888 Poker Hosts $50,000 Big Bang

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Win a share of $50,000 in prizes in 888 Poker’s The Big Bang promotion, which started on January 6 to and awards a variety of great prizes, including the latest models of the most popular video game consoles and more.

To win your share of this prize booty, play cash games at 888 Poker and earn points on a leaderboard. You earn points from the first 150 hands of each day. To earn points either win a hand after the flop or get to the showdown of the hand. The amount of points you earn each time you qualify depends on the ranking of your hand at the time.

Win with high card and get 10 points, a pair gets 20 points, two pair gets 30 points, 3-of-a-kind gets 50 points, a straight gets 80 points, a flush gets 100 points, a full house gets 150 points, a four-of-a-kind gets 200 points, a straight flush gets 300 points, and a royal flush gets 500 points.

888 Poker is hosting 3 leaderboards for each country or region represented by the following 6 categories: Russia, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, and International (for all other countries).

On January 28 the top players on each leaderboard advance to a Big Bang Final Leaderboard that runs through February 3 and awards a Sony PS4 500 GB with the game Killzone Shadow Fall included to each of the top 3 players, an iPad Mini WiFi 16 GB to 4th through 10th places, a PlayStation Vita 3G with WiFi to 11th through 20th places, an Xbox 360 Console 250 GB to 21st through 30th places, a $100 bonus to 31st through 50th places, a $50 bonus to 51st through 80th places, and a $20 bonus to 81st through 100th places.