Party Poker WSOP 2012 Satellite Series Details

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Party Poker was one of the first poker sites to start offering 2012 World Series of Poker main event satellites, launching its WSOP 2012 promotion back on February 27, which is why we thought it was worth bringing up again, in case you forgot about it. Party Poker plans to give away more prize packages to the WSOP 2012 main event than ever, and more, most likely, than most other poker sites this year as well.

The cheapest route to Vegas is to start with the daily WSOP Freeroll tournaments, which each award the top 25 finishers a seat in the $2 daily WSOP Sub Qualifier Speed Rebuy. From here, one player for every $80 in prizepool advances to the $80 WSOP Satellite Qualifier, which takes place twice daily plus an extra turbo event on Sundays. From this event, 1 in every 10 players will move on to the WSOP Satellite, taking place every Sunday at 14:50 ET for a $750 direct buy-in, where Party Poker will award 1 in every 20 players a $14,000 prize package to Las Vegas to play in the WSOP main event.

That’s not the only way to get to Vegas on Party Poker’s dime, though. You can instead start with a $9 WSOP Sub Qualifier Speed that sends 1 in every 10 players to the Satellite Qualifier.

Each Party Poker prize package to the 2012 WSOP Main Event is worth $14,000 and includes the $10k main event buy-in, $2k in spending cash and 10 nights of hotel accommodations while in Vegas for the event.

Party Poker Looking to Develop Their Own Rush Poker

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Party PokerIt looks like now that Full Tilt Poker isn’t up and running anymore that a few of the well-known online poker sites have decided to jump all over their idea of “Rush Poker”.  Full Tilt created Rush and said that it was under some sort of a copyright, which ended up not exactly being true.  So now, after PokerStars created Zoom Poker, another popular online poker site in Party Poker has decided to step in as well.  The CEO of Digital Jim Ryan stated that they will be introducing their own version of the game within the next few months.  He did not put an exact date or tell how far along things are with it, but just that it would be coming soon.  It’s also worth noting that he also said that they are planning on having their two big player pools combined between Party Poker and bWin this year.

As most poker players know by now, the idea behind Rush Poker and Zoom Poker is that players join into a large player pool and are sat randomly at a table and given their hand.  They have the option to play or fold, but if they choose to fold then they are automatically switched to a new table with a completely different hand as well.  This game is incredibly fast paced and makes it so that players are constantly on their toes, but most importantly are getting to see a very large number of hands per hour.  The hands per hour goes up a ton in comparison to playing at a standard poker table.

While Rush Poker was an instant hit, Zoom Poker has gotten rave reviews as well, proving that a large amount of the player population loves the idea of being able to play a fast paced poker game with no waiting in between hands.  When Zoom Poker started out they were in a Beta testing phase for players, but things have gone very well and they continue to add more and more limits as time goes on, and also plan on putting it into tournaments and other types of play as well.

Party Poker Announces Pokerfest II

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Party Poker has revived the player favorite Pokerfest, the world’s biggest poker festival, and this time around the site has added $500,000 more to the prize pool. Pokerfest II features a $3.5 million guaranteed prize pool, including a $1 million main event and 47 online poker tournaments and side events. This time around, Pokerfest II also includes jackpot prizes like $14,000 WSOP 2012 packages, iPods and iPads, and $50,000 in cash.

PartyPoker’s Pokerfest II runs from April 22nd through May 6th, 2012, culminating in a million dollar guaranteed main event with a $640 direct buy-in and satellites starting at $1.

There are several different ways to qualify for Pokerfest II events, with different qualification structures depending on the Pokerfest II event buy-in cost. So there’s a $640 main event structure, and structures for events with buyins of $1060, $530, $215, $99, and $55.Then, within each structure, may be several different qualifier paths to victory, including $55 MEGA Friday Satellites and Qualifier Extras where 1 in 4 players win Pokerfest II main event seats.

Party Poker is also keeping three leaderboards totaling $50k in addition prizes for each of three buy-in and stakes ranges:
• points – $2,500 prize pool; 250 places paid; $250 to 1st place
• low – $15,000 prize pool; 500 places paid; $1,250 to 1st place
• high – $32,500 prize pool; 500 places paid; $2,500 to 1st place

There are also a bevy of Party Poker Pokerfest II side events, including Daily Dollar side events and Pokerfest II Jackpots.

Party Poker Premier League Has One Spot Left Open

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Party PokerThe Party Poker Premier League will kick off on April 10th, and it features 14 of the top professional poker players in the game, as well as two qualifiers for the event as well.  The tournament happens just before the World Poker Tour’s Vienna Main Event kicks off, so it will be taking place in Vienna, Austria.  Up until yesterday though, the event hand only 12 professional poker players on the roster, so they were looking to fill the two additional spots with pro players.  By the day’s end, one of the biggest names in poker had joined on board when Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier filled the role of the 13th player to be added.

Grospellier has an incredibly impressive resume throughout his career, but probably the most impressive is the fact that he currently has hit the Triple Crown of poker as of last year.  He was excited to take part in the Party Poker Premier League, as this will be his first appearance in the tournament.  It has one of the more interesting formats out there, but most importantly features some of the biggest and best in the world of poker today.

As far as the other players who will be included on the list, you’ll find the likes of Patrik Antonius, Vanessa Selbst, Sam Trickett, Tony G, Luke “FullFlush” Schwartz”, Erik Seidel, Andy Frankenberger, Yevgeniy Timoshenko, Eugene Katchalov, Tom Dwan, Phil Laak, and Daniel Cates.  Just from looking at the names on that list you’ll see that some players are some of the most experienced and more “veteran players”, and others are more of the “young and up and coming” poker players of today.  Frankenberger for example is the reigning World Poker Tour Player of the Year, while player’s like Seidel have eight gold bracelets to their name.

One last bit of news about the tournament is that the World Poker Tour Vienna Main Event’s tournament director Matt Savage will also be handing the Party Poker tournament as well.  One of the best tournament directors in the game of poker today will have a busy week during that span in the middle of April, but I’m sure both tournament committees are more than confident that Savage will do an excellent job.

Party Poker Comes Through For Montreal Open Winners

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The U.S. Department of Justice’s closing of Full Tilt Poker (and other poker sites) didn’t just affect the United States. And it didn’t even just affect online poker players. It also affected, for one, the recipients of the good work and services of the Miriam Foundation in Canada, which receive substantial support from Canada’s annual Montreal Open of poker. That event looked to be in jeopardy when Full Tilt Poker, the event’s sponsor, proved unable to pay out the prize money to the 30 winners of the last incarnation of that event. Thankfully, rescue assistance came in to save the day, courtesy of Party Poker.

In 2011, the 6th running of the Montreal Open occured just weeks prior to the D.O.J.’s shutting down of FullTilt and fellow poker sites serving U.S. players. Since then, it’s been up in the air whether that year’s winners would ever see their prize money.

Players have remained mostly quiet and, if not patient then at least subdued on the subject, mostly because they don’t want the Mirian Foundation to have to suffer any in order for them to receive their poker payouts.

The Miriam Foundation provides “rehabilitative, vocational and residential services” to promote greater socializing and increased community for kdis and adults with intellectual disabilities or Autism Spectrum Disorders.

But the questions about the future of the event, at least, have been laid to rest as, thanks to Party Poker’s stepping in, the Montreal Open has been restaged The Montreal Party Poker Classic. This year, the event will support the Jodi Lazarus Fund for Hereditary Breast Cancer Research also in Montreal.

Party Poker Launches Qualifiers for Spring Million

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Party Poker has launched its qualifier series for the next Spring Million, set for May 6, 2012 and featuring a $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool. Meanwhile, qualifier buy-ins for this event start at just $1.

Interested players can either buy into the 2012 Spring Million directly by paying $600 + $40, or they can venture down one of five different qualifier avenues to the big event.

One path starts with a choice of $2 sub qualifier speed rebuy events and $8 sub qualifier speed events, both daily, as entry points. These lead to a $64 + $6 daily qualifier from which 1 in 10 players will make it to the Spring Million.

Another path starts with a $1 daily sub qualifier speed rebuy event that leads to a $25 + $2 daily rebuy qualifier from which one player for every $640 in the prize pool moves on to the Spring Million.

Then there are $2 and $6 daily MEGA Friday sub qualifier speed events, the $2 one a rebuy event. The MEGA Friday Satellite has a $50 + $5 direct buy-in and awards seats in the Spring Million to the top 5 players.

Or players can opt for a $47 sub qualifier extra speed event that leads to a $160 + $12 qualifier extra event that awards 1 in 4 players seats in the Spring Million.

Lastly, there are daily country specific freerolls and daily player points qualifiers (both for 10 pp and 25 pp) that lead to a Spring Million Special taking place Fridays at 15:30 ET and awarding seats in the Spring Million to the top 5 qualifying players.

Party Poker World Poker Tour Marbella Satellites Start

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The next Party Poker WPT satellite series has begun, and its for the World Poker Tour National Series Marbella main event, which takes place between April 20 and 24, 2012 on the exotic Costa del Sol of Spain at the Marbella Casino, Marbella, Spain.

Each Party Poker prize package into the WPT Marbella is valued at $4,000 and includes the $2,250 cost to buy in to the tournament plus $1k for expense money and a 4-night stay with hospitality while you’re there. Players are responsible for their own travel to and from the event and for acquiring all the necessary travel documentation.

The PartyPoker WPT National Series Marbella satellite series runs from March 5 to April 8, 2012. Prize packages are awarded at WPT National Marbella Satellite tournaments running weekly at the site on Sundays at 1:55 pm ET for a $225 direct buy-in. At each of these WPT Marbella Satellites at least 1 prize package will definitely be awarded although more than one prize package award is possible, with one package awarded for every $4k collected in buy-ins.

Players can avoid the $225 direct buy-in into the WPT Marbella Satellite through a satellite qualifier. These run every day at the site at 1:30 pm ET and additionally as a Turbo tournament on Sundays at 11:15 am ET for a direct buy-in of $25. One $225 seat in the next WPT Marbella satellite will be awarded for every $225 collected in buy-ins.

There are also two ways that players can avoid the $25 satellite qualifier buy-in by winning a seat through one of two different sub qualifier speed events, one with a $3 buy-in and one with a $1 buy-in and rebuy. There’s even a WPT Marbella Freeroll qualifier you can enter to win a seat in the event for no cost at all.

Party Poker’s WSOP 2012 Qualifiers Begin

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Starting this Monday, February 27th, players at Party Poker can now enter qualifiers for the upcoming 2012 World Series of Poker which run through June 17th.

Each Party Poker prize package into the 2012 WSOP Main Event is valued at $14k and includes not only the $10k main event buy-in but a 10-night stay while in Las Vegas for the tournament as well as $2k in expense money.

The 2012 PartyPoker WSOP Main Event Qualifier series starts with daily Freeroll qualifiers sending the top 25 at each to a $2 WSOP Sub Qualifier Speed Rebuy Event. These sub qualifiers run daily and award a seat in the next step up, the WSOP Satellite Qualifier, for every $80 collected in the pot. There is also a $4 sub qualifier speed rebuy event with the same winning qualifications. Players who wish to play a sub qualifier speed event without a rebuy can skip all that, however, and just enter the $9 sub qualifier which sends 1 in 10 players on.

You can also skip all that and just pay the $80 to enter the WSOP Satellite Qualifier directly. These events run two times every day, along with an additional running on Sundays as a Turbo tournament. All of these satellite qualifiers send 1 in 10 players on to the final WSOP Satellite, a weekly event held on Sundays at which the actual PartyPoker WSOP 2012 Main Event prize packages will be awarded, at a rate of 1 in 20.

The 2011 WSOP Main Event champion was Pius Heinz, who took home $8.7 million for his accomplishment.

Qualify Now for Party Poker Premier League Poker 5

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From February 6 to March 18, 2012 Party Poker will be holding qualifiers into the Premier League 5 Poker event, the headlining live event produced by Party Poker as part of the official World Poker Tour Special Events.

The Premier League Poker 5 is coming to Vienna, Austria on March 31, 2012 and runs through April 10, 2012. This fifth incarnation of PartyPoker’s flagship WPT Special Event sees 14 top poker pros from around the world sitting in with 9 amateur qualifiers all vying for the biggest share of a $2 million guaranteed prize pool.

There are nine PartyPoker Premier League 5 prize packages up for grabs. Every winner of one gets a $10,450 seat at the playoffs, four nights of accommodations while in Vienna for the event and $1,350 to spend as you like. All totaled it’s a value of $13k per prize package. In addition, two of the prize package winners will receive a $125,000 entry into the Premier League Poker V final event.

The Premier League Poker 5 satellite series includes freerolls and subqualifier speed tournaments that lead into the satellite qualifiers that seed players into the final Premier League 5 satellite at which the actual prize packages will be given away. Over the course of the series, Party Poker will run six satellites total.

Both the Premier League 5 playoffs and the final will be broadcast on live television. Party Poker is offering no cash redemption on the $13,000 prize packages, so if you win one and cannot attend, you lose out.

Party Poker Brings Back Card Rush Instant Win Promotion

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Party Poker has brought back its popular Card Rush Instant Win promotion for the month of February 2012. Taking place between 0:00 ET on February 1 and 21:59 on February 28, this latest incarnation of the PartyPoker Card Rush Instant Win promotion sees 1.8 million new game cards up for grabs, each guaranteed to offer a prize. What’s more, the promotion will end early if all of the Instant Win game cards have been distributed before then. So there’s no time to lose.

To earn your first Card Rush Instant Win game card, you just have to earn 5 PartyPoints. After that, you’ll earn an additional card for every 15 PartyPoints you earn. Cards are delivered to your account as soon as they’re earned and you can scratch them instantly to find out what prize you’ve won. It could be cash, more PartyPoints, freeroll tournament entries or Card Rush points.

Card Rush points are applied toward a leaderboard that lasts the duration of the promotion. With the highest 200 Card Rush points earners receiving a cash prize at the end. First place gets $9,000; second place gets $7,000; third place gets $5,250; and places 150 through 200 each get $100. What’s more, a $50 Hot Spot prize will be awarded to every 20th finisher from the 220th through the 2,000th.

All Card Rush Instant Win cards are dealt out randomly. Players earn PartyPoints by playing in real money games at PartyPoker: either at cash tables through playing in raked hands or at tournaments, both MTT and Sit and Go, through paying buy-in fees.