Carbon Poker Now Offering 125 Seats to $125k Freeroll

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Carbon Poker has just announced that it will now be running a weekly freeroll tournament series awarding as its top prizes seats in the $125,000 guaranteed tournament the site holds every

The Carbon Poker 125 Seats to $125,000 Freeroll requires only 250 VIP points to enter. As suggested by the name, there is no cash buy-in. Simply earn those points between 00:01 Sunday and 15:00 on the following Saturday, which is when the freeroll tournament commences. To know whether and when you have enough VIP points to grant you entry into that week’s freeroll, just go to your player admin screen and check your progress. When you’ve reached the 250 points mark, a button will activate that you can select if you wish to register for the next scheduled freeroll.

Listed in your Carbon Poker lobby as 125 Seats to 125k Freeroll, the event is scheduled for every Saturday at 15:00 server time, granting the top 125 finishers coupons worth $109 each to the following day’s $125,000 Guaranteed Freezeout event. This also starts at 15:00 server time, but this time awards $125,000 cash as its prize. Enter with a $109 freeroll coupon or buy-in directly for 10,900 VIP points or $109.

This is a new ongoing promotion at Carbon Poker. Surplus VIP points sitting in your account cannot be used to enter the 125 Seats to 125k Freeroll. Only VIP points earned the week leading up to a given freeroll count toward entry into that freeroll. Players are not automatically registered upon earning the requisite VIP points, but must register manually in the Carbon Poker player admin.

Carbon Poker Holds Poker Maximus Satellites

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Earlier in the month we told you about the upcoming Poker Maximus tournament and the satellites that Lock Poker was holding into that $1.5 million online poker tournament series. But Lock Poker isn’t the only satellite holdind a satellite series qualifying players for the various Poker Maximus events. Carbon Poker is holidng Poker Maximus satellites as well.

The Poker Maximus starts on March 4, 2012 and satellites in No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha are running now through the end of the 2012 Poker Maximus on March 25. That’s the day of the $10,000 Mini Main Event. There are 67 events in the Poker Maximus in all. Ticket prices range from $11 on up, and players can win coupons worth various ticket amounts at diferent Carbon Poker satellites for buy-ins as small as $1.10. Some qualifiers offer more than one coupon while some are rebuy / add-on events.

Players can use existing tournament tickets in their accounts for Poker Maximus events. However, any tickets specific to the Poker Maximus won in this particular satellite series must be used at the Poker Maximus between March 4 and March 25 or be forfeited.

The kickoff event of the 2012 Poker Maximus is a $7,500 NLH Freezeout on March 4, for an $11 buy-in. That day also sees 3 other Poker Maximus events: #2, a $175,000 NLH freezeout for a $109 buy-in; #3, a $15,000 NLH freezeout for a $33 buy-in; and #4, a $75,000 High Roller event for a $215 buy-in.

Whether you win them at Lock Poker or Carbon Poker, the Poker Maximus is the same.

Carbon Poker & 888 Poker Updates: Free Training and $3,000 Mardi Gras Celebration

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Carbon Poker now offers its players a brand new feature that gives them a unique opportunity to up their game. It’s a new membership club in cooperation with Carbon Poker that grants its members poker training by over 30 coaches, professional poker players all of them, as well as more than 40 new poker vidoes per month added to a library that already contains over 1,000 poker educational videos. Members also get to participate in active user forums.

Membership at Drag The Bar usually costs $30 per month, but as a Carbon Poker player you can get it for free, simply by meeting certain rake requirements. All you have to do is pay $1 in rake while playing online poker at Carbon Poker and you’ll not only earn membership for the remainder of the current month for free, but membership for the successive month as well. To get a third free month of Drag The Bar, just rake $500 in that second month ends.

You will not lose any points in redeeming this offer, nor are there any playthrough requirements as there are with many bonuses.

In other online poker news, 888 Poker is celebrating this year’s Rio Carnival taking place Feb 18 – 21 by offering its players a $10 Samba Bonus. Just deposit at least $30 by February 21 using the promo code SAMBA888. What’s more, make that deadline and you also get a ticket in a $3,000 Rio Rumble tournament taking place February 22. That’s an exclusive $3,000 guaranteed tournament with no other way to enter.

Carbon Poker Holds $25k Freeroll

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Starting on January 29, 2012 and running through February 25, Carbon Poker is holding online qualifier tournaments to seed players into a special Bankroll Booster freeroll tournament with a $25,000 guaranteed prize pool.

This Carbon Poker $25k Bankroll Booster will take place on Sunday, February 26 at 2 pm, server time. Between now and then (or the day before then, to be accurate) Carbon Poker is holding 3 freeroll qualifiers per day. These qualifiers will be free to enter as well, and each one will award 10 seats in the 25k Freeroll, one seat each to the top 10 finishers.

The schedule of 25k Freeroll qualifiers is 1:30 pm, 5:30 pm and 9:30 pm daily, server time. Each qualifier uses a turbo format with a 1,000 chip starting stack and 5 minute blinds.

There is also a separate schedule of VIP Points Earned qualifiers, also running now through Feburary 25, but with smaller playing fields These tournaments require VIP Points to enter, with each tournament costing a different buy-in to enter, ranging from 15 to 500 VIP points. Only points earned starting from one minute after midnight one day before the scheduled VIP Points Earned Qualifier tournament will count toward a player’s eligibility to enter that tournament. As with the regular freeroll qualifiers, seats in the Carbon Poker 25k Bankroll Booster Freeroll will be awarded to the top 10 finishers at each of these VIP Points Earned Qualifiers.

All tournaments related to and including the $25k Freeroll can be found in the Carbon Poker lobby under Scheduled and then Special.

Carbon Poker 25k Bankroll Booster Freeroll!

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Punch your ticket to the Carbon Poker 25K Bankroll Booster Freeroll this February 2012.  This great event is scheduled for February 26, 2012.  Players cannot just show up and expect to play, however.  They must win their way into the big show.  Do not despair, there are many ways to get in on the fun.


25k Bankroll Booster Freeroll!

Get in through open freerolls.  Carbon Poker will be running three freerolls ever day January 29 thru February 25, 2012. The top ten players in each of the 13:30, 17:30 and 21:30 freerolls will win tickets.  These freerolls feature only a 1,000 chip starting stack and a very fast paced 5 minute blind level.  Be fast, be lucky and good luck.

Win your way in through special restricted VIP points qualifiers.  Players who play on Carbon Poker regularly will accumulate VIP points.  Attain certain levels and automatically be eligible for these qualifiers.   All points earned since 00:01 the previous day count towards eligibility for the VIP POINTS EARNED Qualifiers. For example if you wanted to enter the Tuesday 16:30 75 points freeroll you need to earn 75 points between Monday 00:01 and Tuesday 16:29 and click the “Register” button.  The top 10 finishers will be awarded an entry coupon to the 25k Bankroll Booster Freeroll. You can track your qualification for all tournaments in your Player Admin.

There are no coupons issued to these events, if you qualify, you can register.  As stated above, check Player Admin to see how close you are.

VIP Points Earned Qualifier Schedule

Time Points required
00:30 100 points
04:30 20 points
08:30 50 points
12:30 100 points
14:30 300 points
16:30 75 points
18:30 15 points
20:30 100 points
22:30 500 points

Daily schedule starts from Sunday January 29th 2012 through till Sunday February 26th 2012 at 14:00

Tell Holdem Poker Chat if you get into this awesome event and let us know how it goes.  Many of the Merge Network skins are also running this promotion.  Hero Poker has these events as well.



Who Will Be February’s Carbon Poker Tourney King

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Yesterday, we told you about the weekly King of the Felt contest for SNG players at Bovada Poker. Today, we’d like to remind you of a similar contest for tournament players running monthly at Carbon Poker. It’s called the Tourney King promotion, and the crown comes with a first prize of up to $3,000 and a total prize pool of more than $20,000.

Carbon Poker offers two leaderboards with two sets of prizes in this contest, crowing two Tourney Kings at the end of each month instead of one. There is both a low-stakes and a high-stakes contest in this promotion, so that players of all bankrolls can participate. The low limit leaderboard is for tourneys with buy-ins of $0 – $19.99 while the high limit leaderboard is for tourneys with buy-ins of $20 and higher.

To participate in the Tourney King contest, play in as many tournaments at Carbon Poker as you can and perform in each of them as well as you can. Points are awarded based on a complex formula that accounts for the buy-in cost, number of entrants and a player’s final position in the tournament. Participants also get a bonus multiplier applied to their score for reaching the final table of a given tournament. To place on one of the Tourney King leaderboards, just be in the top 250 points earners at the end of the month.

With January nearing an end, it means a new Tourney King will soon be announced and a new Tourney King contest will start afresh with the coming of February.

Carbon Poker Offers Quad Pyramid Prize & 10% Fresh Start Bonus

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For a limited time, Carbon Poker is now offering a payout every time a player gets quad 5s (or four-of-a-kind 5s) on the flop. Whether or not that player wins the hand, he or she still wins a cash prize.

Both of your hole cards must be fives in order for you to claim this prize and only hands dealt in Texas Hold’em. If you qualify, copy down the hand number and then email it to the Carbon Poker support team at either or

The amount of the Quad Pyramid Prize a player receives depends on that player’s Tier in the Carbon Poker VIP club. Regular players get $5; Earth players get $10; Wind players get $15; Fire players get $20; Ether players get $30.

To find your winning hand after the fact, look it up in your hand history. Then either email the hand ID to the site or a screenshot of the quad fives on the flop and your hole cards.

Quad fives dealt at play money tables or during freeroll tournaments do not qualify for this bonus.

Also from Carbon Poker, to help players get a Fresh Start to the New Year the site is offering a 10% reload bonus up to a $30 maximum. Just use the bonus code: FRESHSTART when you make your qualifying deposit. This bonus is available until January 15, 2012 at 11:59 pm server time. Players must earn at least 30 times the bonus amount in VIP points in order to receive the bonus.

Carbon Poker Introduces $5K Value Added Tourneys for December

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Throughout this month of December 2011, Carbon Poker is holding a series of Value Added Tournaments, meaning that to whatever the prize pool amounts to based on registered player buy-ins, Carbon Poker will contribute an additional amount. In this case, that amount is $1,000. And with five of these such tournaments scheduled for December 2011, that makes for $5,000 in Value Added Tournaments.

In an interesting twist on the conventional tourney buy-in, to enter these tournaments you must pay a cash buy-in and earn a minimum of 250 VIP points. The cash part of the buy-ins decreases as the series progresses, with the December 10th tournament costing $10 + $1, the December 17th event costing $5 + $0.50, the December 24th, Christmas Eve, event costing $2 + $0.20, the December 25th, Christmas Day, event costing $1 + $0.10 and the December 31st, New Years Eve event costing $1 + $0.10 as well.

To earn VIP points, simply participate in real money cash ring games and tournaments at Carbon Poker. Every time a hand makes it to the flop, the players still in the hand at that time receive VIP points.

You must earn 250 additional VIP points for each successive Value Added Tournament you wish to enter beyond the first one. However, the VIP points you earn for the entry requirements for these Value Added Tournaments will not be deducted from your account once you enter the event. That means you may still utilize these VIP points for such benefits as guaranteed tournament entries, live seat satellite entries, to unlock bonuses and exchange for cash.

Carbon Poker Giving Double VIP Points in December

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The Carbon Poker 2X VIP Points offer that started in October and ran through November continues in December 2011 with 2X VIP December.

To receive the double VIP points at Carbon Poker this December, you must be playing on Mondays and/or Tuesdays between December 1 and 31, 2011. All games are eligible, whether cash games, multi-table tournaments or SnG tournaments. The promotional period each week is 00:00 server time Monday through 23:59 server time Tuesday.

In order to be eligible for the double VIP points for playing during those hours you must first opt-in to the promotion by visiting your Carbon Poker player admin and clicking the button that says Activate Promo. All 2X VIP points earned during that period will be credited by 02:00 server time the following day.

As before, these bonus points can be used for purchases at the VIP store, for tournament entries and for VIP points for cash exchanges; they will not, however, be used by Carbon Poker to determine which VIP tier to place you into for the month of January 2012. This only applies to bonus points, however. The regular VIP points you earn during these promotional period do count toward the tier you’re placed into the following month.

In related news, Carbon Poker is also reviving its new Fat Stack, Slim Stack promotion for the month of December. Starting December 2, players can enter two new types of tournaments that are rake free. What’s more, buy-ins are only $2 and $5. Both buy-ins are available for weekly Fat Stack tournaments, with 25K/50K starting blinds and a $1 million starting stack, and Slim Stack tournaments, with 0.5/1 starting blinds and a 10 chip starting stack.

Earn Double VIP Points And A Fat Stack At Carbon Poker

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This November, you can earn double the VIP points and a fat stack at Carbon Poker in two separate promotions: 2X VIP Points November and Fat Stack & Slim Stack Tourneys.

2X VIP Points November is similar to last month’s 2X VIP Points October. Lasting the entire month, in this case November 1 – 30, 2011, the promotion awards opted-in players twice the VIP points they would ordinarily earn while playing at cash ring games, multi-table tournaments and Sit and Go tournaments at Carbon Poker during the hours of 00:00 on Mondays through 23:59 on Tuesdays, server time.

Before playing during these times, before to first opt-in to the promotion through your Carbon Poker player admin area using the Activate Promo button. Bonus points will be calculated the day after earning them, by 2 am server time. These points may be used for VIP-points-for-cash trades, merchandise from the Carbon Poker VIP store and tournament tickets. They will not, however, be used to determine what VIP tier Carbon Poker will place you into for December.

Meanwhile, at Carbon Poker, a new type of tournament has been added to the regular line-up, or in actuality, two new tournament types, both of which are rake-free. As of November 4, 2011, Carbon Poker has added to its regular tournament schedule two weekly Fat Stack tournaments, one with a $2 buy-in and one with a $5 buy-in, both with $1 million starting stacks and $25K/$50K starting stacks. The site has also added two weekly Slim Stack tournaments with the same buy-in options, these with 10 chip starting stacks $0.50/$1 starting blinds.