Carbon Poker Invites Players to All-In Or Fold Their Way to $2,250

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The most daring of players at Carbon Poker can win $2,250 for just a $1 investment in an ongoing promotion at the site called “All-in or Fold Your Way to $2,250”.

It’s not the catchiest promotion title, but the promo itself can become quite addictive. All you have to do to claim the $2,250 top prize for yourself is play through 10 successive levels of All-in or Fold Heads-up tournaments, which, just like they sound, are one-on-one online poker tournaments in which your only choices in each hand are to go all-in or fold until one player busts and the other one is declared winner. (The only exception to the heads-up aspect of the game is level 1, which contains 9 players per round.)

You can register for the first level for just $1.10 or you can register at whatever level you feel comfortable at and pay the direct buy-in:

1. $1.10
2. $5.50
3. $10.50
4. $20
5. $39
6. $77
7. $152
8. $300
9. $594
10. $1,180

Finish first place in any level and advance to the next level. Finish at any other level and you’re out and have to start over again with a direct buy-in at the level of your choice. The only exceptions to this are at level 1, where the 2nd through 4th place finishers get to repeat level 1, and level 10, where 2nd place gets to go back to level 6 for free.

AIOF Step tournament entry coupons are non-transferrable and players cannot use them to enter any other tournament at Carbon Poker besides All-in or Fold Steps events.