July Lock Poker Battle of the Ronin Begins

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The July 2012 Lock Poker Battle of the Ronin has begun. Each month Lock Poker runs the Battle of the Ronin, a month long contest with more than $1 million in cash prizes.

The full name of the competition is the Lock Poker Battle of the Ronin Rake Chase, and it’s those added last two words that tell you exactly what you need to do excel in this race: earn points by paying rake.

You already eanr VIP Points every time you participate in a real money cash game hand at Lock Poker because the site takes a small percentage, called the rake, out from each pot. To compensate players for this cut of their pot that goes to the house, Lock Poker awards players who pay into that rake VIP Points. And in the Battle of the Ronin Rake Chase, cash prizes are awarded to the players who earn the most VIP Points this way over the course of one month’s time.

Best of all, you’re not competing against other players in this rake chase, only against the clock to reach the highest level of target points you can. Each time you reach a new, higher target level of points, Lock Poker will award you a cash prize. You get your first prize of $1.50 for earning 70 points. Earn 56,000 points and you get a $7,500 cash award. What’s more, these awards are cumulative, so by the time you’ve reached that 56,000 points mark and earned that final $7,500 prize, you’ve cumulatively earned $45,142.

But there are only a set number of prizes available at each level, so you’d better hurry.