Party Poker Looking to Develop Their Own Rush Poker

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Party PokerIt looks like now that Full Tilt Poker isn’t up and running anymore that a few of the well-known online poker sites have decided to jump all over their idea of “Rush Poker”.  Full Tilt created Rush and said that it was under some sort of a copyright, which ended up not exactly being true.  So now, after PokerStars created Zoom Poker, another popular online poker site in Party Poker has decided to step in as well.  The CEO of Digital Jim Ryan stated that they will be introducing their own version of the game within the next few months.  He did not put an exact date or tell how far along things are with it, but just that it would be coming soon.  It’s also worth noting that he also said that they are planning on having their two big player pools combined between Party Poker and bWin this year.

As most poker players know by now, the idea behind Rush Poker and Zoom Poker is that players join into a large player pool and are sat randomly at a table and given their hand.  They have the option to play or fold, but if they choose to fold then they are automatically switched to a new table with a completely different hand as well.  This game is incredibly fast paced and makes it so that players are constantly on their toes, but most importantly are getting to see a very large number of hands per hour.  The hands per hour goes up a ton in comparison to playing at a standard poker table.

While Rush Poker was an instant hit, Zoom Poker has gotten rave reviews as well, proving that a large amount of the player population loves the idea of being able to play a fast paced poker game with no waiting in between hands.  When Zoom Poker started out they were in a Beta testing phase for players, but things have gone very well and they continue to add more and more limits as time goes on, and also plan on putting it into tournaments and other types of play as well.

New PokerStars Time Tourneys Pick Up the Pace

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PokerStars welcomes a new type of tournament to its roster. They’re calling them Time Tourneys and they’re just what they sound like: online poker tournaments with a time limit. Instead of playing to the last player and awarding prizes according, Time Tourneys play until the set clock runs out. Then, all the players still left in the game split the prize pool according to their proportionate share of the chips.

Bertrand “ElkY” Grospelier, a Team Poker Stars pro, shows great excitement for the new format as he often desires to sit down at a tournament online but can’t commit to it because he doesn’t have enough hours to spare. Apparently, ElkY’s sentiments echo those of many PokerStars players.

Buy-ins for these Time Tourneys starts at only $1 and time limits can be 15 minutes or 180 minutes or somewhere in between. In any case, the time limit is shown in the lobby as part of the tournament stats so players can tell before sitting in whether or not they’ll actually be able to see the entire event through.

To celebrate the launch of this new style of online poker tournament, Poker Stars is giving away free entries into one such event to all players making a deposit of at least $30 into their account using the promo code TIME. The deadline for this is October 28.
This weekend, on Saturday, October 22, 2011, Poker Stars also adds the Saturday Countdown, with a $10K guaranteed prize pool for only a $22 buy-in.

PokerStars to Create Their Own Rush Poker?

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One of the most popular additions to the online poker site Full Tilt Poker, was their creation of Rush Poker.  Rush Poker was essentially a fast paced Texas Hold’em or Omaha game, where as soon as you folded your hand; you would be dealt a new hand at a new table.  The idea behind this was that players could pick the spots that they wanted to play, and also be able to play many more hands per hour than they could at a normal table.  This game took off in the poker world, but since Full Tilt had its license suspended recently, players have had nowhere to play this at.

It seems that PokerStars could be stepping up though, and potentially creating their own form of Rush Poker.  A PokerStars rep posted on the Two Plus Two forums yesterday, stating that “PokerStars is developing a fast moving ring games product.  We expect it to be available for public beta testing in a few months.”  There has been no additional info about this topic yet, but one could assume that this new fast paced game on PokerStars could be similar to the game that was one of the many reasons why their rival, Full Tilt, was so popular.

While this game was very popular, some players felt that Rush Poker took traffic away from the standard tables as well.  Rush Poker was incredibly popular with the recreational players, which was a downfall for poker pros and players who look to make a living from playing online poker at the standard ring games.  Rush Poker also gave players the chance to earn more loyalty points, due to the fact that they were playing more hands and generating more rake overall.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out for PokerStars, but this definitely seems to be considered a “smart” move for the online poker juggernaut.  PokerStars currently has the most traffic out of any online poker site, and also offers some of the largest guaranteed tournaments and most ring games as well.  The addition of this popular type of poker may be one of the only things that PokerStars is missing from their arsenal currently.

Full Tilt Poker Take 2

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Full Tilt Poker introduces Take 2. This painless promotion requires you to only opt into it. Take 2 is a cash ring game promotion. There are two parts to the promo. One side of the coin gives you double Full Tilt Points for playing either two standard ring games at the same time, or one Rush Poker game any time from April 08-April 17, 2011. The second part awards cash for playing multiple days. The qualifying is still the same, two standard rings or one Rush game, but the number of days played determines your cash. Play 5 of the 10 days and get $5 cash. If you play 9 of the 10 days you will receive an additional $20 cash for a $25 total. There is a certain number of points to get the double points and the “day” recorded.

How to Participate in Take 2
Follow these steps to participate in Take 2 and claim your cash and bonus points:

If you haven’t done so already, download Full Tilt Poker and set up an account.

Log in to Full Tilt Poker and click on the red Cashier button in the game lobby.

Click on the My Promotions box and then the Take 2 link.

This will lead you to your personal Take 2 page. Follow the instructions on this page – you must elect to participate in this promotion or you will not receive cash or double points for your play during Take 2

The Full Story from the proverbial Horses Mouth:
Take 2 at Full Tilt Poker to earn up to $25 AND double the Full Tilt Points that you’d normally receive for playing in your favorite ring games.

Running from Friday, April 8th to Sunday, April 17th, play at least two standard ring-game tables at the same time or any Rush Poker* table during Take 2 to receive double the Full Tilt Points. Play as often as you can during Take 2 and we’ll also reward you with up to $25 in cash, depending on how many days you play.

Earn up to $25 in Cash
The more you play during Take 2, the more you’ll earn. Earn at least five Take 2 bonus points on any five days during Take 2 to get $5 in cash. Do so on nine of the ten days to get an additional $20, for a total of $25:

Level 1: Play on any five days during Take 2 and receive $5
Level 2: Play on nine of the ten days during Take 2 and receive an additional $20, for a cumulative total of $25
Earn Double the Full Tilt Points

There are two ways to earn double the Full Tilt Points during Take 2:

Play TWO standard ring-game tables at the same time and receive double points at BOTH tables. For example, if you earn 60 points while playing on one table and 40 points while playing on the other, you’d normally receive 100 Full Tilt Points for your play. During Take 2, you’ll earn a total of 200 points – 100 points for your play and an additional 100 bonus points.
Play any table of Rush Poker* – the world’s fastest poker game – and receive double the points. For example, if you earn 100 points while playing at a Rush Poker* table during Take 2, you’ll get an additional 100 bonus points for a total of 200 Full Tilt Points. Rush Poker* is the fastest way to earn double points during Take 2.
You can use your bonus points to get some great gear from the Full Tilt Poker Store, including plasma TVs, iPods, custom Full Tilt Poker jerseys and more. You can also use your points to enter special Full Tilt Points Sit & Gos and Multi-Table Tournaments.