand each with: pocket 9s, pocket 7s, 8-7 suited, pocket 6s, and pocket 3s (in honor of the jersey numbers of some of Canada’s hockey legends)
3.    Play in any 3 MTTs with at least 25 players in each event or more (in honor of the 3 territories of the country)
4.    Play in any 10 Sit ‘n’ Go tourneys with 3 or more players at each (in honor of the 10 provinces in the country)
5.    Play 1 or more hands per day on 6 different days of the month of October 2013 (in honor of the 6 different time zones in Canada)

Players have until October 31, 2013 to complete all of these missions. Those who do so will be automatically entered into the WPT Montreal Freeroll tournament taking place on November 3, 2013 at 4:30 pm ET.

Introducing The New Party Poker

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Party Poker just got a facelift! The whole look and feel of the site is different now, with improvements in the form and function of every iota of the site: from its user controls to its tournament and cash game offerings, to its range of bonuses and promotions, and more.

The new and improved Achievement Rewards program includes Missions that players can accomplish to earn even greater rewards faster, including for the first time, added freeroll entries.

The new Party Poker is also more social media friendly, with ample ways to connect with the site and your fellow poker partiers over Facebook, Twitter and more. And the new Party Poker app lets you take your online poker with you on the go, whether you use an Apple or Android mobile device (currently available to UK customers only.) Party Poker now also features an improved Tourney Feed allowing you to find upcoming tournaments at the desired stakes and parameters at any given moment.

Among the featured tournaments continuing at Party Poker amidst all the changes are the $200K Guaranteed Sunday, the 50-Seat Frenzy, the Steps Challenge, and satellite series’ into the World Poker Tour land-based events, including currently the WPT Montreal, WPT Grand Prix de Paris, and WPT National UK.

Whether you play the download software, Instant Play online, or over your mobile device, Party Poker offers the same breadth of online poker games and tournaments, bonuses and rewards, and social engagement, but now with an even cooler look and feel. If you already have a Party Poker account, then log right into the new Party Poker just like you did the old Party Poker. And if you’re new to the site, then take advantage of the best Welcome Bonus Party Poker has offered yet.

Win World Poker Tour Paris Seats At Party Poker

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 gpdpParty Poker is now holding satellites into the World Poker Tour Grand Prix de Paris main event coming up October 25 – 30, 2013 in Paris, France.

To win a seat in the WPT Grand Prix de Paris, just be the 1 in 20 players in the weekly WPT Grand Prix de Paris Satellite tournament every Sunday at 15:20 ET between now and October 13, 2013 and you’ll get a full $13,000 prize package that includes not only the $9750 buy-in for the main event, but $3250 in spending cash as well.

The buy-in for the Party Poker WPT Grand Prix de Paris Satellite is $700 but you can avoid that buy-in by performing well in the WPT Grand Prix de Paris Satellite Qualifier that costs only $77 to buy-in to. It happens two times a day and again on Sundays as a Turbo event, each time awarding a seat in the Satellite for every $700 collected in buy-ins.

Leading into the satellite qualifier are two sub qualifier speed satellites, one with a $9 buy-in and no rebuy and one with a $3 buy-in a rebuys. Both events award seats in the satellite qualifier for every $77 collected in buy-ins.

You can even win your seat in the rebuy speed sub qualifier through a WPT Grand Prix de Paris Freeroll tournament. These, as with the sub qualifiers, are taking place throughout the day, every day of the promotional period.

The $3250 cash portion of each $13,000 WPT Grand Prix de Paris Party Poker prize package includes $200 for a mandatory ACF club membership.)

Party Poker Hosting WPT Montreal Satellites

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The Party Poker WPT Montreal satellite series runs from Monday, August 5 to Sunday, November 24, awarding as its top prize seats in the WPT Montreal main event that takes place November 29 to December 5, 2013 at the Playground Poker Club.

The Party Poker WPT Montreal Satellites take place every Sunday during the stated promotional period, starting at 8:50 pm CET (2:50 pm ET), with 1 prize package guaranteed to be awarded at each running of the event. The WPT Montreal Satellite has a direct buy-in of $250 + $25 but players can avoid that cost by winning their seat in the event through a WPT Montreal Satellite Qualifier.

These events take place every day at the same times listed above for the WPT Montreal Satellite, with an additional running of the event taking place on Sundays at 6:50 pm CET (12:50 pm ET) as a Turbo tournament event. The direct buy-in for the WPT Montreal Satellite Qualifier is $27.50 + $2.50 but players can avoid that cost by winning their seat in the event through a WPT Montreal Sub Qualifier Speed event with a $3 buy-in or a WPT Montreal Sub Qualifier Speed Rebuy event with a $1 buy-in and rebuy. Both events take place as sit ‘n’ go tournaments throughout the day.

Players can even win their seat in the Sub Qualifier (at least the $1 rebuy version) through a WPT Montreal Freeroll costing nothing at all to enter. The 25 top players from each running of this event will move on to the $1 sub qualifier speed rebuy event.

Party Poker World Poker Tour Qualifiers On Now

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Party Poker is now holding satellite tournaments into the World Poker Tour Cyprus main event. Running between June 10th and August 4th, ’13, the WPT Cyprus satellite tournament series at Party Poker awards prize packages worth $6.5K.

Each $6.5K Party Poker World Poker Tour prize package includes the $4.4K buy-in for the WPT Cyprus main event, $800 in spending cash, and accommodations for the 6-nights August 15th – 21st, 2013 in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The Party Poker WPT Cyprus Satellite takes place every Sunday at 15:20 ET for a direct buy-in of $325 + $25 and awards 1 WPT Cyprus prize package guaranteed, and 1 for every 20 players registered for the tournament.

Players can win their seats in this event through a Satellite Qualifier, taking place twice daily, at 15:20 and 20:45 ET, and again as a Turbo event on Sundays, for a direct buy-in of $35 + $3, and awards a seat in the WPT Cyprus Satellite for every $350 in the prize pool.

Players can win seats in the Satellite Qualifier in one of two Sub Qualifier Speed tournaments: one with a $2.70 + $0.30 buy-in and the other with a $1 rebuy buy-in. Both events take place daily and award a seat in the Satellite Qualifier for every $38 in the prize pool.

And finally, players can win seats in the $1 daily WPT Cyprus Sub Qualifier Speed Rebuy tournament by finishing in the top 25 of a daily Party Poker WPT Cyprus Freeroll tournament.

Play Live Poker At Old Trafford On Party Poker

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poker at old trafford with party poker

Party Poker is giving sports fans a unique opportunity to play poker live in Old Trafford Stadium opposite some legends of the Manchester United Team in a promotion it’s calling the Road to Old Trafford.

The Party Poker Road to Old Trafford begins with a Freeroll tournament that takes place daily and awards the top 50 players seats in a sub qualifier speed rebuy event that also runs daily. That event has a $0.50 buy-in, and there’s a corresponding daily event with no rebuy that has a $1 buy-in. Both of these events award a seat in the next event up the chain for every $9.20 collected in the prize pool.

That’s because $9.20 is the direct buy-in for this next link: the Road to Old Trafford Satellite Qualifier. It runs once daily and two times on Sundays (one of these as a Turbo event), and it awards a seat in the final 1 package guaranteed Road to Old Trafford Satellite for every $85 in the prize pool. Or you can skip all that, pay the $85 buy-in directly and enter this event where a prize package to play live poker in Old Trafford will be awarded for every $1,575 collected in the prize pool.

And that, of course, is because $1,575 is the value of this prize package, which includes the $365 buy-in for the Old Trafford main event, a 3-night stay in Manchester with hospitality included, $550 to spend as you like, and a charitable gift made in your name of $35. The prize package winners will also receive a VIP stadium tour, some official football merchandise, and an invitation to an exclusive VIP Player Party.

These Road to Old Trafford Satellites take place at Party Poker from May 27th to August 4th, 2013.

Party Poker Launches VIP 500 Club

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From Monday, April 23rd through Sunday, May 13th, Party Poker will be giving the most elite of its players the chance win an assortment of exclusive instant cash, points and prizes in a promotion it’s calling the VIP 500 Club.

Open solely to Party Poker’s Palladium VIP and Palladium Elite VIP players, the VIP 500 Club awards instant prize cards to each player who earns 500 points during the promotional period, each time they do it. Each instant prize card contains a guaranteed prize ranging from $5 to $500 cash, $25 to $100 poker bonus, 100 to 500 loyalty points or an iPod or iPad 2.

Keep collecting VIP 500 Club cards every time you accumulate 500 more points and keep raking in the prizes. If you can manage to amass 60 VIP 500 Club cards, you’ll receive a special bonus instant prize card that grants you $1,000 and 5,000 more points.

You must opt-in to this promotion through the Party Poker website or your player admin before your points earned during the promotional period can be counted toward your performance in the promotion.

You earn points by paying rakes in real money cash games at Party Poker, with each $1 you pay in rake equal to 2 points.

For the poker bonuses rewarded, players have 60 days to earn 100 to 300 points, depending on the size of the bonus, with a multiplier of 4 to 8, again depending on the bonus size, to release the bonus as cash.

Party Poker Midway Into Pokerfest II Online

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We are now halfway into the Party Poker Pokerfest II Online poker series. The series takes place April 22nd through May 6th, so you still have ample opportunities to participate. The series is made up of 47 headlining tournaments as well as many side events. The total guaranteed prize pool for the series is $3.5 million with $1 million of it alone set aside for the main event. In addition, there are jackpot prizes that include iPods and iPads, World Series of Poker Main Event packages and $50k in cash.

There are Party Poker satellites going on now awarding free seats in the various Pokerfest II Online events, with a $55 structure, $99 structure, $215 structure, $530 structure, $640 structure and $1,060 structure, so that for each of the 47 events in Pokerfest II you can win the full buy-in at a satellite.

In addition to the 47 main events comprising Pokerfest II, you can also play in two Daily Dollar side events each day of the series, each event having a $1 buy-in, and each one varying slightly in game structure or style (e.g. short-handed, deepstack, turbo, etc.). They take place at 1:45 pm and 4 pm ET daily.

There are also Pokerfest II Jackpots that can be win by achieving certain objectives, such as winning any 3 Pokerfest II events ($20k + WSOP prize package), final tabling in 5 or 10 events ($7,500 or $15,000, respectively, plus an iPad), or finishing in the money in 10 or 20 events ($2,500 or $5,000 plus iPad).