Doyles Room Poker End of Summer Races

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DoylesRoom Poker is back, now located at and all this month the site that lost its “dot com” and its U.S. player base in one fell swoop back on Black Friday is racing players to big end of summer prize, specifically with its $25,000 Points Race and its Free Parking promotion.

In the $25,000 Points Race you’re not only racing other players, but you’re also racing the clock to earn as many points as you can playing at Doyles Room tables and tournaments before August 31, 2011 winds out.

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Place 139th through 200th on the race leaderboard and you get $25 for your efforts. Place first on the leaderboard and get $4,000. Second place gets $2,000; third gets $1,500; fourth gets $1,200; and fifth gets $1,000.

Doyles Room will also give you cash for participating in its Frequent Player Free Parking promotion, or FPP Free Parking. In this contest you race nobody but yourself and the clock, earning as many FPPs as you can before the end of the month. Earn 25,000 FPPs in August and get $25. Each another 25,000 FPPs and get another $25. The next prize up, for earning 1000,000 more FPPs, is $100. Then, for 200,000 more FPPs, you’ll get $200. You get $500 for earning another 500,000 FPPs and, finally, $1,000 more for 1 million more FPPs. The FPP requirements are cumulative, but then again, so are the prize, giving you the possibility of collecting $1,850 for earning 1,850,000 FPPs.

After August is up, don’t be too surprised to see new races similar to these starting in September. Now that DoylesRoom Poker is back in business, we’ll tell you all about what’s coming up next there once it’s announced.