Bodog Mini Poker Series begins June 11, 2011

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Bodog Poker launches their Mini Poker Series Saturday June 11, 2011.  The Mini Poker Series boasts as one of its prizes the very first 2012 WSOP Main Event prize packages to be won.  The series boasts 30 preliminary events, all with guaranteed prize pools.   The real jewel is the final and you cannot buy into it, you have to win your way in.  All events are holdem poker, but some interesting structures await.

Bodog Mini Series of Poker is accessible to everyone.  All of the 30 preliminary events have a small $11 buy in.  Getting into the final event can be done with quality or quantity, or a little of both.

Mini Poker Series Events #1- #30

1. Top 3 winners receive a ticket to the Mini Poker Series
Final on July 14th
2. Players finishing 4th to 9th receive a ticket to the Mini
Poker Series Semifinal on July 12th
3. Prize pool will be distributed as per Bodog’s standard
multi-table payout table


Mini Poker Series Semifinal

1. Top 50 finishers will receive entry into the Mini Poker
Series final on July 14th

How do I get invited?
1. Play in 15 to 24 Mini Poker Series Events OR
2. Place 4th to 9th in any Mini Poker Series Event

Mini Poker Series Final

1. 1st place Grand Prize: $12,000 prize package, including
a 2012 Main Event buy-in
2. 2nd and 3rd place prize: Bodog Poker Open VI prize
package, including a buy-in for every BPO event
3. 4th to 9th place prize: $162 Tournament Ticket for entry to the
$100,000 Guaranteed Tournament every Sunday at 4PM ET

How do I get invited?
1. Play in 25 or more qualifying events OR
2. Finish in the top 50 in the Semifinal OR
3. Place in the top 3 in a qualifying event

Full Mini Series Schedule