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Since Black Friday, the online poker forums like ours have been breaking all-time traffic records. It seems that anyone with accounts on any of the Big 3 have wanted to come and share their story. While it is great to see that so many people are motivated, there are, in fact, better ways to spend the energy.

It is nice to hear stories and know each of us are not alone in our struggle to figure out where to go in this New World Order, but that does not bring about change. Many of the things that the Big 3 were doing were wrong and illegal, by the letter of the law. They knew of these laws, and knew the whole time that they were breaking them. In order for things to recover, governmental regulation will be necessary to pick up the pieces.

But, how do our legislators know that we, as a public, want this to happen? How do they know that our outcry is so large, that so many people are affected? I doubt too many spend their days idly browsing the numerous poker forums on the net.

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Since the indictments, it has been reported that over 70,000 letters have been sent to various governmental officials related to the changes in the poker world. While it is easy to fall into the trap of believing that your voice does not count, those who wrote those letters did not. What did their actions accomplish? Simply visit any of the Big 3 and you will see that have all reclaimed their domain names, that the DoJ has promised to help facilitate cash-outs. This shows just how much power a vocal group can have.

If you want to see changes, if you want your Congressman to know what you think on the issue, write to them! That is the only way that Congress can know what you want, can ever hear your voice. Take a few minutes and take what you were about to write here at Holdem Poker Chat and make it so your voice will be heard by those who can make a difference.