America’s Cardroom Announces $100,000 Guaranteed

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America’s Cardroom Poker has announced that it will be holding a $100,000 guaranteed tournament on June 9, 2013 at 7:00 pm ET. This is a doubling of the guaranteed prize pool of its usual $50K guaranteed tournament.

The direct buy-in for this event is $200 + $15 but players can win their seat instead through a satellite tournament. $100K GTD satellites are being held daily at the site, with the stage 1 satellites taking place hourly at 35 minutes after each hour for a $0.90 + $0.10 buy-in and awarding 1 seat into the stage 2 nightly satellite at each running of the event. Then, that stage 2 satellite, takes place once nightly at 6:35 pm for a $22 + $2 buy-in. This event awards the top two finishers seats in the June 9th $100K guaranteed tournament.

The America’s Cardroom $100,000 guaranteed starts all players out with a starting stack of 10,000 chips and raises the blinds every 15 minutes.

This event is scheduled in place of the $50,000 guaranteed event that normally takes place in this time slot on Sundays. The regular America’s Cardroom $50K GTD event will resume as of the subsequent Sunday.

Remember, this tournament may boast the biggest guaranteed prize pool that the site offers, but it’s hardly the only guaranteed tournament on the schedule, which also features the following ongoing tournaments:
•    $1,500 guaranteed
•    $1,000 guaranteed
•    $2,500 guaranteed
•    $3,500 guaranteed
•    $7,500 guaranteed
•    $10,000 guaranteed
•    $15,000 guaranteed
•    $50,000 guaranteed

Winner of First Ever Western NY Poker DeepStacks Championship: William Vogel

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The first ever Western New York Poker Championship was held recently at the Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel in Niagara, NY as part of the DeepStacks Poker Tour and, after attracting a field of 217 eager poker players, the winner was one 27-year-old William Vogel. For that win he collected the championship trophy and a $71,827 cash prize.

This was a particularly fortuitous win for Vogel as Day 1 of the event was actually his birthday. In Day 2, Vogel shot into the chip lead by knocking out Nachman Berlin from the running, and along with the eventual runner-up, Lou Procopio, maintained the top position all the way through until the final table was set.

And when that final table whittled down to the top two in heads-up play, Vogel and Procopio were neck-and-neck in chips. But in just the first two hands of heads-up competition, Vogel shot up to a 7:1 lead over Procopio in chips. Procopio claimed $43,928 for his runner-up finish.

Not only was this event the first Western New York Poker Championship ever to take place in the DeepStacks Poker Tour, but this is also inaugural running of the DeepStacks Poker Tour.

The other four players in the final table at this event were (in order of finish, worst to best): Steve Przybyl ($13,359), Tom Krol ($17,802), Mike Wachowski ($22,245), Nick Goetz ($31,161).

This inaugural season of the DeepStacks Poker Tour will also make stops in Quebec, Canada and up and down the U.S. West, including California, Nevada and Oregon.

2011 WSOP Event 10 Recap

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WSOPIf you were looking to bet on someone to win Event 10: $1,500 No Limit Hold’em – Six Handed, you should have been checking to make sure Jeffrey Papola was in the field. Last year, Papola went heads-up for the bracelet not once in a 6-max event, but twice. While he took the consolation prize home in his first attempt, he walked out of the Rio after his second with a new piece of jewelry.

This event brought out 1,920 entries (including Papola) creating a prize pool of almost $2.6 million. This was a 3 day event, and players who made it just a bit into day two almost doubled their money. Only 15 players returned on the final day, all having locked up $20k and playing for the championship.

Who was surprised when, late in day 2, Papola began to make his presence known in the tourney? Not this guy. When chips were bagged for the night, Papola had more than anyone else in the room, one of two players over 1 million in chips.

Papola made a valiant run, but exited the Rio after busting out in third place. Eddie Blumenthal was left to battle Geffrey Klein. Blumenthal had the advantage of having 10x the chips of his opponent but could not put him away. In an Epic comeback Klein battled his way back to capture his first bracelet and $544,388.

Register Now for Invade Vegas II

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Now is the time to diarize the dates for the second Invade Vegas tournament which is scheduled for June 28th to July 1st. This is one of the premier live poker tournaments to take place in Vegas, and if the success of the first Invade Vegas is anything to go by, this one will be something that players will be talking about for a long time to come.

Pre-registration is now open for Invade Vegas II – Live OFC 2011 and if you want to guarantee your seat, it’s worth signing up now. With only two hundred seats available, you will want to take advantage of the opportunity to pre-register by June 15th.

The Invade Vegas II is the perfect opportunity to attend Global Gaming Event’s fantastic live event in Vegas and meet up with online poker friends.

Players have the opportunity to stay at the luxurious Golden Nugget Casino and Resort during their stay in Vegas. Special rates are available and can be guaranteed with the code Grand11. Rates begin at $42 on weekdays, with weekends costing a little extra. Players are invited to visit or call 1.800.634.3454 in order to book their accommodation. Help with travel arrangements can be obtained by accessing

Amazing poker action awaits all attendees of the Invade Vegas II event next month. Check in to the Golden Nugget Casino and Resort begins between 5 and 7 pm on Tuesday, June 28th at the casino’s extended poker room area. Players can refresh themselves at the cash bar while they mingle with their newfound (and old!) friends, and enjoy the gift bag given to them courtesy of the tournament organizers. A meet and greet will be held, where players can register for tournaments in the coming days. At 8.00 pm, the Gold Diggers Nightclub will open and a pre-poker party will be held with a cash bar in operation.

On Wednesday June 29th, a $50 + $15 warm up event will kick off the tournament at 4.00 pm, with additional prizes being added along the way. This tourney will be broadcast live over the internet, and blinds will increase every half hour.

The OFC Live Forum Challenge Event begins on at 4 pm on Thursday June 30th, with a $100 + $15 buy in and 4000 starting chips. Tip the dealer $5 and you get another 1,000! Once more, the tournament will be broadcast live over the internet.

A $30 +$10 Turbo Bounty Event wraps up the Invade Vegas tournament on Friday July 1st, with 2000 in starting chips and another 1000 in return for a $5 tip. There’ll be a $5 bounty on every player taken out, with blinds increasing every 15 minutes. End the tournament on a high with a pub crawl after 7 pm.

Check out details on how to win your way to the Poker After Dark TV show through the Suzy and Howard Lederer charity poker event by donating $10 to the Boys and Girls Club.

This is one live tournament you won’t want to miss.

Preparing for the Poker Tournament

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In today’s Texas Holdem poker world, tournaments can be found in just about every country. You can play large tournaments or small buy-in tournaments just the same. The prize money has even increased as poker rooms chip in to raise the size of the prize pool to lure in new players. But how much do you really know about tournament poker? Are you really ready to play or just excited because it’s popular? Since Moneymaker won it all in 2003 the game has become wildly popular and it seems like everyone is playing some form of poker these days. Just because everyone is playing the game doesn’t mean they are all good players. That is where you can take advantage by being prepared to play the game.

Know the Structure

The first thing you need to do before you pull out a wad of your hard earned cash is know exactly what the structure is for the tournament you intend to play. This means everything to you because it will somewhat dictate your approach to the game and how much risk you need to take in order to be successful. Basically there are two types of tournaments. There are fast tournaments where the blinds increase rapidly and the time between levels is below thirty minutes and there are slow tournaments that are just the opposite. The blinds increase slowly and the levels are anywhere from 30 minutes up to 2 hours. Usually slower paced tournaments will attract a higher caliber of poker player and also cost more to buy into.

Be Honest about your Game

Being honest about how well you play the game of poker sounds relatively straight forward. But we all have seen the guy that talks the most being the first one to bust out of the tournament. You really need to ask yourself a few questions before you plunk down your buy in. Those questions should include:

  • What is the skill level of my competition?
  • Can I realistically compete in this format and structure?
  • Can I afford to buy into this tournament without hurting my bankroll?

If the answer to all three of those questions is yes then by all means pull up a seat and start building your stack. Too many players overestimate their ability to compete in tournaments. This is particularly true in slow structures where skill is much more of a factor. Many online players are used to playing fast paced sit n go’s and have been very successful. However, when you are sitting with $10,000 in chips and the blinds are $50/$50 with one hour levels you need to be capable of playing small pot poker. That is not the typical environment for most online players and some have difficulty playing in space.

Profile ProfileProfile!

I cannot emphasize this point enough. In order to win a poker tournament, particularly a live tournament, you have got to be capable of profiling players and being very accurate in your assessment of their play. This may sound easy but you would be surprised at how many poker players do not put the time in studying their opponents the way they should. When you sit down at the table and are not involved in a hand there are plenty of things to do to keep the game entertaining and your mind occupied. Profiling is your primary activity. You need to be involved in every single hand from a mental aspect. Paying attention at show down, watching betting patters and listening to your opponents banter are just a few of these activities.

If you are going to buy into a tournament and really make it worth your while it only makes sense to be prepared when the times comes for the cards to hit the felt. You will be glad you did.

888Poker Japan Relief Tournament

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888 PokerThe massive earthquake and resulting tsunami that struck Japan on 11 March 2011 have caused widespread destruction, nuclear pollution and suffering, seen on television screens around the world.

As a result, 888poker in association with the Japanese Red Cross Society is hosting a Japan Charity Relief Fund $1 re-buy tournament ($1,000 guaranteed) on Saturday, 16 April 2011 at 19:00 GMT, to raise money and awareness to assist the affected people in Japan. For every 888poker member that participates in this tournament, 888poker will donate $1 to the Japanese Red Cross Society in aid of the Japan Charity Relief Fund. In addition, all the monies collected (the prizepool) in this tournament will be donated.

888poker will provide participatory prizes for the top 10 places in the tournament. The tournament details are as follows:

What: Japan Charity Relief Fund
When: Saturday, April 16, 2011 at 19:00 GMT
Where: Tournaments ’All’ tab
Buy-in: $1 with $1 Re-buys and Add-on
Prize pool: $1,000 Guaranteed to be donated And for every member who plays, we’ll donate $1 to Red Cross in support of the Japan Charity Relief Fund

1st –3rd: WSOP Qualifier entry for 17 April @ 19:05 GMT
4th – 10th: $50K Challenge entry for 10 April @ 19:35 GMT

Registration Open now!

For 888poker members who wish to contribute to the cause, but not participate in the tournament, they can simply donate money via our Money Transfer feature to username CHRTY4JAPAN.

Sportsbook Poker Tourney King

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Sportsbook PokerSportsbook Poker announces a new tournament player competition for August. The Tourney King promotion will feature leaderboards for Multi Table Tournament players. In a unique twist, there will be two leaderboards. One for buyins of $20 or more and one for lower buyins. The top 50 on both boards get cash and ticket prizes. Also the top 250 in both leaderboards will win entry to a $20,000 tournament. Details are not widely available but I think you get more chips in that tournament for placing higher on the leaderboards.

Below is all the information. There is quite a bit of info, so read it all. this is the perfect promotion for multi table tournament players. I believe more than one Merge Network site is doing this promotion, but I do not think all of them are. I know Carbon Poker is doing it but Feltstars does not appear to be.

Are you the Tourney King?
Over $20,000 to be won

Our quest for 2 new Tourney Kings begins this August here at Poker. To show just how serious we are, we’re putting up over $20,000 in cash and prizes along with a crazy new KING accolade that you can show off at the tables.

What do I need to do?
Starting August 1st, play in as many multi-table tournaments as you can. Note that freerolls and sit’n’gos will not count. For every tournament you play you’re eligible to win valuable leaderboard points based on the formula below. Tournaments with more players and bigger buy-ins will award more points than those with few players and cheaper entries.

Two Leaderboards
We’re actually looking for two Kings this summer! We’ll feature a high limit and a low limit leaderboard to satisfy all levels of royalty:

The High Limit Leaderboard
MTT’s with buy-ins of $20 or more will count

The Low Limit Leaderboard
MTT’s with buy-ins up to $20 will count

Players will be allowed to participate in both leaderboards. To view these leaderboards now and to see your current status, click on the ‘Player Admin‘ button on the lobby screen and select ‘Tourney King’.

Over $20,000 in Cash and Prizes
Finish in the Top 250 on either leaderboard and you’ll move on to the final tournament where you could win your share of over $20,000 along with the fame and glory that comes along with being crowned the KING. Both the High Limit and Low Limit finals are set take place on Sunday, September 12th.

To view the payouts for both the High Limit and Low Limit Tournament Finals please see the chart at the bottom of this page.

Calculating Leaderboard Points
Here’s the formula that we’ll be using to calculate your leaderboard points. Only your top 25 results for the month will count towards your leaderboard score:

Buy-in: – Average Buy-in cost for tournament
– Buy-in for R/A tournaments = prizepool / (Entrants + Rebuys + Addons)

Entrants: The total number of players in the tournament

Position: Your final placing in the tournament

Final Table Bonus: Make it to a final table and your point totals will be multiplied by the following:

Place FT
Multiplier Place FT
1st 1.5 6th 1.35
2nd 1.45 7th 1.35
3rd 1.45 8th 1.3
4th 1.4 9th 1.3
5th 1.4 10th 1.25

To view both leaderboards and your current status, click on the ‘Player Admin‘ button on the lobby screen and select ‘Tourney King’.

What can I win?

High Limit Leaderboard Payouts
Place Prize Value
1 $3,000 Cash $ 3,000
2 $1,800 Cash $ 1,800
3 $1,200 Cash $ 1,200
4 $600 Cash $ 600
5 $450 Cash $ 450
6-15 $100 cash + $50k Guaranteed Seat $ 209
16-30 $50k Guaranteed Seat + $60 satellite entry $ 169
31-39 $50k Guaranteed Seat $109
40-50 $60 satellite entry $ 60

Low Limit Leaderboard Payouts
Place Prize Value
1 $1,500 Cash $ 1,500
2 $900 Cash $ 900
3 $600 Cash $ 600
4 $300 Cash $300
5 $225 Cash $ 225
6-15 $50k Guaranteed Seat + $60 satellite entry $ 169
16-30 $50k Guaranteed Seat $ 109
31-39 $60 satellite entry $ 60
40-50 $11 satellite entry $ 11

Terms & Conditions:

As a member of Sportsbook Poker, herein “the Promotion”, you are bound by the following Terms and Conditions:
The ‘Tourney King’ promotion will run from August 1st until August 31st 2010. Only those tournaments that end before 23:59 (poker lobby time) on August 31st will be eligible for this promotion. Tournaments that finish after that will NOT count towards prize requirements.

In order to be eligible to receive cash prizes, a player must have made a minimum of at least one deposit between a player’s joining date and up to August 31th (inclusive), 2010.
All Tourney King cash prizes will be paid in full directly to a player’s poker account, without any further play through requirements. Any cash prizes will be available for withdrawal after 7 days of being issued to your account, but can be played with at the tables immediately.

Any form of cheating or collusion will not be tolerated. Please stay within the spirit of this promotion and do not play a friend over and over again. We will be checking all game histories and if it looks like something fishy is going on against the spirit of the competition you will become ineligible for the prize and may have your account closed.
Any points earned on freerolls and sit’n’gos during the promotional period will NOT count towards prize requirements for the Tourney King.
Sportsbook Poker reserves the right to alter, modify or terminate the Promotion and/or these Terms at any time, without giving you any prior notice (written or verbal) where it is reasonable to do so or for reasons beyond the Promoter’s control. The Promoter does not accept any responsibility or liability for any late or undelivered entries or registrations, notifications or communications or for any form of technical failure, error, malfunction or difficultly or for any other event beyond its reasonable control that may cause the operation of the Promotion to be disrupted, unavailable or incorrect.

In order to be eligible a player must setup a real money account, which includes his full contact details, so that we can pay any winnings to his account should he win.
Offer only open to players that are of the legal age of majority as determined by the laws of the country where you live. Employees and immediate family members of employees of Sportsbook Poker, its associated companies, affiliates, advertising and promotional agencies are not eligible to take part in the Promotion. Entry to the Promotion is limited to those people who are resident in countries where their registration and use of the Cardroom is permitted by the law of their country.
The company reserves the right to ask for proof of age from any customer and customer accounts may be suspended until satisfactory proof of age is provided.
By downloading the software and registering an account, a customer is deemed to have fully accepted and understood all rules, terms and conditions published by this website.
All players must meet Sportsbook’s Terms & Conditions, and Sportsbook Poker reserves the right to modify these rules at any time, and for any reason, at its sole discretion.

In case of any disputes regarding any terms or conditions of this promotion, the decision of Sportsbook Poker’s management is final.

The Big Little Tournament is Back

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Full Tilt Poker is bringing back The Big Little tournament starting July 18, 2010. For only $2.20 play in a tournament with a $100,000 prize pool. These tournaments run on Sundays, but not every Sunday. And there will only be eight of them so do not miss out. They are turbo tournaments so there will be a luck factor. Still, for only $2.20, it is a hard deal to beat.

Buy in directly to any Big Little Tournament for $2 + $0.20, or satellite your way in for as little as $0.10 or 10 Full Tilt Points. Each Big little Tournament will start seating at 12:30 server time. Play will begin at 13:00 server time. There is a 30 minute seating period. Registration for each $100K tournament is limited to 100,000 players.

The Schedule
July 18th
August 1st
August 15th
August 29th
September 12th
September 26th
October 10th
October 24th

Big Little Tournament Satellites
9 Plr SnG Hold’em NL $0.30 + $0.05
9 Plr SnG Hold’em NL 100 Full Tilt Poker
9 Plr SnG Hold’em NL $0.70 + $0.10
9 Plr SnG Hold’em NL $0.70 + $0.10
9 Plr SnG Hold’em NL $0.70 + $0.10
9 Plr SnG Hold’em NL $0.70 + $0.10
9 Plr SnG Hold’em NL $0.70 + $0.10
9 Plr SnG Hold’em NL 100 Full Tilt Poker
9 Plr SnG Hold’em NL $0.30 + $0.05
180 Plr SnG Hold’em NL 5 Full Tilt Poker *
Jul 14 2010 09:48 ET Hold’em NL $0.55 + $0.05 *
Jul 14 2010 10:08 ET Hold’em NL $0.50 + $0.05
Jul 14 2010 10:28 ET Hold’em NL 50 Full Tilt Poker

Remember, 12:30 seating starts, 13:00 play begins. let us know of your successes in these events.

Phil Ivey Final Tables Bellagio Cup VI

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Phil Ivey did not need to play the first two days of the World Poker Tour Bellagio Cup VI. In a unique situation, The Bellagio Cup held late registration into the third day of play. Many pros waited and signed up on that day. They sat in with only 20 big blinds, but that was more than enough for Phil Ivey to drive his way to the final table of the event. He is, after all, Phil Ivey.

The final table of the World Poker Tour Bellagio Cup VI will begin play today July 15, 2010 at 4:00 pm local (pacific) time. thats 7:00 pm you people on the east coast. Because of the late registration available, this tournament attracted 353 players who paid up the $10,300 buyin. The prize pool of $3,424,100 was distributed to the top 50 players. Maybe the WPT is following an online lead here, but that 14% payout is a bit more than the standard 10% you see at most live tournaments. The more people paid means that the lowest payout gets only $13,594. The WPT used to have one of the more top heavy payout structures in live tournament play. They used to always try to make sure that the winner would pocket $1 million. They seem to have changed that approach by paying more of the field and only awarding $875,150 to the winner.

Of course, the real prize is getting to that six-handed TV table. That is where the exposure might get you a better deal from sponsors, or your play could garner you some instant fame. Your six players pursuing that dream and their chip counts:

1 John Caridad 5,120,000
2 Moritz Kranich 2,750,000
3 Justin Smith 2,100,000
4 Robert Akery 1,980,000
5 Phil Ivey 1,595,000
6 Eric Afriat 620,000

Though Phil Ivey’s stack is small in relation to the 30,000-60,000 blinds, he does have 26 big blinds to play with. Heck, that is more than the number that he began the tournament with. Good Luck gentlemen. Make sure you shower and dress well for your big date with the TV lens.