Carbon Poker Seeks Last Man Standing

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This May 2012, Carbon Poker is seeking the Last Man Standing (or presumably, last woman) in a contest of the same name to award over $35k in cash awards.

The Carbon Poker Last Man Standing promotion starts May 1st, 2012 and lasts for 60 days (2 months) during which players earn as many VIP Points as they can by playing at Carbon Poker’s real money games.

In order for any of your play to count toward the Last Man Standing competition you must first opt-in to the promotion through your CarbonPoker player admin. Once that’s done (and after the promotional period begins on May 1) Carbon Poker will track the VIP point earnings of all participating players.

Making this contest a bit more exciting (and competitive) than other types of points races (or leader board races), Carbon Poker is setting a certain quota of VIP points that players must earn by certain target dates in order to be allowed to continue in the competition. Players failing to meet those quotas will be eliminated from the running.

What’s more, players can only miss 3 days of the promotional period before being kicked out of the running after missing a 4th day of play. In addition, after day 45 of the competition, no players are allowed to miss a day without being ejected from the contest.

The top 25 players remaining at the end of the 60 days will share $25k of the prize pool, with first place getting $6k, 2nd getting $4k and 3rd getting $2.5k, down to 22nd through 25th places, which award $250 each.

Then there are Last Man Standing Freeroll tournaments four in all, that players qualify to enter by simply achieving their required weekly VIP Point quotas. The freerolls are scheduled for every Sunday in May: the 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th. The total prize pool up for grabs at these freerolls is $10k.