Who Will Be This Month’s Carbon Poker Tourney King

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Every month Carbon Poker holds its Tourney King promotion, and with June of 2011 just getting underway, it’s anybody’s game once again. Throughout the entire month, Carbon Poker keeps track of the performance of all of its tournament players, in both low and high limit games. Carbon Poker tracks this progress on two different leaderboards – a low-limit and a high-limit leader board – each with its own set of prizes with a combined total value between the two leader boards of more than $20,000.

If you play in a tournament with a buy-in under $20, then that performance is tracked on the low-limit leader board. If you play a tournament with a buy-in $20 or higher, you get on the high-limit leader board. At the end of the month, each leader board features a Grand Final tournament for its top 250 players. Each player will get a starting chipstack reflecting their position on the monthly leader board. Players can even play in enough low and high limit tournaments throughout the month to land them in both Grand Final Tournaments.

First place in the high limit leader board grand final gets $3,000 cash; second place gets $1,800; third gets $1,200; fourth gets $600 and fifth gets $450. Sixth through 15th get $100 cash plus an entry into a special $50K freeroll. Sixteenth through fiftieth get either a $50K entry ticket, a $60 satellite ticket into the $50K freeroll or both.

The low limit leader board grand final gives $1,500 to first, $900 to second, $600 to third, $300 to fourth and $225 to fifth, with a similar arrangment of prizes for sixth through 50th, except with the addition of an $11 satellite ticket into the $60 satellite.

Carbon Poker Seeks Tourney King of the Month

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Each month Carbon Poker seeks a new Tourney King (and the reigning one seeks to retain his or her seat.) They do this by running a multi-table tournament leaderboard all month that tracks how well the top tournament players that month perform. Carbon Poker keeps two of these leaderboards, one for high-limit tournaments and one for low-limit tournaments. Between the two leaderboards, there’s over $20,000 in cash and other prizes to be won each month.

At the end of the month, the top 250 finishers on each leaderboard will compete in a respective Grand Final tourney from each of which a Tourney King will be selected. In addition to the prize money ($3,000 cash for first place in the high-limit final; $1,500 for first in the low-limit final). Low-limit tournaments include all with buy-ins below $20; high-limit tournaments include all with buy-ins above $20. You can qualify, enter and win both high-limit and low-limit Tourney King contests in any given month. The top 5 finishers in each Grand Final will win a cash award; the 6th through 15th place finishers will win cash plus a satellite entry coupon; the 16th through 50th place finishers will win a satellite entry coupon.

MTT leaderboard points are based on a formula that considers the buy-in you paid for the tournament (with an adjustment for rebuy/addon tournaments), the number of entrants competing and your final position, with a bonus multiplier applied for those making it to a tournament’s final table.

Each month the Carbon Poker Tourney King leaderboard gets wiped fresh and the search begins anew for that month’s kings. In addition to winning cash, the Tourney Kings also win an accolade that appears alongside their avatar everytime they sit in at a Carbon Poker game or tournament thereafter.