Cake Poker Two for the Money is back

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Cake Poker marks the return of their Two for the Money promotion for March 2011. If you enjoy multi-tabling cash games, then this promotion is definitely for you. Each week you will be assigned a target number of FPP’s to hit while multi-tabling. If you hit your number, you will be entered in a $2,000 Kamikaze Freeroll for that week. the kamikazes will pay out to 30% of the qualified players so there is a real chance to get some cash out of the deal. If you play cash games, you already know that the Cake Poker Network has some of the softest tables around. Now you can earn extra cash while being paid by the unsuspecting masses as well.

How it Works:

Each week in March you will be assigned a multi-table hand target. If you meet that target within the specified time period, you will automatically be awarded entry in to that week’s $2,000 kamikaze tournament*. Multi-table to meet your target through all four weeks and you’ll get a shot at a combined prize pool of $8,000!

For hands to count towards the multi-table target, you must:

Be seated at two tables or more with stakes equal to or greater than $.10/$.20.

Cannot be sitting out.

Play real money hands across all tables combined.

View your multi-table hand target and monitor your progress via the My Account tab of the Cake Poker software starting March 1st.

$2,000 Two for the Money Kamikazes

When you reach your multi-table hand target, you will automatically be entered into that week’s kamikaze tournament. Two for the Money kamikazes take place each Thursday at 17:57pm GMT starting March 10th.

Each week starts on Tuesday at 00:00 GMT and end at 23:59 GMT the following Monday.

*Kamikaze tournaments require no action by players as all hands are forced all-in. A table winner is quickly declared and the tournament continues at warp speed until the prize pool is distributed.

Terms and Conditions

Players must be 18 years of age to participate.

Employees and immediate family members of employees of Cake Gaming N.V., the Cake Poker Network and its associated companies are not eligible to take part in the Promotion.

Cake Poker reserves the right to alter, modify or terminate the Promotion and/or these Terms at any time, without notice (written or verbal) where it is reasonable to do so.

To be eligible for the Promotion players must be seated at two tables or more with stakes equal to or greater than $.10/$.20; cannot be sitting out and; must play the specified number of raked hands across all tables combined within the specified weekly time periods.

Players who meet the requirements set out in #4 will be awarded entry into that week’s Two for the Money kamikaze.

Two for the Money kamikazes award cash to players in the top 30%.

Two for the Money kamikazes run weekly, every Thursday at 17:57 GMT

Players may not transfer, sell or award their Two for the Money kamikaze seat to anyone else.

Cake Poker management decisions are final.