Tony G Cashes the WSOPE Main Event and Cashes In On a Prop Bet

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Cashing at the World Series of Poker Europe’s Main Event is already a huge feat, and one that many players dream of.  On that note, some players just dream of playing in the Main Event at all; and cashing is just an added bonus that most players never could even imagine happening.  Well, for Tony G, who has had some nice scores in his day in the game of poker; he was so confident that he would cash in the 2011 World Series of Poker Europe’s Main Event, that he decided to place a nice $20,000 wager on that he would make the money in the Main Event.

Just a bit into Day 3 of the event, Tony G had made it into the money, and received both a nice payday from cashing, and also for his $20,000 bet on himself at 5 to 1 odds.  These odds gave him a payout of $100k for getting into the cash, and he also took home €37,000 for his efforts throughout the tournament.  Tony G then went on to survive Day 3 of the event with 24 other players, and make it to Day 4 of the event in Cannes, France.

As if it couldn’t get any better for Tony G, he also got to tell James Bord about the big win on the online gambling site; which is interesting because Bord is actually one of the owners of

Tony G has been in the news quite a bit lately, as he recently replaced Dario Minieri in the Caesars Cup (which may not hold up with this deep run at the Main Event), and also for getting into an argument with Andrew Robl at the tables.  On top of that though, he also debated filing a lawsuit against the AGCC for their actions against Full Tilt Poker.

While Tony G wasn’t able to build up his short stack when he entered Day 4 and make a final table push, he did end up finishing the event in 24th place and getting a nice payday.  Overall, you could say that his $125k+ payday was a nice consolation to not winning the 2011 WSOPE Main Event.