Carbon Poker Introduces $5K Value Added Tourneys for December

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Throughout this month of December 2011, Carbon Poker is holding a series of Value Added Tournaments, meaning that to whatever the prize pool amounts to based on registered player buy-ins, Carbon Poker will contribute an additional amount. In this case, that amount is $1,000. And with five of these such tournaments scheduled for December 2011, that makes for $5,000 in Value Added Tournaments.

In an interesting twist on the conventional tourney buy-in, to enter these tournaments you must pay a cash buy-in and earn a minimum of 250 VIP points. The cash part of the buy-ins decreases as the series progresses, with the December 10th tournament costing $10 + $1, the December 17th event costing $5 + $0.50, the December 24th, Christmas Eve, event costing $2 + $0.20, the December 25th, Christmas Day, event costing $1 + $0.10 and the December 31st, New Years Eve event costing $1 + $0.10 as well.

To earn VIP points, simply participate in real money cash ring games and tournaments at Carbon Poker. Every time a hand makes it to the flop, the players still in the hand at that time receive VIP points.

You must earn 250 additional VIP points for each successive Value Added Tournament you wish to enter beyond the first one. However, the VIP points you earn for the entry requirements for these Value Added Tournaments will not be deducted from your account once you enter the event. That means you may still utilize these VIP points for such benefits as guaranteed tournament entries, live seat satellite entries, to unlock bonuses and exchange for cash.