Two Ways to Make Online Poker More Competitive at Intertops Poker

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As part of its regular schedule Intertops Poker offers two ways players can beef up the level of competition at the online poker table: Pro Tables and the Friday Night Bounty.

Pro Tables are, just as they sound, opportunities to sit in with some of poker’s fiercest competitors. Just some of the players who’ve sat in at Intertops Poker’s Pro Tables and are likely to do so again are Ilari ‘Zigmund’ Sahamies, Antonio ‘The Magician’ Esfandiari, Phil ‘Unabomber’ Laak, Andrew ‘good2cu’ Robl, Alec Torelli, James Obst, Paul Wasickai.

All Pro Tables are real money ring game tables and Intertops Poker runs them at two stakes levels: $5/$10 and $10/$20. If you’re up for this kind of nosebleed level challenge, Intertops Poker welcomes you to sit in every Monday through Friday at 7 pm ET. Railbirds wishing to just observe are invited as well.

Then on Fridays in particular, players pro and amateur alike can face off again, this time in tournament style play, at the Friday $250 Guaranteed Bounty tournament. These take place every Friday at 9:00 pm ET for a direct buy-in of $10 + $1. Of that buy-in $5 goes toward a bounty on that player’s “head”; whoever knocks that player out of the competition wins the bounty, regardless of how they themselves finish in the game.

Players can avoid the $11 bounty and win a seat instead in Intertops Poker’s Friday $250 Guaranteed Bounty Tournament by finishing in either 2nd or 3rd place in one of the two daily Intertops Tourneys Freeroll.

Intertops Casino Celebrates Mother’s Day With $100 Bonus

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Intertops Casino is gearing up for Mother’s Day this year with a $100 Mother’s Day bonus for all players. To claim this 50% deposit bonus up to a $100 bonus maximum, simply make your qualifying deposit between now and Mother’s Day using the bonus code MOTHER2012. Deposits made on or after Monday, May 14, 2012 will not be eligible for this bonus.

Usual Intertops Casino bonus terms and conditions apply, including only one bonus allowed per account and per household, and players must wager the bonus plus the qualifying deposit amounts 30 times at select games on the site before being able to withdraw any funds from their Intertops account as cash.

Also currently taking place at Intertops Casino is a leaderboard points race with a $70,000 prize pool called Greek Gods, with prizes for players of all levels. Six different leaderboards ensure that players in every stakes range can come out a winner. Eighteen players in all will win grand prizes of up to $1,000 while 200 players each week will win individual bonuses based on their performance of the few days leading up to the award.

To participate, play at your favorite Intertops Casino games, earning points while you play according to how much you wager and how much you win or lose. Points are tracked on a live leaderboard you can check at any time. The $70,000 Greek Gods promotion runs throughout May 2012. Players should check their emails every Monday and Thursday of the promotion to see if they’ve won an instant prize. The remaining prizes will be awarded after the month is complete.

Intertops Poker Brings Back Two Popular Promos For Another May

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This May 2012 at Intertops Poker, players can once again enjoy two of their favorite promotions at the site: the 26-Day Endurance Challenge and the FPP Race.

The Intertops Poker 26-Day Endurance Challenge runs from May 1 to 27. During this time, players try to earn as many Frequent Player Points (FPPs) as they can each day for as many days of the promotional period they are able. Earn just 14 points each day for five days and get entry into a $750 freeroll. Earn 224 points each day for 5 days and you’ll also earn $10 cash.

Other prizes include entry into a $1,000 freeroll for meeting any FPP target for 10 days and entry into a $1,500 freeroll for meeting any FPP target for at least 15 days. Additionally, cash prizes ranging from $3 to $42 can be earned on top of those freeroll entries for earning just a bit more on each of those qualifying days.

The Intertops Poker May FPP Race, meanwhile, is made up of four weekly FPP Races worth a total prize pool of $25,000 divided into $6,250 weekly portions.

Simply be among the 100 top FPP earners at Intertops during one of the race periods (May 1 to 8; May 8 to 15; May 15 to 22; May 22 to 29) and win a piece of that cash prize pool. Racing periods run from 4 am to 3:59 am GMT. Prizes are credited to player accounts within 48 hours of the completion of each racing period.

Intertops Poker Series 2012 Heats Up

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This Sunday, April 15 is the first Intertops Poker Series 2012 Final where at least one seat at the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event will be awarded.

Last week we told you briefly about the Series 2012 satellite series taking place now at Intertops Poker. This week we bring you the step-by-step schedule of multi-table satellite step tournaments leading Intertops Poker players to Las Vegas for the WSOP 2012 main event.

It all starts with a $0.30 + $0.10 buy-in $10k Main Event Satellite Step 1 Rebuy and Addon event, from which 1 player will advance to the next level for every $3.30 in the prize pool. This event runs every 2 hours daily.

That next level is the $3 + $0.30 buy-in $10k Main Event Satellite Step 2 offering only 1 rebuy and 1 addon this time, from which 1 player will advance to the next level for every $22 in the prize pool. This event runs every 4 hours daily.

Next up is the $10k Main Event Satellite Step 3 with its $20 + $2 direct buy-in. From this event, 1 player will advance to the next level for every $65 in the prize pool, or 1 in 4 players. This event runs every 4 hours daily.

Then there’s the $60 + $5 buy-in $10k Main Event Satellite Step 4 event, running every 4 hours as well, from which 1 player will advance to the final for every $215 in the prize pool. Again that’s 1 in every 4 players.

That $10k Main Event Final has a $200 + $15 direct buy-in and awards one main event 2012 prize package that includes a seat in the next WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas for every $10k in the prize pool. This event takes place weekly, on Sundays at 5 pm ET, which is 10 pm GMT.

Intertops Poker Celebrate Easter with Reload Bonus and Easter Tourneys

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Intertops Poker is celebrating Easter this year with a pair of promotions in the way of a reload bonus and a series of special holiday tournaments.

The Easter Reload Bonus is a 50% reload bonus up to a $300 maximum bonus available between April 6 and 9, 2012 when using the bonus code EASTER2012 with your deposit. Bonuses are paid out in $5 increments.

The Intertops Poker Easter Tourneys run the same dates, Friday, April 6 through Monday, April 9, with a pair of special Easter Tournaments each day. With one exception, these are all NL Hold’em contests (the exception being on Saturday, April 7, an Easter PL Omaha event. Each day’s Easter tourney calendar includes one $500 Freeroll tournament at 7 pm ET and one $500 GTD tournament at 10 pm ET. This latter tourney is sometimes scheduled as a 1 rebuy / 1 add-on or bounty tournament.

In addition to the Easter Reload Bonus and the Easter Tourneys, this April Intertops Poker also rolls out another 26-Day Endurance Challenge (running April 1 to 27) and delivers 4 more FPP Races worth $25k GTD total (running April 1 to 7, April 7 to 14, April 14 to 21, and April 21 to 28) as well as launching its World Series of Poker Main Event 2012 promotion (with qualifiers having started yesterday, Thursday, April 5 and the first weekly final taking place April 15.)

Stay tuned here to find out about all of these April 2012 promotions at Intertops Poker.

Latest 26-Day Endurance Challenge Launched at Intertops Poker

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Intertops Poker has brought back its 26-Day Endurance Challenge for another go-round. This time the promotional period is from March 1- 27, 2012. And as in events past, all a player has to do to win prizes in this incarnation of the Intertops 26-Day Endurance Challenge is keep accumulating FPP (Frequent Player Points) as they usually do by playing in cash games and real money tournaments at the Intertops Poker site.

Players can earn seats in one of three freeroll tournaments taking place on Sunday, April 1, 2012 at 22:59 GMT (or 18:59 EST): either a $750 freeroll, a $1,000 freeroll or a $1,500 freeroll.

After earning their freeroll seat, players can then earn cash prizes of at least $3 and up to $42 by meeting even higher milestones, either by earning more points per day on each of the days they play, or by earning the same number of points daily but for a greater number of days.

In either case, players have from 04:00 GMT on March 1 to 03:59 on March 27 to earn as many points daily over as many days as they can to earn the highest cash and freeroll prizes they can. Earn at least 14 points daily on at least 5 days of the challenge and get that $750 freeroll seat. Earn those 14 points daily for 10 days and get a seat in the $1,000 freeroll. And do it for at least 15 days and get that $1,500 freeroll seat.

To get the maximum cash prize of $42, you must earn 224 points daily for 20 days of the challenge.

February at Intertops Poker Offers FPP Races and Knock Out Challenges

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Head to Intertops Poker this February and you can compete in both FPP Races and Knock Out Challenges, all of which offer the possibility of winning extra money for the play you already enjoy at the site.

Every week in February, from Wednesday to Wednesday, 4 pm to 3:59 pm ET, Intertops Poker will be holding a Frequent Player Points Race worth $6,250, paid out to 100 top finishers. Multiplied by four weeks, making for four such race periods, that combines to $25,000 in cash rewards.

Remember, success in the FPP Race is not about whether you win or lose the poker games you play, be they tournaments or cash games. It’s about how many FPPs you earn while you play and that’s simply a matter of playing more often, for longer durations and at higher stakes.

Starting the 1st of February, Intertops Poker is also holding more Knock Out Challenges. These are bounty tournaments taking place each Monday, Wedneday and Friday. There are two ways to win cash in these events: firstly by finishing in the money, of course, and secondly by knocking your fellow players out of the running. For every player’s $5 + $0.50 buy-in, $2 will go to the bounty on their head. The prize pool at each Knock Out Challenge is $1,000, on top of the bounty rewards. There’s even a third way to win money through the Knock Out Challenges. Every player you knock out also earns you a point on a monthly Headhunter leaderboard, with the 10 top finishers receiving a share of another $1,000 prize pool.

Intertops Poker Offers Hearts Edition of Match & Win Game for February

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This month, Intertops Poker is offering a special Hearts Edition of its regular Match & Win Game promotion. In honor, of course, of Valentine’s Day, Intertops Poker is adding to its regular Match and Win game promotion, cash prizes for every Jack through Ace of Hearts Gold Card. Each of these cards has an associated cash prize for its recipient, those prizes increasing as the card’s value increases: the Jack of Hearts is worth $50, the Queen of Hearts is worth $100, the King of Hearts is worth $250 and the Ace of Hearts is worth $1,000.

Additionally, throughout February 2012, certain individual heart Gold Cards can also allow players to enter single Gold Card tournaments with prizes of their own.

The Match and Win Game Board can be found in the Intertops Poker login software under the tab that says Gold Card and the section that says Rewards.

As always, eligibility to win prizes from this month’s Match & Win game board is restricted to Gold Cards that earned during the month of February 2012, starting 0:00 on the 1st and ending 23:59 on the 28th, GMT. Also, Gold Cards purchased at The Exchange do not count toward Match and Win prize eligibility.

In addition to eligibility for the Match and Win game promotion, Intertops Poker’s Gold Cards can also be used to buy-in to certain Gold Card tournaments with cash prize pools of their own. All of these are rebuy and add-on tournaments as well. Recent Gold Card Tournament prize pools have ranged from $200 to $1,000.

Intertops Poker Hosts Match & Win Jackpot Edition

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In January, Intertops Poker is running a Jackpot Edition of its regular Match & Win game promotion. What makes this Jackpot Edition so special is the addition of a jackpot awarded to players who receive an Ace as one of the January gold cards.

Only January 2012 gold cards are eligible for the Jackpot Edition of the Match & Win game. Fortunately, there are multiple aces of each suit in the January 2012 deck, so there is ample opportunity for players to win. What’s more, each player can win each prize on the Match & Win game board, including each jackpot prize, once over the course of the month. That means if a player manages to collect all four aces, he or she will get $12,250 in instant cash prizes.

The Ace of each suit has a different instant cash prize associated with it. Each Ace of Clubs awards $250, each Ace of Diamonds awards $500, each Ace of Hearts awards $1,500 and each Ace of Spades awards $10,000.

Players earn gold cards at Intertops Poker’s real money cash game tables; tournaments and sit and gos do not qualify for gold cards. Players can also purchase gold cards at The Exchange, although gold cards obtained this way cannot be used for any Match & Win game prize, Jackpot Edition or otherwise.

Besides the instant jackpot for aces, Intertops Poker will award a number of other prizes, including cash, over the course of the month of January 2012 through other prize-winning gold cards and gold card combinations appearing on the January 2012 Match & Win game board.

Intertops Poker Holding 26-Day Endurance Challenge

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Intertops Poker is now holding a 26-Day Endurance Challenge with up to $42 per person in individual cash prizes and tickets into $3,250 worth Freerolls up for grabs. It lasts from December 1 to 27 and here’s how it works: earn a set target number of Frequent Player Points each day for a target number of days and earn a prize along with a freeroll tournament entry.

The minimum requirement to earn a ticket into the $750 freeroll is earning 14 FPPs per day for 5 days of the promotion. Earn the same daily FPP count for 10 days at least and you’ll meet the minimum requirement to earn a ticket into the $1,000 freeroll. Do it for 15 days or more and get into the $1,500 freeroll.

Cash prizes start at $3 for 14 FPPs a day for 20 days and go up from there. You can earn a cash prize in as little as 5 days if you earn 224 FPPs on each of those days. That prize, incidentally, is $10. You can also earn $10 for earning 112 FPPs per day for 10 days.

A particularly nice and novel feature of this promotion is that you do not have to opt-in first in order for your FPP earnings to count toward earning prizes. That means that even if you’re finding out abou this promotion mid-month, all the FPPs you’ve earned before now in December 2011 will still apply. So as long as you’ve been playing at Intertops Poker in December 2011, you’re already entered and competing in the 26-Day Endurance Race.