Introducing 888 Poker Reward Freerolls

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The Rewards program offers players an increasing array of bonuses as well as ways to increase eligibility for those bonuses.

Players with qualifying status levels can move up a level through special eligible tournaments and participate in weekly and monthly freeroll tournaments with guaranteed prizes of as much as $25,000.

There are 8 rewards tournaments in all: 3 eligible tournaments and 5 status freerolls. The 3 eligible tournaments are the Silver Dollar, Gold Rush and Platinum Record. The Silver Dollar Tournament has a $1 + $0.10 buy-in and is a rebuy/add-on event. It takes place 3 times daily and the prize pool is Silver Status and cash. Bronze players are eligible to play. The Gold Rush Tournament has a $5 + $0.50 buy-in and takes place 3 times daily. The prize pool is Gold Status and cash, and Bronze and Silver players are eligible. The Platinum Record Tournament has a $15 + $1.50 buy-in and takes place 3 times each Sunday. The prize pool is Platinum Status and cash and eligible players are those with Bronze, Silver and Gold Status.

The five freerolls include the $75 Daily Freeroll and the $750 Weekly Bronze Freeroll, for both of which Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum players are eligible. There is also the $1,000 Weekly Silver Freeroll for Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP players, the $4,000 Monthly Gold Freeroll for Gold, Platinum and VIP players, and the $7,000 Monthly Platinum Freeroll for Platinum and VIP players.

Rewards Tournaments can be found in the 888 Poker Tournament lobby under the Rewards tab.