Win Punta Cana Poker Classic Seats in America’s Cardroom’s Freeroll Super Series

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You can win seats at the 2012 Punta Cana Poker Classic for free when you play in the Freeroll Super Series at America’s Cardroom. Along the way, you can also win a piece of a $75k prize pool.

The Freeroll Super Series (FSS) is broken down into four stages, or rounds. Pass through all four of these and win a cash guaranteed as well as, possibly, one of 3 prize packages to the 2012 Punta Cana Poker Classic.

For Round One, America’s Cardroom is holding hourly qualifiers every day. At 8pm nightly is a Main Event Freeroll for 50 Round Two tickets and at 12am nightly is a Midnight Daily Second Chance Freeroll for 25 Round Two tickets. For each of the other 22 hours of the day, the site will host a freeroll on the hour awarding 3 Round Two tickets.

For Round Two, America’s Cardroom is holding weekly qualifiers every Saturday. In addition to the main prize of Round Three tickets to 1 out of every 5 competitors, the site also offers a $750 cash prize pool guaranteed at each. Finish in the final 100 and win a share.

For Round Three, America’s Cardroom is holding a monthly event on the Saturday after the month ends, in this case that’s the 4th of March. Besides being the final opportunity to earn enough FSS Special Points to get to the Grand Finale Freeroll, this monthly event also offers a guaranteed $3,000 cash prize pool, again going out to the highest 100 performers.

The fourth round is the Grand Finale Freeroll, open to the 500 highest Special Points earners over the entire month-long course of the FSS. It happens on October 13, that’s also a Saturday, and offers a guaranteed prize pool of $25,000 in addition to three Punta Cana prize packages to the first, second and third place finishers.