Carbon Poker Now Offering 125 Seats to $125k Freeroll

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Carbon Poker has just announced that it will now be running a weekly freeroll tournament series awarding as its top prizes seats in the $125,000 guaranteed tournament the site holds every

The Carbon Poker 125 Seats to $125,000 Freeroll requires only 250 VIP points to enter. As suggested by the name, there is no cash buy-in. Simply earn those points between 00:01 Sunday and 15:00 on the following Saturday, which is when the freeroll tournament commences. To know whether and when you have enough VIP points to grant you entry into that week’s freeroll, just go to your player admin screen and check your progress. When you’ve reached the 250 points mark, a button will activate that you can select if you wish to register for the next scheduled freeroll.

Listed in your Carbon Poker lobby as 125 Seats to 125k Freeroll, the event is scheduled for every Saturday at 15:00 server time, granting the top 125 finishers coupons worth $109 each to the following day’s $125,000 Guaranteed Freezeout event. This also starts at 15:00 server time, but this time awards $125,000 cash as its prize. Enter with a $109 freeroll coupon or buy-in directly for 10,900 VIP points or $109.

This is a new ongoing promotion at Carbon Poker. Surplus VIP points sitting in your account cannot be used to enter the 125 Seats to 125k Freeroll. Only VIP points earned the week leading up to a given freeroll count toward entry into that freeroll. Players are not automatically registered upon earning the requisite VIP points, but must register manually in the Carbon Poker player admin.