Americas Card Room Acquires Doyles Room

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In a surprising change in the online poker world, recently re-launched America’s Card Room has acquired the struggling Doyles Room.

Just a few weeks ago, America’s Card Room, a premiere online poker site in the early 2000’s, found its way back into the online poker world on the Yahatay Network. Since its reopening, it stands as one of the few places that US players are able to play, and has been very aggressive in its promotion and advertising, including featuring .eu commercials on ESPN and GSN, freerolls to the Punta Cana Poker Classic, and a $65,000 monthly rake race.

Now, with the addition on the Doyle’s Room, America’s Card Room stands as one of the premiere venues still available to US players. After Doyle Brunson left Doyles Room, the possibility of Doyles Room moving has been one much anticipated. However, with this move, players remain on the same network, keep their usernames and login information, and are able to retain their current deals. For the most part, players will see very little change.

So far, the Yahatay Network has remained one of the safe and secure networks for US based players to play. With the resurgence of this once-renowned poker room, and its very aggressive marketing campaign, expect to see America’s Card Room become a household name in the poker world.

DoylesRoom and America’s Cardroom will issue a full press release sometime tonight.

4 thoughts on “Americas Card Room Acquires Doyles Room”

  1. I just wanted to make a quick update here. I woke up to a message form DoylesRoom saying there was a delay in getting the press release ready last night. DoylesRoom expects it to go out sometime today.

    Also, The DoylesRoom Brand name will cease to exist.

    As a player there is nothing to worry about here. This is all actually very good as America’s CardRoom is being run by one of the internet’s oldest sportsbooks. They are claiming an 80%+ successful deposit rate.

    We’ll post the full press release as soon as we receive it.

  2. I was playing in a small tournament last night 10/10/2011, and also one this morning at 7:31 when the sight went down, and I couldnt get back on the sight. This morning the same thing happened, and as of right now there is no way to reach doyles room by phone or internet. please help RAM

  3. Doyles Room will be down for a few hours as they move to America’s Poker Room. I am not sure when this is scheduled to happen but it will be sometime today or tomorrow. I’ll try and get an exact time and will post it here for everyone.

  4. The combining of the 2 poker sites will happen On Wednesday evening between 1am and 4am Costa Rica time which I believe is Mountain Time in the US.

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