Cake Poker Offers New Members Twice the Incentive to Play

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Like most poker sites, Cake Poker offers new players a matching bonus on their first deposit into a new real money player account. But going one step further, CakePoker also entices new players to join the site with a $500 Freeroll open exclusively to first-timers to the site.

The Cake Poker first deposit bonus currently stands at 110%, which is 10% higher than your average first deposit bonus. The maximum bonus amount currently stands at $600. Then, for an additional shot at some free money, Cake Poker gives all first depositors a ticket into an upcoming New Depositor $500 Freeroll with, just as it sounds, a $500 guaranteed prize pool. This ticket can be used at any New Depositor $500 Freeroll tournament coming up, with these tournaments taking place every Saturday at 2 pm ET.

In order to cash out any money won in a New Depositor Freeroll, Cake Poker requires you earn at least two Gold Chips first. You can earn those chips before the freeroll takes place, however, and that will allow you to cash out winnings from that event as soon as it finishes are your account is credited for your winnings.

As for the 110% First Timers Deposit Bonus, as with all other Cake Poker bonuses, when first earned it is credited to your account as a pending bonus that you are allowed to use for play on the site but not allowed to cash out any of until after you’ve earned 83.33 FPPs (Frequent Player Points) per $5 in bonus money to cash.

Sports Interaction Poker Insider’s Tournament Nightly Freeroll Qualifiers

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Sports Interaction Poker holds a monthly tournament called the Insider’s Tournament at which the top winner gets a seat in a $5K Added Tournament and the top 20 finishers get a cash prize.

Where the event gets its name of Insider’s Tournament is from the prizes that go out to the top 10 finishers: each player’s choice of one of over a dozen different poker insider’s books, including Doyle Brunson’s Super System I and II and Dan Harrington’s Harrington on No Limit Hold’em Strategy Volumes 1, 2 and 3.

Sports Interaction Poker is running daily freeroll qualifiers into this monthly event, every night starting at 9 pm EST. The top 10 finishers at each of these freerolls will win seats in that month’s Insider’s Tournament.

The end-of-month Insider’s Tournament is a freezeout event with no re-buys and no add-ons.

Sports Interaction Poker is also running its Two for the Money promotion throughout this month, with the first qualifying week and the weekly tournament just finishing up, and three more coming up ahead.

In the Two for the Money promotion, players are encouraged to multi-table by winning entries into a weekly $2K Kamikaze tournament for playing in at least 300 raked hands across two or more tables simultaneously over the course of a week. You can accumulate those hands over multiple sessions, but you must be sitting in at a minimum of two tables at the same time in each session.

With week 1 of May’s Two for the Money promo already wrapping up, week 2 runs May 8 – 14 with its Kamikaze final on the 17th, week 3 runs May 15 – 21 with its Kamikaze final on the 24th and week 4 runs May 22 – 28 with its Kamikaze final on the 31st.

Hero Poker 30k + 30K Freeroll May 15th, 2011

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A new age has begun, an age of freedom. And all will know that 300 Spartans gave their last breath to defend it.” Spartan King Leonidas

And on that day of April 15 such was the devastation that we called it ‘Black Friday’, but on May 15 Hero Poker answered with our 300…

THE 30,000 USD + 30,000 USD FREEROLL HEROPOKER 300: May 15, 4:30 US Eastern

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The top 300 US players will get paid out $100 instant cash with an additional $100 play through cash bonus.
No withdraw restrictions on the $100 or
Keep it and claim your additional $100 cash bonus and do what you were born to do,
Play poker as one of Hero Poker’s 300.

Date: Sunday 15th May 2011 @ 4:30pm US Eastern
Game: Texas Holdem No Limit 6 Handed
Tab Location: Tournaments/Scheduled / Special (priority listing)
Blinds: 15 minutes starting at 10 / 20 (10% antes after level 7)

Prize Payout: Top 300 places
Payout : $30,000 cash plus $30,000 bonus ($100 + $100 per player)

Starting Chips: 3,000 chips
Break for 5 minutes every 60 minutes

Late Registration: Ends after 60 minutes
Eligibility: US players + Password
Time Bank: 30 Seconds with 1 Second Earned Every 1 Hand


*after you sign up at, go to the ‘game lobby’, in the bottom menu select ‘player admin’; update your player details and email Hero Poker at with your username.

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Bodog Cash PerSuit, Win an iPad2

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Bodog Poker wants you to have a new iPad2.  Join Bodog Poker’s new Cash PerSuit promotion and you can win cash bonuses, freeroll entries, and tickets to weekly iPad2 drawings.  Cash PerSuit begins on May 02, 2011 and has three promotional features.  Each week of the promotion there is a bonus to be earned based on how many Poker Points you earn and how many days you earn each level.

Earn 10 Poker Points per day on 4 days and get a $15 Bonus

Earn 10 Poker Points per day on all 7 days and get a $20 Bonus

Earn 25 Poker Points per day for 4 days and get a $25 Bonus

Earn 25 Poker Points per day for all 7 days and get a $30 Bonus

May 2nd-May 8th is Diamond Week; May 9th-May 15th is Club Week; May 16th-May 22nd is Hearts Week; and May 23rd-May29th is Spades Week.  You can earn the bonus each week, but you can only earn one of the bonuses per week.  So if you have 10pts per day for 6 days you can get the $15 Bonus, but if you get 10 Poker Points on the 7th day, you only get the $20 Bonus, not both the 4 day and the 7 day bonus.

You may think it odd that the weeks are named after the suits in the deck and may chalk it up to just Bodog wanting to use the name “PerSuit”.  There is a good reason for the name, however.  At the end of the promotion on June 4, 2011 there is a $10,000 freeroll.  The only way to get into that freeroll is to make a flush on a Texas Holdem ring game.  The flush has some stipulations.  The flush must be in the suit for that week.  Remember the weeks of the promotion are named after the suits in a deck of cards.  You only need to use one card of your hole cards to make the flush, but the hand must go to showdown for a ticket to the freeroll to be issued.  yes, a lot to remember, but it is a $10K Freeroll.

Here are the terms and conditions for the freeroll tickets:

Tournament runs on June 4th at 7:15 PM ET. When a player receives a qualifying flush, they will receive a Tournament Ticket to the $10,000 Freeroll via email by 12:00:00 PM ET the next day. Players can only receive one Tournament Ticket for the $10,000 Freeroll. To qualify for a Tournament Ticket, the flush must be the same suit as the suit of that week (ex: during Diamond Week, a player must receive a Diamond Flush for the hand to qualify), at least one hole card needs to be used, the flush must occur in a Texas Hold’em Cash Game, the hand MUST go to showdown and the hand does not have to be the winning hand. The Tournament Ticket is non-transferrable and can only be used on the $10,000 Freeroll.

Finally, on to the coveted iPad2.  The iPads will be awarded in drawings each week of the promotion.  To get a ticket to the iPad2 drawing, a player needs to earn 10 Poker Points per day for 4 days of the week.

Diamond Week May 2-8, 2011 One iPad2 will be awarded

Club Week May 9-15, 2011 Two iPad2 will be awarded

Hearts Week May 16-22, 2011 Three iPad2 will be awarded

Spades Week May 23-29, 2011 Four iPad2 will be awarded

iPad2 Terms and Conditions:

For the purposes of this promotion, a day is from 12:00:00 AM ET until 11:59:59 PM ET. Every Monday of the promotion, names will be drawn for an iPad 2. To be eligible for the weekly draw, players must earn at least 10 Poker Points per day for 4 days of the week. Draw winners will be notified via phone within 24-48 hours of the draw being held. Draw winners will have a choice to receive either a Bodog branded iPad 2 or a $250 bonus. If chosen, the $250 bonus will have standard rollover: 3x Sports / 20x Casino / 3 Points per dollar.

Take heed.  This promotion is not automatic.  You must OPT-IN to participate in the promotion. To opt into the promotion, simply go to the Bodog Poker home page and click the Cash PerSuit banner located down the left side menu bar.  Enter your Bodog information and you will be signed up for the Cash PerSuit promotion.

Win a Lamborghini from PokerStars for Free!

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PokerStars has a new promotion that will award a Lamborghini Gallardo to the winner. The best part is that it is free to enter. Every day starting July 25, 2010 Pokerstars will be running 24 freerolls that award entries to a weekly qualifier. Well they say 24 freerolls a day yet the chart below says they run every 2 hours. You do the math. We probably will have to wait and see on July 25, 2010.

The top 2,000 players in the weekly finals get into the Grand Final. I know, it sounds like a longshot, but here is the other shoe. The weekly finals will have $100,000 prize pools! There is a buyin path to these weekly finals for those wishing to avoid the crowds. Granted, with freerolls every hour and buyins every two hours, the Weekly finals will be a bit congested, but it is a $100,000 tournament, after all. Post in this thread about your progress in these games each week. Holdem Poker Chat wants to know how everyone does.

Win a Lamborghini Gallardo!
It’s the ride of choice for rock gods, sports stars and fashion royalty, and now you can own one too. Play the Pokerstars Lamborghini Freeroll and you can win your very own $200,000 supercar. Tournaments are running now and there’s more than $1,000,000 in cash up for grabs along the way. The Lamborghini Gallardo is one of the most famous and iconic cars in the world – win yours now!

There are 24 freeroll qualifiers running daily, plus $1.10 and $11 cash satellites. Qualify for a Weekly Final and you’re one step away from the Grand Final, where the Gallardo goes to the winner. But that’s not all. Each Weekly Final has a $100,000 prize pool, and the Grand Final has an incredible $250,000 in cash to be won.

This is one of the biggest prizes Pokerstars has awarded, and the tournaments are perfect for new and existing players alike. If you haven’t played at the world’s largest poker site yet, now is a great time to get started. It’s easy to download Pokerstars free poker software and open an account. Simply follow the onscreen instructions to register, and you can also take the Virtual Tour which shows you all of the great features.

How to Play the Lamborghini Freeroll
Freeroll and cash qualifiers are running now at the times stated below. You can find all of the tournaments in the Pokerstars lobby by clicking the ‘Tourney’ and ‘All’ tabs, or by typing ‘Lamborghini’ into the Tourney Filter.