Lock Poker Battle of the Nexus Leaderboard

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Yesterday we brought you word of Lock Poker’s latest rake race: The Battle of the Nexus, including Nexus tables where you can earn even more indivdiual prizes, up to over $45,000 per player. We also hinted at a leaderboard promotion taking place as part of Lock Poker’s Battle of the Nexus.

Offering a separate set of prizes, the Lock Poker Battle of the Nexus leaderboard promotion is made up of two separate leaderboards: one for cash game players and one for sit and go tournament players (sorry, scheduled MTT players; seems there’s none for you).

Each leaderboard comes with its own set of prizes for the top 200 placers, with the prizes for the top 5 being the following:
1.    For 1st place: a WSOP Europe $5,000 buy-in
2.    For 2nd place: 4x SuperStack tickets (or cash alternative) along with two hours of coaching from a poker pro
3.    For 3rd place: 2x SuperStack tickets (or cash alternative)
4.    $100K GTD entry and a Lock Poker hooded sweatshirt
5.    $100K GTD entry and a Lock Poker t-shirt

Players can feasibly earn prizes on both leaderboards by playing in both types of online poker games at Lock Poker.

And remember, all the while that you’re climbing the Battle of the Nexus leaderboard, you’ll also, for the same play, be climbing levels in the Battle of the Nexus promotion. That’s two sets of prizes you can win a share of with the same online poker dollar. You don’t find pot odds like that every day.

Lock Poker Battle of the Nexus Rake Race

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This month Lock Poker kicked off its Battle of the Nexus rake race, with the potential to win $45,244 in individual cash prizes, plus leaderboard prizes, and it runs until all the prizes have been given out.

The Lock Poker Battle of the Nexus rake race takes place at all real money cash game and tournament tables at the site, including the promotional Nexus tables. At both the regular tables and Nexus tables, players are tracked on how much they pay in cash game rake and tournament fees. As a player’s total contribution to rake and fees climbs, so too does the player climb through promotional prize levels, with a cash prize waiting on each level. The higher you climb, the bigger the prize, and more, these prizes are cumulative. But there are also only a limited number of prizes at each level, and when a level is out of prizes, players must climb to the next level before they receive a prize (and hope that those haven’t all been given out too).

As you can see, it pays to play soon and often at Lock Poker if you want to collect as many Battle of the Nexus prizes as you can. And keep in mind that at the Nexus tables there is an extra booty of prizes available that may not all have been given out, even if that same level is cleared of prizes for regular cash game and tournament play.

And as mentioned in the intro to this post, there is also a Battle of the Nexus leaderboard promotion where you can earn extra prizes. Return here tomorrow to learn all about this part of the promotion.