Bovada Casino Courts Card Players With Blackjack & Video Poker Promo

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Ordinarily when we tell you about action at Bovada, it’s Bovad Poker we’re referring to. But today there’s a story out of Bovada Casino that may interest the poker players in the online casino’s sister site.

Bovada Casino is holidng a Casino Countdown to 50 Million Hands dealt in both blackjack and video poker. To celebrate, the site is awarding $500 prizes to the player who hits any of the million hand milestones on the way to 50 million hands, from 45 million on. And the player to hit the 50 millionth hand in either game gets $5,000.

So far, Devin W. of Illinois hit the 45 milionth hand in blackjack, and the site is, at the time of this writing, rapidly advancing toward its 46 millionth blackjack hand.

The action is moving a bit faster over at Bovada’s video poker tables, where Oregon’s Merle H. took the 45 millionth hand prize, California’s William W. took the 46 millionth hand prize, California’s Benjamin L. took the 47 millionth hand prize and New Jersey’s David T. took the 48 millionth hand prize. There’s still time to win the 49th millionth hand prize in video poker.

And there’s still time to win the grand prizes of $5,000 a piece for the 50 millionth hand dealt of both video poker and blackjack.

That’s $15,000 in cash prizes in all, and the best part is you don’t have to register for a separate Bovada Casino account. If you are already a member of Bovada Poker, then you can use your BovadaPoker login at Bovada Casino.