Bovada Poker’s Mystery Month Awards Cash Bonuses & Tournament Tickets

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Win cash bonuses and tournament tickets weekly at Bovada Poker during its Mystery Month, lasting between Monday November 4th and Sunday December 1st and during which eligible players can win themselves a surprise reward each and every week.

Bovada Poker offers two tiers of Mystery Bonus awards: Tier 1 Mystery Bonuses including cash bonuses of $5 to $20 and tournament tickets of $5.50 to $11; Tier 2 Mystery Bonuses including cash bonuses of $10 to $50 and tournament tickets of $7.70 to $162. In both tiers, players can also win a Weekly $5K PTS Freeroll Ticket worth 1,000 Poker Points.

To earn a Tier 1 Mystery Bonus in a given week, just earn 75 Poker Points minimum at the Bovada Poker real money tables that week. To earn a Tier 2 Mystery Bonus, earn 150 Poker Points that week. Players can only qualify for one mystery bonus per week, that being the highest for which they’re eligible.

To have your Poker Points earned during Bovada Poker’s Mystery Month count toward a weekly reward, you must opt in to the promotion through the Bovada Poker website or your player software. Each weekly promo period is counted as Monday at 00:00:01 am ET to Sunday at 11:59:59 pm ET. Bonuses will be issued November 11th, 18th, 25th and December 2nd. Other important terms and conditions apply to this promotion, so be sure you read all of them closely when you participate.

New players at Bovada Poker now get a 100% welcome bonus of up to $1,000 cash depending on your Bovada Poker Points earned during your first 60 days at the site.