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Full Tilt PokerThis is a compilation of information from Full Tilt Poker on the recent withdrawal from the United States market.

As a US resident, can I play at Full Tilt Poker?

Full Tilt Poker is unable to accept ‘Real Money’ play from customers residing in the United States.

If I move outside the United States, can I play at Full Tilt Poker?

Yes. But your existing account and balance will not yet be available on logging in.

You will be required to provide sufficient proof of relocation, including your photo identification and proof of residency at your new address. You can then use non-US funds to play from outside the US. And, after return of your US funds, you will be able to use those funds as well from outside the US.

I am a US resident but am travelling overseas. Can I play at Full Tilt Poker while outside the US?

No. US residents are not permitted to play for real money at Full Tilt Poker.

Can I play at Full Tilt Poker through a VPN or similar workaround?

No. Players caught doing so are subject to having their account closed and funds forfeited.

Can I still play for play money?

Yes. You can still play at play money tables at Full Tilt Poker.com. However, you cannot enter any Freerolls.

Any new US players who wish to play for play money can open an account at Full Tilt Poker.net.


My Account Balance

When will I be able to withdraw my account balance?

Full Tilt Poker is diligently working on facilitating the withdrawal of funds for US Poker Players. This is our top priority and we’ll have a further update in the week commencing Monday, May 2nd.

Can I transfer my funds to another player outside of the US and have them withdraw it for me?

No, player transfers by US players are no longer permitted.

What will happen to my withdrawals that have already been requested?

We are diligently working to determine the status of any unprocessed withdrawals. Once confirmed we will return the funds to your Full Tilt account balance and contact you.


Tickets, Bonuses and Promotions

What will happen to my Ring Game Tickets, Tournament Tickets and T$?

All Ring Game Ticket balances will be converted to real money before your withdrawal. This includes any Ring Game Tickets that have expired since Friday, April 15th.

Any tickets purchased after Friday, April 15th, will be refunded in the currency they were purchased in.

All remaining unused tournament tickets and T$ will be converted to cash and added to your real-money balance.

What about my unclaimed bonuses?

Any purchased bonuses will have the unclaimed portion of the bonus refunded in the currency in which they were purchased.

How will my Black Card and Iron Man statuses be affected?

Your Black Card status (including your 500-day rolling average) and your Iron Man ‘continuing months’ will be maintained as of Friday, April 15th, should you be able to return to Full Tilt Poker in the future.

No player will be penalised for either of these promotions as a result of recent events.

What will happen to my Full Tilt Points, Iron Man Medals and Academy Points?

These are currently under review and details will be posted here when confirmed.

When will I receive my Take 2 promotion money?

You will be paid out on a pro-rated basis based on the number of days you played for the Take 2 promotion. The bonus money will be credited to your account shortly and will be available by the time you are able to withdraw.


Store Items

What happens to any items I ordered from your store?

If the item has already shipped, then you should expect it to arrive shortly.

If the item has not shipped, then it has been placed on hold. Should we be unable to fulfil your order the FTPs will be refunded to your account.

Please contact customerservice@fulltiltstore.com if you are unsure on the status of your order.

Can I use my Full Tilt Points to make a purchase in the store?

Not at present.


Visitors to the US

I am a non-US resident but am visiting the US. Can I play at Full Tilt Poker while there?

No. Real-money play in the US is not permitted.

Contradictions between the U.S. DoJ and Full Tilt Poker

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While Full Tilt Poker players from the US are starting to get antsy waiting to withdraw their funds from their poker accounts it doesn’t seem like it will happen any time soon. The press releases from the US DoJ and Full Tilt Poker are full of contradictions.

Mean while Full Tilt Poker players outside the US are reporting problems withdrawing funds using the popular MoneyBookers ewallet. One player from the Netherlands was offering to trade $50k on Full Tilt Poker for $40k on Moneybookers.

With the WSOP just a few weeks away, players are desperate to get their hands on their money so that they can make their summer plans for Las Vegas. Pokerstars, another online poker site that was indicted by the US, began processing withdrawals yesterday. You can find more information here.

Here are the latest statements by the DoJ and Full Tilt Poker

From the US DoJ:
No individual player accounts were ever frozen or restrained,” said Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara in the press release. “Each implicated poker company has at all times been free to reimburse any player’s deposited funds. In fact, this Office expects the companies to return the money that U.S. players entrusted to them, and we will work with the poker companies to facilitate the return of funds to players.”

From Full Tilt Poker:
“Unfortunately, there remain significant practical and legal impediments to returning funds to players in the immediate future,” reads a press release from Full Tilt Poker. “As a result of the recent enforcement action, there exists no authorized U.S. payment channel through which to make refunds; Full Tilt Poker has no accounting of the millions of dollars of player funds that were seized by the government; and the government has not agreed to permit any of the seized player funds to be returned to the players.”

Full Tilt Poker Statement on Withdrawals

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Full Tilt Poker released a statement in reaction to their agreement with the Justice Department.  It mostly says that they are pleased that they can give players their money back but the DoJ won’t give them the money that was seized.  That money represented a significant portion of player funds, and they are working to find some system to get money to players as their whole structure for payouts has been destroyed.  The bottom line for players is you still must wait.  Also, any pressure on DoJ in the form of comments on their Facebook page or to local law makers should be continued.  The negative press and anger from consumers is the only reason that we can see for the swift press release from Justice.  Continued pressure is the best way for players to facilitate the return of their funds.

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Full Tilt Poker Statement:

Full Tilt Poker™ is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York to regain the use of its worldwide domain name, www.fulltiltpoker.com.

Although players in the United States will not be permitted to engage in real-money play, the agreement expressly allows for real-money play outside of the United States.

In addition, the agreement represents an important first step towards returning funds to U.S. players because it allows Full Tilt Poker to utilize its domain to facilitate the withdrawal of player funds. But, unfortunately, there remain significant practical and legal impediments to returning funds to players in the immediate future. As a result of the recent enforcement action, there exists no authorized U.S. payment channel through which to make refunds; Full Tilt Poker has no accounting of the millions of dollars of player funds that were seized by the government; and the government has not agreed to permit any of the seized player funds to be returned to the players.

Finally, there are numerous legal and jurisdictional issues that must be considered before poker winnings can be paid out to players throughout the United States. While Full Tilt Poker continues to believe that online poker is not illegal under federal law or in 49 states, the indictment and civil forfeiture action filed last Friday require Full Tilt Poker to proceed with caution in this area.

Notwithstanding these issues, Full Tilt Poker is ready to work diligently with the United States Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York to try and resolve these issues and to get players their money back as soon as possible.


Full Tilt Poker has Suspended Real Money Play in the US

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Full Tilt Poker just released a statement regarding Friday’s indictment by the U.S. Department of Justice announcing that it is suspending real money play for USA players until the situation is resolved.

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Full Tilt Poker™ Supports Poker Players And Its Chief Executive

Dublin Ireland (April 15, 2011)- Full Tilt Poker is saddened by today’s charges against its CEO Raymond Bitar and offers its full support to Mr. Bitar and Nelson Burtnick.

Online poker is a game of skill enjoyed by tens of millions of people in the United States and across the world. And, Full Tilt Poker remains as committed as ever to preserving the rights of those players to play the game they love online.

Mr. Bitar and Full Tilt Poker believe online poker is legal – a position also taken by some of the best legal minds in the United States. Full Tilt Poker is, and has always been committed to preserving the integrity of the game and abiding by the law.

“I am surprised and disappointed by the government’s decision to bring these charges. I look forward to Mr. Burtnick’s and my exoneration,” said Mr. Bitar.

Unfortunately, as a result of this action, Full Tilt Poker has decided that it must suspend “real money” play in the United States until this case is resolved. However, Full Tilt Poker will continue to provide peer-to-peer online poker services outside of the United States.

Full Tilt Poker Take 2

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Full Tilt Poker introduces Take 2. This painless promotion requires you to only opt into it. Take 2 is a cash ring game promotion. There are two parts to the promo. One side of the coin gives you double Full Tilt Points for playing either two standard ring games at the same time, or one Rush Poker game any time from April 08-April 17, 2011. The second part awards cash for playing multiple days. The qualifying is still the same, two standard rings or one Rush game, but the number of days played determines your cash. Play 5 of the 10 days and get $5 cash. If you play 9 of the 10 days you will receive an additional $20 cash for a $25 total. There is a certain number of points to get the double points and the “day” recorded.

How to Participate in Take 2
Follow these steps to participate in Take 2 and claim your cash and bonus points:

If you haven’t done so already, download Full Tilt Poker and set up an account.

Log in to Full Tilt Poker and click on the red Cashier button in the game lobby.

Click on the My Promotions box and then the Take 2 link.

This will lead you to your personal Take 2 page. Follow the instructions on this page – you must elect to participate in this promotion or you will not receive cash or double points for your play during Take 2

The Full Story from the proverbial Horses Mouth:
Take 2 at Full Tilt Poker to earn up to $25 AND double the Full Tilt Points that you’d normally receive for playing in your favorite ring games.

Running from Friday, April 8th to Sunday, April 17th, play at least two standard ring-game tables at the same time or any Rush Poker* table during Take 2 to receive double the Full Tilt Points. Play as often as you can during Take 2 and we’ll also reward you with up to $25 in cash, depending on how many days you play.

Earn up to $25 in Cash
The more you play during Take 2, the more you’ll earn. Earn at least five Take 2 bonus points on any five days during Take 2 to get $5 in cash. Do so on nine of the ten days to get an additional $20, for a total of $25:

Level 1: Play on any five days during Take 2 and receive $5
Level 2: Play on nine of the ten days during Take 2 and receive an additional $20, for a cumulative total of $25
Earn Double the Full Tilt Points

There are two ways to earn double the Full Tilt Points during Take 2:

Play TWO standard ring-game tables at the same time and receive double points at BOTH tables. For example, if you earn 60 points while playing on one table and 40 points while playing on the other, you’d normally receive 100 Full Tilt Points for your play. During Take 2, you’ll earn a total of 200 points – 100 points for your play and an additional 100 bonus points.
Play any table of Rush Poker* – the world’s fastest poker game – and receive double the points. For example, if you earn 100 points while playing at a Rush Poker* table during Take 2, you’ll get an additional 100 bonus points for a total of 200 Full Tilt Points. Rush Poker* is the fastest way to earn double points during Take 2.
You can use your bonus points to get some great gear from the Full Tilt Poker Store, including plasma TVs, iPods, custom Full Tilt Poker jerseys and more. You can also use your points to enter special Full Tilt Points Sit & Gos and Multi-Table Tournaments.

Full Tilt Poker Onyx Cup

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It has been rumored for weeks now that Full Tilt Poker has been working on venturing into the live tournament market. Today, all of their planning and work has been made available to the general public.

Kicking off on May 11, 2011 in fabulous Las Vegas, Full Tilt Poker’s Onyx Cup will bring some of the best players in the world to play for stakes that are, quite honestly, insanely high. There will be 6 events in this series, played in the United States, Europe, and Asia, all of which will have a buyin of no less than $100,000.

This event is guaranteed to showcase some of the sickest action in the poker world. Already home to some of the highest stakes online cash games, Full Tilt is again upping the ante, showcasing itself as the premier leader in the biggest games played around the world.
To see more, simply click the Full Tilt logo in this post to go to the announcement video.

One must question, though, the timing that Full Tilt is choosing to launch this. These events are bound to coincide with Annie Duke’s recently launched FS+G Pro’s series, and the first event overlaps Pokerstars EPT Madrid event. This is bound to continue the fighting between the two juggernaut sites that has already led to each segregating their players from the other tournaments. Whatever happens, though, one thing is sure: Phil Ivey is going to make a lot of money.

Full Tilt Poker Launches 2011 WSOP Qualifiers

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FullTiltPoker has launched a wide range of online qualifier tournaments offering $12K prize packages to the 2011 World Series of Poker* Main Event – including eligibility for the $10 Million Main Event Mania bonus.

Winners of FullTiltPoker’s $12K Main Event Prize Packages receive more than just their buy-in to poker’s most prestigious event. They also receive $2,000 in spending money and gain access to the exclusive Pro’s Choice suite, where they will get the opportunity to meet members of Team Full Tilt Poker and other FullTiltPoker pros.

In addition, any player who wins their 2011 Main Event seat at FullTiltPoker is eligible for the following benefits:

– A massive $10 Million Main Event Mania bonus if they go on to win the Main Event
– A free seat at the 2012 WSOP* Main Event if they finish in the money at this year’s Main Event
– Five days free accommodation at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas during the Main Event

Players can chose from a diverse range of WSOP* Qualifier Tournaments running now through June 27th. Options include ‘The $1 Main Event Seat’, up to ‘$1K Thursday Direct Qualifiers’. Players can also take part in the popular ‘Steps to the Main Event’, which starts at just $3.30.

This year’s WSOP* Main Event kicks off on July 7th in Las Vegas, and Prize Package winners will strive for a repeat of last year’s success, when seven of the nine players at the Main Event final table were sponsored by FullTiltPoker.

*World Series of Poker and WSOP are trademarks of Harrah’s License Company, LLC (“Harrahs”). Harrah’s does not sponsor or endorse, and is not associated or affiliated with FullTiltPoker.com or its products, services, promotions or tournaments.

Full Tilt Poker Rush Week July 12-18 2010

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Full Tilt Poker announces Rush Week coming up July 12-18 2010. There will be cash awards for accumulating poker points at Rush poker tables. Also, many of Full Tilt Poker’s tournaments will be Rush for this week. I know the Daily Dollar at 20:15 will be one of the Rush Poker tournaments. They intend to increase the number and frequency of Rush Poker tournaments across the board as well. Final table one of these and you can get into a pretty big freeroll as well.

Seven Days of Speed at Full Tilt Poker
Experience the blistering pace and intensity of Rush Poker*, the world’s fastest poker game, to earn up to $250 in cash and win free entry to an exclusive $50K Rush Week Freeroll.

Running from Monday, July 12th to Sunday, July 18th, Rush Week offers even more reasons to play Rush Poker*. Accumulate enough Full Tilt Points by playing Rush Poker* ring games and tournaments during Rush Week and you could earn up to $250 in cash. In addition, all Rush Poker* Tournament final table players will receive entry into the exclusive $50K Rush Week Freeroll.

Many of our guarantee tournaments will be converted to Rush Poker* Tournaments for the duration of Rush Week, culminating with the $1 Million Monthly Guarantee.

Earn up to $250
Playing Rush Poker* is the fastest way to earn Full Tilt Points – the more you play during Rush Week, the more you’ll earn. Accumulate enough points from Rush Poker* ring games and tournaments on at least four days to earn your cash reward. Reach your reward level on all seven days to double your cash.
There are three Rush Week reward levels – strike Gold for your $250 payday:

Bronze (10 Full Tilt Points)
Earn at least 10 Full Tilt Points per day on any four days to receive $5
Earn at least 10 Full Tilt Points per day on all seven days to receive $10

Silver (100 Full Tilt Points):
Earn at least 100 Full Tilt Points per day on any four days to receive $25
Earn at least 100 Full Tilt Points per day on all seven days to receive $50

Gold (1,000 Full Tilt Points):
Earn at least 1,000 Full Tilt Points per day on any four days to receive $125
Earn at least 1,000 Full Tilt Points per day on all seven days to receive $250

If you achieve more than one of these reward levels, you will receive your highest possible cash amount only – the rewards are not cumulative.

For example, if you earn Bronze level on all seven days, and reach Silver on four of those days, you will receive a $25 Silver reward only – this amount is higher than either of the Bronze rewards. Likewise, earn 1,000 Full Tilt Points on all seven days and you’ll receive a $250 Gold reward only.

For more information on Rush Week rewards, please see the Rush Week Rules.

$50K Rush Week Freeroll
Win your seat to the exclusive $50K Rush Week Freeroll at 15:15 ET on Sunday, July 25th, by reaching the final table in a Rush Poker* Tournament during Rush Week.

Extra Rush Poker* Tournaments have been scheduled for Rush Week, with a number of our regular guarantee tournaments being played in Rush Poker* format.