Party Poker Launches Multiple World Poker Tour Satellites

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Party Poker has satellite series’ going on now into multiple World Poker Tour main events. In addition the WPT Montreal satellite series which is still raging strong, on October 14 and 15, respectively, Party Poker launched its WPT National UK and WPT Prague satellite series’, and on October 28, Party Poker launches its WPT Borgata satellite series.

The WPT National UK satellite series runs through December 15 and awards seats worth $310 in the WPT National Milton Keynes Main Event taking place December 19 to 22, 2013. The series starts with daily freerolls and ends with $33 satellites, also daily, awarding 1 seat guaranteed at each running, and one for each $310 in the prize pool.

The WPT Prague satellite series runs through December 8 and awards full $6,100 prize packages into the WPT Prague main event that includes accommodations and expense funds. The WPT Prague itself takes place December 15 to 21, 2013.The series starts with daily freerolls and ends with weekly $325 satellites awarding 1 prize package guaranteed at each, and 1 for every $325 in the prize pool.

The WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open satellite series runs through January 12, 2014 and awards full $6,000 prize packages into the WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open main event that includes accommodations and travel and spending cash. The WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open itself takes place January 25 to 31, 2014. The series starts with daily freerolls and ends with weekly $325 satellites, that award prize packages to 1 in every 20 participants.

Party Poker Holds Mission to WPT Montreal Promo

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Party Poker is now holding a promotion called the WPT Montreal Mission giving players tasks to complete in order to get their chance to win one of 3 WPT Montreal main event entries or the grand prize, a $5,000 WPT Montreal prize package.

As you’ll shortly see, this is a clearly Canada themed promotion, with the country’s history and culture permeating the online poker missions laid out for players. In order to be eligible to win one of these prizes, you must first complete 5 Missions:
1.    Play at least 1,867 hands of online poker at Party Poker, any game type (in honor the year Canda was founded)
2.    Win a hand each with: pocket 9s, pocket 7s, 8-7 suited, pocket 6s, and pocket 3s (in honor of the jersey numbers of some of Canada’s hockey legends)
3.    Play in any 3 MTTs with at least 25 players in each event or more (in honor of the 3 territories of the country)
4.    Play in any 10 Sit ‘n’ Go tourneys with 3 or more players at each (in honor of the 10 provinces in the country)
5.    Play 1 or more hands per day on 6 different days of the month of October 2013 (in honor of the 6 different time zones in Canada)

Players have until October 31, 2013 to complete all of these missions. Those who do so will be automatically entered into the WPT Montreal Freeroll tournament taking place on November 3, 2013 at 4:30 pm ET.

Win World Poker Tour Paris Seats At Party Poker

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 gpdpParty Poker is now holding satellites into the World Poker Tour Grand Prix de Paris main event coming up October 25 – 30, 2013 in Paris, France.

To win a seat in the WPT Grand Prix de Paris, just be the 1 in 20 players in the weekly WPT Grand Prix de Paris Satellite tournament every Sunday at 15:20 ET between now and October 13, 2013 and you’ll get a full $13,000 prize package that includes not only the $9750 buy-in for the main event, but $3250 in spending cash as well.

The buy-in for the Party Poker WPT Grand Prix de Paris Satellite is $700 but you can avoid that buy-in by performing well in the WPT Grand Prix de Paris Satellite Qualifier that costs only $77 to buy-in to. It happens two times a day and again on Sundays as a Turbo event, each time awarding a seat in the Satellite for every $700 collected in buy-ins.

Leading into the satellite qualifier are two sub qualifier speed satellites, one with a $9 buy-in and no rebuy and one with a $3 buy-in a rebuys. Both events award seats in the satellite qualifier for every $77 collected in buy-ins.

You can even win your seat in the rebuy speed sub qualifier through a WPT Grand Prix de Paris Freeroll tournament. These, as with the sub qualifiers, are taking place throughout the day, every day of the promotional period.

The $3250 cash portion of each $13,000 WPT Grand Prix de Paris Party Poker prize package includes $200 for a mandatory ACF club membership.)

Party Poker World Poker Tour Qualifiers On Now

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Party Poker is now holding satellite tournaments into the World Poker Tour Cyprus main event. Running between June 10th and August 4th, ’13, the WPT Cyprus satellite tournament series at Party Poker awards prize packages worth $6.5K.

Each $6.5K Party Poker World Poker Tour prize package includes the $4.4K buy-in for the WPT Cyprus main event, $800 in spending cash, and accommodations for the 6-nights August 15th – 21st, 2013 in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The Party Poker WPT Cyprus Satellite takes place every Sunday at 15:20 ET for a direct buy-in of $325 + $25 and awards 1 WPT Cyprus prize package guaranteed, and 1 for every 20 players registered for the tournament.

Players can win their seats in this event through a Satellite Qualifier, taking place twice daily, at 15:20 and 20:45 ET, and again as a Turbo event on Sundays, for a direct buy-in of $35 + $3, and awards a seat in the WPT Cyprus Satellite for every $350 in the prize pool.

Players can win seats in the Satellite Qualifier in one of two Sub Qualifier Speed tournaments: one with a $2.70 + $0.30 buy-in and the other with a $1 rebuy buy-in. Both events take place daily and award a seat in the Satellite Qualifier for every $38 in the prize pool.

And finally, players can win seats in the $1 daily WPT Cyprus Sub Qualifier Speed Rebuy tournament by finishing in the top 25 of a daily Party Poker WPT Cyprus Freeroll tournament.

Bovada Poker Hosts WPT Montreal Satellites

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Bovada Poker is now hosting satellite tournaments into the 2012 World Poker Tour main event in Montreal, Canada.

Bovada Poker’s WPT Montreal satellite series runs from October 1st thru 28th. Buy-ins start at just $1. Weekly Satellites take place every Sunday starting October 14th that each award a $5,000 prize package to the WPT Montreal, which takes place from November 23rd thru 27th.

Each $5,000 WPT Montreal prize package from Bovada Poker includes the $3,300 buy-in for the main event, $1,700 to use for travel to and from the event and accommodations while you’re there, and of course a handy Bovada Swag Bag. Players winning these prize packages are responsible for arranging all their own travel and accommodations for this event, and any amounts over the $1,700 provided by Bovada Poker in the prize package is the player’s responsibility to cover.

Players can enter this 4-stage satellite series at any level. There’s $1.10 cheap seats, leading to the $3.30 quarterfinals, leading to the $22 semifinals, leading to the $270 satellite at which the actual prize packages to the WPT Montreal will be given away.

Bovada Poker’s daily qualifiers into the WPT Montreal are available in regular tournament style and turbo tournament style, with 6 handed single table tournametns running all throughout the day, every day of the promotional period. The Sunday satellites, meanwhile, Run thru October 28th, promising 3 seats guaranteed to the World Poker Tour Canada event in all, with last chance qualifiers running just minutes before the start of each Sunday Satellite.

WPT Vienna Champion Crowned

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The current season of the World Poker Tour is winding down with just a few more stops on it, but the one that just came to an end featured some big names from the poker world, and also an eventual champion whose win here gave him his first major poker championship.  The WPT Vienna event was held at the Montesino Casino in Vienna, Austria, and it was the player who held the chip lead at the end of Day Two who got the job done in the end.

When the action was down to the final 69 players at the event, it was Morten Christensen who was holding the chip lead, but there were two incredibly well-known’s just behind him in the standings in Chris Moorman and Tristan Wade.  By the time the players had hit the money, only one player could make up enough ground to pass Christensen, and this was Goswin Siemsen.  Moorman found himself eliminated just outside of the money, while Wade was holding a top five stack though.

When players were getting set to push from 21 down to the final table, there were a few big names remaining who had a chance to make a star-studded final table, including Andrew Badecker, Eugene Katchalov, and Roberto Romanello as well.  None of those listed were able to make it though, and the final table kicked off with Christensen in second place behind just Ognjen Sekularac.

To go with Sekularaca and Christensen at the final table, we found Ben Wilinofsky, Norbert Szecsi, Konstantin Tolokno, and Siemsen all rounding it out.  It took just over an hour before our first player was sent home, and that was Szecsi, who was knocked out by Wilinofsky. Tolokno then pulled off back to back knockouts to send home Siemsen and Sekularac in fifth and fourth place, setting up three handed play between Tolokno, Wilinofsky, and Christensen.  This didn’t last incredibly long though, as Christensen sent home Wilinofsky setting up an interesting heads up match.

Tolokno and Christensen went at it for over three hours, but the aggressiveness of Christensen really kept Tolokno from being able to gain much ground from the four million chip disadvantage he started with.  Finally, Tolokno attempted to make a stand with a three-bet all-in with K-8, but was called by the A-8 of Christensen.  The board showed an Ace and Tolokno was sent home in second place with $251,166.  For his incredibly run, Christensen not only gained the crown as WPT Vienna Champion, but also won $410,519 for his efforts.

20 Players Remain at WPT Bay 101 Shooting Stars Event

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The World Poker Tour’s Bay 101 Shooting Stars event is down to it’s final 20 players, and the play to this point has been incredibly exciting all around.  When the day began there were 149 players remaining, and 19 Shooting Stars left in the event as well.  The 19 Shooting Stars all had $5k bounties on them, so whoever sent them home would pick up a nice bonus.  To start the action Bryce Yockey was atop the leader board, but he was unable to make it through as one of the final 20 players remaining.

Pretty early in the day we had two of the Shooting Stars going heads up against each other as Jonathan Duhamel sent Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier home to pick up his own $5k prize.  Grospellier shoved over the top of Duhamel’s pre-flop raised for 12k, and Duhamel made the call.  Duhamel held pocket treys, while ElkY had A-Q, but the pocket threes held and sent ElkY home early on.  Another interesting match-up that we had was when Jonathan Little sent Mike Matusow home, and Mike McClain knocked off Scott Seiver.

When the action was down to the final 37 players it took about an hour for the money bubble to burst.  When it happened, it was actually two Shooting Stars who went head to head in Men Nguyen and Kathy Liebert.  Liebert shoved over top of Nguyen, who said that if it was for less than 100k, that he would call.  It was 92k and Nguyen called and turned over the A-10 of clubs.  Liebert had A-K, but the flop came down with 10-9-8 with two clubs as well.  The turn hit another club sending Liebert home on the bubble, and sent a $5k bounty to Nguyen.

A few other players who were knocked out before the end of the day included Allen Cunningham, Men Nguyen, Jason Mercier (by Jason Duhamel), Linda Johnson, and Fabrice Soulier.

Duhamel found himself sitting in 6th place at the end of the day with 751k, only about 600k behind the overall leader.  He is also playing this event for free now, after knocking out two of the Shooting Stars and taking home $10k in bounties.  There is only one other Shooting Star remaining in the event outside of Duhamel, and that is J.C. Tran.

World Poker Tour’s Shooting Stars Event Kicks Off

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The World Poker Tour’s Shooting Stars event is one of the most talked about events on the World Poker Tour schedule, mainly because of it’s unique format.  On top of that though, it also draws in some of the biggest names in poker consistently, and is also played in the wonderful state of California.  This event kicked off earlier today, and will feature two starting days for the players, both of which will have a group of “Shooting Stars” that have $5,000 bounties on their head if you are able to eliminate them.

The bounties will be spread out between Day 1A and Day 1B, and will feature big names on both days.  Another nice bonus for this event that other events don’t offer, is the fact that they pay out a bonus of $10,000 to the chip leader on both of the opening days.  So what this means is that if you are able to finish at the top of the leader board at the end of either of the days, you’ll be playing the event for free, since the buy-in is only $10k!

Day 1A will feature Shooting Stars like Joe Hachem, Jonathan Duhamel, Phil Hellmuth, Mike Matusow, Daniel Negreanu, Erik Seidel, Vanessa Selbst, Liv Boeree, Maria Ho, Kathy Liebert, and Christian Harder.  Obviously as you can see by these names, none of them will be easy outs by any means, and any of these players could seriously contend for the championship on any day of the week as well!

Day 1B will include a strong list of players as well, starting with Men “The Master” Nguyen, Scotty Nguyen, Barry Greenstein, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Allen Cunningham, and Alan Sternberg as well.  Mike Sexton, who is a current member of the Poker Hall of FAme and is also a commentator for the Tour will have a bounty on him as well.  Sexton was actually a final tablist at this event last year as well, so he’s definitely had some success.

One last difference from this event that is worth pointing out is the fact that they will switch the action from nine handed play to six handed play with 36 players remaining instead of just at the final table like standard World Poker Tour events are.

Party Poker World Poker Tour Marbella Satellites Start

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The next Party Poker WPT satellite series has begun, and its for the World Poker Tour National Series Marbella main event, which takes place between April 20 and 24, 2012 on the exotic Costa del Sol of Spain at the Marbella Casino, Marbella, Spain.

Each Party Poker prize package into the WPT Marbella is valued at $4,000 and includes the $2,250 cost to buy in to the tournament plus $1k for expense money and a 4-night stay with hospitality while you’re there. Players are responsible for their own travel to and from the event and for acquiring all the necessary travel documentation.

The PartyPoker WPT National Series Marbella satellite series runs from March 5 to April 8, 2012. Prize packages are awarded at WPT National Marbella Satellite tournaments running weekly at the site on Sundays at 1:55 pm ET for a $225 direct buy-in. At each of these WPT Marbella Satellites at least 1 prize package will definitely be awarded although more than one prize package award is possible, with one package awarded for every $4k collected in buy-ins.

Players can avoid the $225 direct buy-in into the WPT Marbella Satellite through a satellite qualifier. These run every day at the site at 1:30 pm ET and additionally as a Turbo tournament on Sundays at 11:15 am ET for a direct buy-in of $25. One $225 seat in the next WPT Marbella satellite will be awarded for every $225 collected in buy-ins.

There are also two ways that players can avoid the $25 satellite qualifier buy-in by winning a seat through one of two different sub qualifier speed events, one with a $3 buy-in and one with a $1 buy-in and rebuy. There’s even a WPT Marbella Freeroll qualifier you can enter to win a seat in the event for no cost at all.

WPT Los Angeles Poker Classic Champion Crowned

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The World Poker Tour’s Los Angeles Poker Classic has finally come to an end, and one player found themselves standing above the rest when all was said and done.  Sean Jazayeri is one of the more seasoned vets in the poker game today, and he had a tough task at a final table that featured some of the most well-known up and comers out there today.  When the day started, the other five players at the final table included David “Doc” Sands, who was just behind him in terms of chip stack size, Noah Schwartz, Dan Kelly, Jason Somerville, and Jason Burt.  Somerville and Burt both had some work to do as they were the short stacks.

Both of them were not able to last though, as Somerville was sent home on the second hand, and Burt was sent home on the 12th hand.  Jazayeri sent home Somerville, was the knockout of Burt came at the hands of Dan Kelly.  This left four players to duke it out for the championship, and they played for quite a bit before anything else really happened.  Jazayeri then made a raise under the gun, and was called by Kelly.  Schwartz then pushed all in, which led to another all-in from Jazayeri, which couldn’t leave Schwartz feeling too great about his spot.  Indeed he was way behind, as Jazayeri turned over Kings, which held up against the A-J of Schwartz.

So the three final players remaining were Jazayeri with the chip lead of 9.8 million to 4.6 for Kelly, and 2 million for Sands.  Sand started working his way up though and eventually overtook Kelly.  It wasn’t long after that though that he sent Kelly home in 3rd place, and set up a heads up match that actually had Sands as the chip leader to start the action.  He even built his lead even larger (about 2 to 1) pretty quickly as well, but Jazayeri was able to turn it around in one big hand, when he was all-in with A-K against the Queens of Sands.  Jazayeri hit his Ace, and held a nice lead at this point.  Jazayeri got Sands all in, and was holding A-5 against the K-Q of Sands.  Sands hit a King, but Jazayeri also paired his 5.  The turn gave Sands a straight draw, but the river was another dreaded five to give Jazayeri the championship and the first place prize of over $1.3 million.  Sands took home over $860k for his efforts as well.