Poker770 Offers $25K Bounty Pro770 Tournaments

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After taking a brief reprieve for the 2013 World Series of Poker, the Texas Holdem Bounty tournaments at Poker770 return as of Wednesday, July 17. This is a chance for players to compete against some of poker’s top pros online for only a $5.50 buy-in. What’s more, there’s an increasing bounty the better you do in the events and you can even win a sponsorship deal to be the next member of Poker770’s Team Pro770, worth $25,000.

The Poker770 Bounty Pro770 tournaments take place nightly at 8:00 pm and unlike the bounty tournaments at other sites, at this one you get a larger and larger bounty the more pros you knock out of the running.

Knock out one pro and get $25; knock out two pros in the same week and get $125; knock out a pro who has already taken a bounty in the tournament and get $250; knock out three pros in the same week and get $500; knock out four pros in the same week and get a $25,000 year of sponsorship as a member of Poker770’s Pro Team 770.

On Mondays, knock out Stjepan “Privko” Jokic; on Tuesdays, knock out Sonja “Afroditaluna”; on Wednesdays knock out Oanh “Oanhtime” Bui; on Thursdays knock out Dominik “polkapool” Kulicki; and on Fridays knock out Jonathan “Royallus” Rozzema.

In addition to the cash bounty and possible Poker770 sponsorship that you can win in the site’s nightly Bounty Pro770 tournaments, you’ll also get your names posted on the website next to the size of the bounty you won and the pro player you knocked out.