Scandal Arises from Ultimate Bet

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poker hackerEvery poker player out there has heard of the online poker site Ultimate Bet.  The site was surrounded by scandal, and eventually was done in after Black Friday.  While the bulk of the attention went towards Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars, Ultimate Bet wasn’t far behind in terms of a scandal.  While Full Tilt and Stars owed their players quite a bit of money, Ultimate Bet owed money as well, but at this point players have essentially given up on any chances of getting that money back.  Once Black Friday had come and gone, players on UB had hoped that this was the end of the bad news.  Unfortunately it hasn’t come to an end just yet, as their was recently a new scandal that has come out of the wood works about the site.

It seems that someone went on to the large poker forum Two Plus Two, and released a large amount of personal data that related to different players’ accounts on Ultimate Bet.  The data was deleted with the post around 8 minutes after all was said and done, but players who clicked the link could get all of the information and store it to their computer within that time frame.  The list of things included that were given as far as personal information were things such as their Ultimate Bet screen name, full name, email address, mailing address, phone number, account balance, IP address, deposit methods used on the site, birth date, account number on Ultimate Bet (not bank accounts or credit cards), VIP status, affiliate status, and blacklist status.

It’s obviously very fortunate that this information did not include any type of bank account or credit/debit card number, and also that there were no social security numbers listed.  If this information was given it could cause some serious issues, and you can bet that the scandal would be quite a bit worse than it is right now.

Ultimate Bet has faltered quite a bit, and is actually pretty fortunate that the scandal around Full Tilt Poker has overshadowed their site.  The total list of accounts and information that were released topped 3.5 million, and over 2 million of those accounts came from the United States.

100% Rakeback Accounts Were Being Sold on Full Tilt Poker

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On a poker radio show earlier this week, poker pro Nick Rainey said that a former employee of Poker Royalty, Chris Porter, had been selling 100% rakeback accounts on Full Tilt Poker for $10,000 up front plus $2,000 per month going forward. Thursday afternoon, Poker Royalty, the company that represents Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Tom Dwan and Doyle Brunson, among others, released a statement about the allegations.

“Allegations surfaced on this week that a former Poker Royalty employee, Chris Porter, brokered, rented, sold and/or profited from black market rakeback accounts on Full Tilt Poker while working for our agency.

Poker Royalty has never benefited in any way from a rakeback account outside the scope of a client sponsorship agreement.

Poker Royalty had no knowledge of this ex-employee’s alleged actions.  Please direct any further inquiries into this matter to him.”

Porter was at the time an agent working for Poker Royalty representing Patrik Antonius and others up until a year ago. He is currently employed as the team pro manager for Full Tilt Poker.

Quicktender – UseMyWallet Accounts Possibly Seized by US

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Quicktender – UseMyWallet issued the following press release today regarding the recent problems with recent transactions. It appears they still do not know the true issue of the problem but do fear that the US bank accounts used to process transactions have been seized by the US Department of Justice.

The management of Quicktender would like to make the following statement
regarding the current situation with UseMyWallet/Quicktender withdrawals:

We have operated a reputable and reliable payment mechanism for US customers
since 2006. Our reputation is important to us, and until recently there has
never been any question that players and merchants would be paid. In order
to achieve this, we have built over many years relationships with payment
intermediaries that share our values of honesty and integrity. In the
jurisdictions from which we offer our services we are proud to be properly
licensed and constituted, and have even worked with US law enforcement on
occasions where criminal activity has been identified.

However, we cannot always predict some of the vagaries of the US
administration. Over the past 2 weeks we have in good faith transmitted
withdrawals initiated by Quicktender account holders to beneficiary bank
accounts in the US. The money left our account in Europe. It was only in
response to increasing complaints from our customers that we recognised
there was a problem, and asked our bank to investigate. It emerges that the
money has been accumulated in our bank’s correspondent banking partners
accounts in the US, and has been frozen. We suspect it is possible that
these funds may be subject to a seizure order by the US authorities. We
would stress that we do not have bank accounts in the US of our own, and
that the funds have left our account Europe.

It is our express intention to ensure that the funds of our account holders
are safe. For this reason we have decided to suspend future withdrawals
until we understand what has happened to the money that has been frozen. If
we continue to transmit bank wires into the US we could find that these
funds also do not reach their ultimate beneficiaries. This would simply make
the problem worse.

We ask our customers to bear with us in these difficult times. Please be
assured that we have always honored our obligations in the past, and that we
will make every effort to overcome these current difficulties. It is not in
the interests of anybody to attempt to financially impact QuickTender
further. These actions may impact the future viability of the company and
the ability of the company to pay its customers. We are assessing our
current exposure, and how best to reintroduce withdrawals safely.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their past
loyalty, and to reiterate that we will take all possible steps to ensure
that our customers money is secure.

Sportsbook and Players Only Leaving the US Market

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Just when things were starting to settle a bit we have more online poker sites choosing to leave the US Market.

We just learned this information out and wanted to share it with all of you ASAP. Both and are going to cease accepting U.S. players and traffic as of May 1st, 2011.

Existing players with accounts created prior to May 1st, 2011 will still be able to wager, deposit, and withdrawal
. However no new accounts will be able to be created from U.S. customers. So basically it’s open an account before the end of the month or you’ll never be able to. This one hurts online poker players because both of these poker sites have great banking options and both are Mac compatible.