Carbon Poker Introduces April $25k Chip King Freerolls

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For this month of April, 2012, Carbon Poker is introducing Chip King Freerolls with a total prize pool to the tune of $25,000. The promotion kicked off on Sunday, April 1 with the first of the month’s weekly Chip King Freerolls scheduled for this Sunday, April 8.

To participate in this Chip King Freeroll or any of the weekly Chip King Freerolls scheduled every Sunday throughout this month, simply opt-in to the promotion at the Carbon Poker site, and then, over each tournament’s given qualification period, earn at least 50 VIP points by playing at Carbon Poker’s real money games.

The more VIP points you earn during a given qualification period, the larger your chip stack at that period’s freeroll. Earn 50 to 99.9 VIP points and you start with 250 chips. But earn 100 to 249.9 VIP points and you start with 500 chips. Earn 250 to 499.9 VIP points to start with 750 chips and earn 500 to 999.9 VIP points to start with 1,000 chips. If you manage to earn 1,000 or more VIP points during any qualification period, then your starting stack will be uniquely based on your VIP point earnings.

The qualification periods increase in length as the month (and the promotion) progresses, with each freeroll’s qualification period starting on April 1 and therefore each successive week’s qualification period lasting an additional week. As such, the prize pools also increase in this promotion from week to week, starting at $2,500 for week 1 and moving to $5,000 for week 2, $7,500 for week 3, and $10,000 for week 4.