Carbon Poker Introduces Odds Calculator

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Poker odds calculators are all over the web for anyone interested in using them, but Carbon Poker now offers its own odds calculator as a convenience and added value to its players.

The Carbon Poker Odds Calculator help improve your online poker game and gives you the greatest chances of coming out ahead by analyzing win odds and pot odds, hand probabilities and opposition patterns. Other features include Expected Value of your hole cards, Groups that rank starting hands on their relative strength or weakness, and Profiling Icons to help you better recall the playing patterns of your most frequent opponents.

The CarbonPoker Odds Calculator also overlays opponent’s stastics on the table in real-time, It includes a built-in hand replayer so you can go back and study your own play to find weaknesses and fix them. You can even keeps notes on your play to help retain the lessons you learn and information you glean about other players.

And you can choose from a variety of customizable options including a heads-up display or mucked hands display as well as customizable deck colors, player notes and hand replayer functions as well.

The Carbon Poker Odds Calculator cutting edge software offered as a free download to all Carbon Poker players. To download yours, just go to your CarbonPoker player admin and look for the button to click on the left navigation bar that says Poker Odds Calculator.

Whether your a novice poker player or an online poker pro, the Carbon Poker Odds Calculator can help you take your level of play (and amount of winnings) to the next level.