EPT Madrid Main Event Features Interesting Final Table

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The Main Event for the 2012 European Poker Tour’s Madrid Main Event was an interesting stretch of poker, and one that had an even more interesting final stretch to the final eight players, or the final table.  When the day started on Friday there were 24 players left in the action, but these 24 would be playing down to eight before the end of the day.  There were a few big names eliminated before the final table bubble, including Taylor Paur, who finished in 13th place, and Tristan Clemencon who was sent home in 11th place.  But the biggest story of the day came from the player who was eventually the bubble boy of the event.  This was Mike “Timex” McDonald.

McDonald was the unfortunately bubble boy of the final table, and was sent home in 9th place receiving a prize of €35,000 for his efforts.  It’s unfortunate still though, as his loss came when he had pocket tens, the flop came out with 10-J-Q.  Unfortunately though, the player that he was up against was holding the A-K of hearts, putting McDonald way behind.  Andrei Stoenesu had flopped the nut straight, and McDonald needed the board to pair in order to remain alive in the event.  Unfortunately nothing hit, and McDonald’s run ended there.

Now to look towards the final table, you’ll see that there are many unknown players remaining, but the most well-known is Nicolas Levi who has a total of $1.6 million in live tournament winnings in his career.  Levi actually has yet to win a major live tournament in his career though, and he’ll have a tough task here as he is the short stack to start the day.  Levi has a few more than 20 big blinds remaining in his stack, so he’ll absolutely have his work cut out for him.  The current leader is Ricardo Ibanez, who is holding 3,216,000 chips, but it is still very close for many of the remaining players.  Below is the list of the remaining players in order of their chip stacks.

  • Ricardo Ibanez- 3,216,000
  • Fraser Macintyre- 2,473,000
  • Frederik Jensen- 2,144,000
  • Andrei Stoenesu- 1,974,000
  • Bruno Lopes- 1,452,000
  • Ilan Boujenah- 1,382,000
  • Jason Duval- 963,000
  • Nicolas Levin- 709,000

The final table kicks off on Saturday at noon local time.  We’ll keep you updated when all is said and done about who takes down this event.