Chad Elie Marries a Playboy Bunny One Day After Online Poker Indictment

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One of the men facing criminal charges stemming from the “Black Friday” online poker indictment didn’t waste any time after he made bail that same day. Chad Elie is facing major criminal charges including fraud, which is being prosecuted by the Federal Trade Commission. He was one of the several arrests made on April 15th, following the online poker crackdown against Full Tilt, PokerStars and Absolute Poker/

Elie is said to be behind over $275 million dollars of illegal monies spent on online poker, but he didn’t let that get him down. Wasting no time, he quickly married his Playboy Playmate girlfriend in a small ceremony at Little Church of the West, in Las Vegas Nevada. Destiny Davis is the new blushing bride and has a business model of her own. While it has nothing to do with online poker, readers may know what her online career consists of since her background as a Playboy Bunny isn’t exactly privileged information.

This wedding may have come to a surprise to those following the case and charges against Elie and nearly a dozen of others as of April 15th. One thing is for sure; if a federal indictment with looming criminal charges, a possible 50 year prison term and multi-million dollar fines won’t stop the happy couple, it’s likely nothing else will.