Party Poker Looking to Develop Their Own Rush Poker

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Party PokerIt looks like now that Full Tilt Poker isn’t up and running anymore that a few of the well-known online poker sites have decided to jump all over their idea of “Rush Poker”.  Full Tilt created Rush and said that it was under some sort of a copyright, which ended up not exactly being true.  So now, after PokerStars created Zoom Poker, another popular online poker site in Party Poker has decided to step in as well.  The CEO of Digital Jim Ryan stated that they will be introducing their own version of the game within the next few months.  He did not put an exact date or tell how far along things are with it, but just that it would be coming soon.  It’s also worth noting that he also said that they are planning on having their two big player pools combined between Party Poker and bWin this year.

As most poker players know by now, the idea behind Rush Poker and Zoom Poker is that players join into a large player pool and are sat randomly at a table and given their hand.  They have the option to play or fold, but if they choose to fold then they are automatically switched to a new table with a completely different hand as well.  This game is incredibly fast paced and makes it so that players are constantly on their toes, but most importantly are getting to see a very large number of hands per hour.  The hands per hour goes up a ton in comparison to playing at a standard poker table.

While Rush Poker was an instant hit, Zoom Poker has gotten rave reviews as well, proving that a large amount of the player population loves the idea of being able to play a fast paced poker game with no waiting in between hands.  When Zoom Poker started out they were in a Beta testing phase for players, but things have gone very well and they continue to add more and more limits as time goes on, and also plan on putting it into tournaments and other types of play as well.