Lock Poker August Battle of the Ronin Underway

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With the start of annother month is the start of another month-long Battle of the Ronin at Lock Poker. The event features of 2,900 individual cash prizes, meaning that you compete for these prizes not against other players but against the clock.

All the VIP points that you earn throughout the month of August by playing at Lock Poker’s real money tournaments and cash tables will be tracked by the site, and each and every time you hit a new target number of points you earn a new prizes. The prizes increase in value as the points targets increase, and you get to keep all the cash prizes you earn as you continue to earn even more.

There are many prizes available to be won at each level, although not an unlimited number of prizes, so there is some competition against your fellow player to reach a new level before all its prizes have run out. If that happens however, you can still continue to climb to higher levels and earn any of those prizes that haven’t yet run out.

There are, for example, 400 prizes of $1.50 available for contributing to $10 in rake or fees (the lowest prize on the ladder) and only 4 prizes of the highest level, $7,500 for adding $8,000 more in rake in fees to your previous total for a combined total of $66,600. Contribute that much in rake and fees over the month of August before any prizes have run out and you’ll win $45,142 individually. And that’s not even including what you may win in all those poker games.

July Lock Poker Battle of the Ronin Begins

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The July 2012 Lock Poker Battle of the Ronin has begun. Each month Lock Poker runs the Battle of the Ronin, a month long contest with more than $1 million in cash prizes.

The full name of the competition is the Lock Poker Battle of the Ronin Rake Chase, and it’s those added last two words that tell you exactly what you need to do excel in this race: earn points by paying rake.

You already eanr VIP Points every time you participate in a real money cash game hand at Lock Poker because the site takes a small percentage, called the rake, out from each pot. To compensate players for this cut of their pot that goes to the house, Lock Poker awards players who pay into that rake VIP Points. And in the Battle of the Ronin Rake Chase, cash prizes are awarded to the players who earn the most VIP Points this way over the course of one month’s time.

Best of all, you’re not competing against other players in this rake chase, only against the clock to reach the highest level of target points you can. Each time you reach a new, higher target level of points, Lock Poker will award you a cash prize. You get your first prize of $1.50 for earning 70 points. Earn 56,000 points and you get a $7,500 cash award. What’s more, these awards are cumulative, so by the time you’ve reached that 56,000 points mark and earned that final $7,500 prize, you’ve cumulatively earned $45,142.

But there are only a set number of prizes available at each level, so you’d better hurry.

Battle of the Ronin at Lock Poker Now for $500K & WSOP Seat

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Lock Poker is currently running a promotion called the Battle of Ronin in which $500,000 in cash prizes are up for grabs, along with seats in the 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event.

The full name of this competition is the Battle of the Ronin Rake Chase, which sheds a bit more light on its structure. This is a rake race, meaning that throughout the month of May, Lock Poker will track the number of VIP points you earn and award you prizes as you surpass certain milestones. Prizes are cumulative, so as you climb higher through the points levels, earning ever-greater prizes, you get to keep all the prizes you won previously on the way there. You get your first prize of $1.50 after earning just 100 VIP points.

There are more than 1,400 individual prizes up for grabs worth $500K total. There are 35 levels in all and each player can earn $45,000 cash for him or herself by clearing all 35 levels.

The great thing about this kind of race is that you’re racing only yourself and the clock for these prizes. Every player will get the prizes associated with each level as they surpass the milestone for that level.

In addition, you will also be competing with all other Lock Poker players for a coveted seat in the 2011 WSOP Main Event, a prize worth over $10,000 for an event with a first prize of $10 million. Only one of those prizes will be awarded, and it will go to the player who has earned the most VIP points between the start of May 1 and the end of May 31, 2011.


Lock Poker Battle of the Ronin

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Lock Poker Battle of the Ronin is a rake chase with some great cash prizes.  The Battle of the Ronin has limited prizes for each level attained.   For instance, the easiest to attain level is 100 points, but only the first 200 players to reach the 100 points get paid.  Naturally the levels increase from there as the number paid at each level decreases.  If you manage to complete all levels for the month of April you would earn $45,000 as long as each prize level is still available.  Additionally the Ronin with the most VIP points for the month of April will receive a 2011 WSOP Main Event seat, worth over $10,000.  The Ronin theme comes from ancient Japan’s warrior castes.

Battle of the Ronin Prize Levels

Points Prize Total Points Total Prizes Prizes Awarded
100 $1.50 100 $1.50 200
200 $3.00 300 $4.50 100
300 $5.00 600 $9.50 80
400 $10.00 1000 $19.50 70
500 $12.50 1500 $32 60
600 $15.00 2100 $47 50
700 $17.50 2800 $64.50 45
800 $20.00 3600 $84.50 40
900 $22.50 4500 $107 35
1000 $50.00 5500 $157 30
1500 $60.00 7000 $217 50
2000 $80.00 9000 $297 50
2500 $100.00 11500 $397 50
3000 $120.00 14500 $517 50
4000 $200.00 18500 $717 50
5000 $225.00 23500 $942 50
6000 $300.00 29500 $1,242 50
7000 $350.00 36500 $1,592 50
8000 $400.00 44500 $1,992 50
9000 $450.00 53500 $2,442 50
10000 $500.00 63500 $2,942 50
12500 $800.00 76000 $3,742 50
15000 $950.00 91000 $4,692 50
20000 $1,250.00 111000 $5,942 50
25000 $1,750.00 136000 $7,692 35
30000 $2,000.00 166000 $9,692 15
35000 $2,250.00 201000 $11,942 10
40000 $2,500.00 241000 $14,442 6
45000 $2,750.00 286000 $17,192 4
50000 $3,000.00 336000 $20,192 3
55000 $3,250.00 391000 $23,442 3
60000 $3,500.00 451000 $26,942 3
65000 $4,700.00 516000 $31,642 2
70000 $6,000.00 586000 $37,642 2
80000 $7,500.00 666000 $45,142 2

Battle of the Ronin Terms & Conditions

  • The ‘Battle of the Ronin’ promotion will run from Friday 1 until Saturday 31 April (inclusive), 2011. On Sunday 1 May at 00:00 Server Time the Battle of the Ronin VIP points counter will cease recording VIP Points and any earned after this time will NOT count towards prize requirements.
  • All Battle of the Ronin cash prizes will be paid in full directly to a player’s poker account, without any further play through requirements. Any cash prizes will be available for withdrawal after 7 days of being issued to your account, but can be played with at the tables immediately.
  • A player can win ALL 35 cash prizes during the promotion period, but must meet each level’s individual prize requirements.
  • Please allow up to 30 minutes from when an individual prize level is completed, until payment is received.
  • Any form of cheating or collusion will not be tolerated.
  • The maximum number of cash prizes to be awarded at each level are limited and will only be awarded to the fastest eligible players to reach each level. In the case of multiple players reaching the same level and prize limits being exceeded, then the prize will be awarded to the fastest player to obtain that level (within the prize limits).
  • Lock Poker reserves the right to alter, modify or terminate the Promotion and/or these Terms at any time, without giving you any prior notice (written or verbal) where it is reasonable to do so or for reasons beyond the Promoter’s control. The Promoter does not accept any responsibility or liability for any late or undelivered entries or registrations, notifications or communications or for any form of technical failure, error, malfunction or difficultly or for any other event beyond its reasonable control that may cause the operation of the Promotion to be disrupted, unavailable or incorrect.
  • In order to be eligible a player must setup a real money account, which includes their full contact details, so that we can pay any winnings to their account should the win.
  • Offer only open to players that are of the legal age of majority as determined by the laws of the country where you live. Employees and immediate family members of employees of Lock Poker, its associated companies, affiliates, advertising and promotional agencies are not eligible to take part in the Promotion. Entry to the Promotion is limited to those people who are resident in countries where their registration and use of the Cardroom is permitted by the law of their country.
  • The company reserves the right to ask for proof of age from any customer and customer accounts may be suspended until satisfactory proof of age is provided.
  • By downloading the software and registering an account, a customer is deemed to have fully accepted and understood all rules, terms and conditions published by this website.
  • All players must meet Lock Poker’s Terms & Conditions, and Lock Poker reserves the right to modify these rules at any time, and for any reason, at its sole discretion.