Carbon Poker Holds $25k Freeroll

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Starting on January 29, 2012 and running through February 25, Carbon Poker is holding online qualifier tournaments to seed players into a special Bankroll Booster freeroll tournament with a $25,000 guaranteed prize pool.

This Carbon Poker $25k Bankroll Booster will take place on Sunday, February 26 at 2 pm, server time. Between now and then (or the day before then, to be accurate) Carbon Poker is holding 3 freeroll qualifiers per day. These qualifiers will be free to enter as well, and each one will award 10 seats in the 25k Freeroll, one seat each to the top 10 finishers.

The schedule of 25k Freeroll qualifiers is 1:30 pm, 5:30 pm and 9:30 pm daily, server time. Each qualifier uses a turbo format with a 1,000 chip starting stack and 5 minute blinds.

There is also a separate schedule of VIP Points Earned qualifiers, also running now through Feburary 25, but with smaller playing fields These tournaments require VIP Points to enter, with each tournament costing a different buy-in to enter, ranging from 15 to 500 VIP points. Only points earned starting from one minute after midnight one day before the scheduled VIP Points Earned Qualifier tournament will count toward a player’s eligibility to enter that tournament. As with the regular freeroll qualifiers, seats in the Carbon Poker 25k Bankroll Booster Freeroll will be awarded to the top 10 finishers at each of these VIP Points Earned Qualifiers.

All tournaments related to and including the $25k Freeroll can be found in the Carbon Poker lobby under Scheduled and then Special.