Get a Piece of Cake Poker’s Holiday Action

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Cake Poker is running several special promotions in honor of the coming holidays, including a $50,000 Gold Card Tournament Wrap-Up Series, Merry Match & Win Game Boards, Turbo Tuesdays and December Gold Chip Tournaments.

For the December 2011 Gold Card promotion, Cake Poker has quadrupled the opportunities players have to win. Each week is represented by a different suit, with a different suited Gold Card final tournament each week and a different Match and Win Game board each week (more on that in a moment.) Prize pools for these finals range from $5K for the first week, Clubs, to $20K for the last week, Spades. Diamonds and Hearts are $10K and $15K, respectively. You can even use Gold Cards that you get from Cake Poker’s The Exchange to enter Daily Gold Card Satellites and win a seat in that week’s final.

Throughout December, Cake Poker will hold Turbo Tuesdays, an opportunity to earn even more Gold Cards than usual, even for a Turbo Gold Card promotion. Most Turbo Gold Card promotions past offer double the Gold Cards but Turbo Tuesdays offers three times the Gold Cards during the hours of 0:00 GMT to 23:59 PT. That’s December 6, 13, 20 and 27.

Also for December 2011, Cake Poker will be offering more Gold Chip Satellite Tournament than usual. Besides the Gold Chip Sit and Go tournaments normally offered, there will also be multi-table tourmaments with Gold Chip buy-ins. The top 5 players from each Gold Chip Satellite Tournament will advance to a weekly $15K Guaranteed main event or a $25K Guaranteed main event, both taking place every Sunday.

Cake Poker Revives Turbo Gold Cards in November

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Every month Cake Poker issues a new Gold Cards set and creates a fresh new Match & Win Game board to apply them to for winning cash and other prizes. For some of those months, Cake Poker holds a Turbo Gold Cards promotion giving players the chance to accumulate those invaluable cards at an even quicker rate. This November of 2011 is one such month.

Turbo Gold Cards hours, during which Cake Poker will release Gold Cards at twice the rate it otherwise does, are 06:00 to 08:00 GMT, 14:00 to 16:00 GMT and 20:00 to 22:00 GMT.

Win prizes in the Match and Win game by matching Gold Cards in your hand to specific Gold Cards or combinations of them on the Match and Win game board. This will earn you entries into various freeroll tournaments totalling $10,000 in value. You can also sell Gold Cards at the CakePoker Exchance, kind of like a stock exchange for Gold Cards. The only thing is you can’t use Gold Cards you purchase at The Exchance for the Match and Win game board.

Cake Poker players receive Gold Cards while playing raked hands in cash tables. Gold Cards are not distributed at CakePoker’s tournaments, although Gold Chips are. Gold Chips are not eligible, however, for use on the Match and Win game board.

The Match & Win game board for November of 2011 can be found in the Cake Poker software under Rewards and then Gold Cards. Only Gold Cards earned between November 1 and 30 are eligible for prizes on the November, 2011 Match and Win game board.

Turbo Gold Cards Return to Cake Poker

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Once more, the Turbo Gold Cards promotion has made a reapearrance at Cake Poker, giving players the chance to earn Gold Cards for the $10,000 Match and Win game twice as fast during selected hours.

The October Match and Win Game board is out, and only Gold Cards earned between October 1 and 31 can be used on it. Match your Gold Cards to those on the Match and Win game board and win seats in as many as $10,000 worth of freeroll tournaments. You can’t even by Gold Cards for the Match and Win game at Cake Poker’s The Exchange (where you can indeed by Gold Cards but not ones eligible for this promotion.) You can only earn them by playing at Cake Poker’s real money cash ring game tables.

And if you play during the hours of 6 to 8 am, 2 to 4 pm or 8 to 10 pm GMT, you’ll earn those Gold Cards at twice the rate. That’s a 2-for-1 special on Gold Cards for 6 hours of every day in October, 2011.

Gold Cards that don’t help you with the Match and Win game board can still be sold and swapped at The Exchange. And they can be used to earn players other prizes, like seats in exclusive Gold Card tournaments where no cash buy-ins are allowed.

Tournament players, meanwhile, can still earn Gold Chips at Cake Poker, which also make them eligible for a whole other range of prizes. Gold Chips are not, however, part of the Match and Win Game or Turbo Gold Cards promotion.

Cake Poker Turbo Gold Cards Return for July

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One of Cake Poker’s most popular promotions, Turbo Gold Cards, returns for another month. With the start of July, Cake Poker players start out once again on an even playing as the vie to earn Gold Cards from the brand new July 2011 deck. And since this is a Turbo Gold Cards promotion, players can earn them twice as fast as normal.

Players earn Gold Cards by playing at Cake Poker cash ring game tables. The more you play, the more Gold Cards you earn. Which Gold Cards you receive each time you earn a new one is left to the luck of draw, as in all good poker, but you can double you chances of getting the cards you need to earn a particular prize when you play between 6:00 – 8:00 GMT, 14:00 – 16:00 GMT and 20:00 to 22:00 GMT. Those are the Turbo Gold Cards hours when players earn twice as many cards at once as they do the rest of the day and night.

There are many things players can do with Gold Cards once you’ve earned them. You can match different combinations of cards to the July 2011 Match & Win game board. Prizes include tournament tickets, cash and Gold Chips, the currency for the Cake Poker player loyalty and rewards program.

You can also trade Gold Cards in for cold, hard cash, putting them up for sale at Cake Poker’s The Exchange where buyers and sellers of Gold Cards can meet up and make a little trade.